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  1. Once they got ahold of me we got my issue sorted out and completely dealt with within a day. My only concern had been that I had heard nothing and even trying to get an answer from live-support had gone unheeded. Apparently the crux of the problem was an email issue where it never actually made it to me and once we managed to get emails back and forth they get things done quickly and professionally, for which I'm grateful.
  2. Hi Guni, I've sent you a PM. I would definitely like to get this resolved as soon as possible.
  3. Guni, If that is so, please explain why I have not heard anything back on my attempt to sell my Kickstarter Sapphire package, either from trying to list it on the site directly, or trying to contact someone on the site via the feedback? Please feel free to reach out to me in PM as I really would like to get my package sold as right now it's a waste of money for me.
  4. I think it's kind of sad that you keep pointing people to Anshex, but when I have attempted to sell my package via them, I have received no reply. Nor have they answered the 'we are currently offline' chat request that I filed to try and find out if there is a problem. Due to life changes, I am not going to be able to actively play Crowfall, and thus my investment (a Kickstart Sapphire pack) is now effectively wasted money which is why I want to sell it. Can you let us know when the second trusted trader will be up, or when Anshex will *actually* be buying packages? Can you let us know how to tell if our reward is 'unbundled' or still bundled so we know if we need to contact support@crowfall.com? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have a marvel heroes account too, but I haven't been playing it much (too much time in archeage :) )
  6. Yet another guardian (been with them for 3+ years now through different games) planning on checking this game out...
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