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  1. Thanks! This is the idea of the thread.
  2. Thanks! Some seem to get the idea that I claimed 100% original author of said information. P.S. if I had that I wouldn't give it away so freely!
  3. Pointing out all of the flaws in this argument are against what I want this thread to become. Fallacy argument from authority, fallacy absence of evidence, and outside of logical issues plain mean
  4. I wouldn't mind this discussion at all, if you can find any of this content under law please do fill me in. Also please show me knights, paladins, fireballs, druids, and other things while you are at it
  5. Definitely, although I think a user should be allowed to train one archetype in more than one area passively. Maybe not 3, but 2 could be fair. Especially when a user such as myself does not multiclass.
  6. A quick look through my skill trees show that some of these abilities will passively take months to train. I would be selective now in what you want to train.
  7. Sounds thrilling, but I know I would be furious if I lost my hard work. I will read into the FAQs linked. Thank you.
  8. Well now I am hoping dev/support can rebundle the package I bought, another post said "yes" to consuming it like I had no choice.
  9. So with all of my reading and watching of Crowfall, it seems I can craft multiple vessels for myself. How does this work at the end of a campaign and onto the next one? Do I keep all of my skills, abilities, crafts, weapons, items? Do I start from scratch entirely / partially between campaigns? If this can be answered directly or redirect me to something that has a sufficient answer I would appreciate it.
  10. thank you, am i required to consume the package if I want to play / test the game?
  11. can't help you there friend Yes absolutely, game first cosmetics later. Thank you for the response, I agree low priority here on the list. Just decided to write down my observation while it was in my head.
  12. I was watching this long video on Crowfall and when it touched on character creation I made a observation: The different faces denoted age more than its visage. I think having an age option (only aesthetically) would be really cool. Turn your Confessor into a 'wise' elder, or have a young and ready to battle legionnaire. This leads me into the second suggestion to changing "face style" into "visage". From here we can really break down character customization with known facial expressions (usually related to emotions). this list contains 100 different options and here is a small sample:
  13. I saw another thread about a lightning based mage. It seemed people disagreed with this because lightning can be seen as nature magic and thus used for the Druid class. How about we go sideways with the idea and introduce 'blood magic'. This may be similar to a necromancer type class, without raising the dead. Or maybe raise the dead the sky is the limit! I will be in servers testing with everyone tomorrow to hopefully make edits that will flow with CF better. Passive ability: Do more damage the less health enemy has. (think, the more blood flow the more damage, the enemy is bleeding I ha
  14. Having insta-kill situations would be very different and let crowfall stand out
  15. I am not sure if you guys support this in one way or another, but developers could open a public Trello board to let users watch some dev interactions and what exactly they are working on and when.
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