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  1. Backed at $30 but I'm really tempted to get the $60 Tier, want that Soundtrack!
  2. Um...I frankly don't even know what to say to this...
  3. Definitely agree, cemya. A lot of the more...zealous PvP'ers drive away players that could potentially learn to love PvP, given the right introduction. I really hope this doesn't happen to Crowfall, like it has in many other games.
  4. I'm definitely gonna try it and if it's not for me well, no hard feelings <3
  5. mocharaid


    But then lesser skilled players would get discouraged losing 100% of the time and might quit playing. Whereas if it comes down to the wire and they actually win a few fights, well, that might inspire them to put in more effort to get better. This is probably just my 'bad at PvP' bias talking but *shrug* who can say how it'll end up?
  6. I hope it's an action based combat system, those are so much more satisfying than tab-targeting. If my sword looks like it should hit multiple enemies but only hits the one I'm targeting? Lame. Very happy with the 3rd Person camera (just hope I can rebind the WASD - being a leftie sucks for gaming)
  7. mocharaid


    I think procs could add an interesting depth to combat. Maybe a lucky proc will allow a nearly defeated player to come back in a fight, possibly even edge out a win! Otherwise the outcome of a fight would end up being 100% predictable, which, in my humble opinion, would be quite boring.
  8. This made me laugh On topic though, I've found that a lot of games in pre-Alpha can actually change quite substantially. Now, if this were late Beta, you're concerns, as...strangely specific as they are, might have some weight to them.
  9. Oooh, exciting! EDIT: Pantheon of Gods, maybe? List of influential Houses?
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