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  1. So I get tossed out to a Connection lost when entering any of the 3 campaigns on "live" When I try and spin up my EK I get entered in a Red haze, get connection lost but can move my character around behind the connection loss message?
  2. Too Much Action?

    Hey I wanted to apologize about that .... I figured after all these years I should .... JK . ... actually similar thing happened to me.
  3. Not able to force myself into the bug, but once in you cannot get out without a relog (at least what I can find) From the tunnel mechanic/bar when you use the 6 exit I was caught mid tunnel. The bar was out of tunnel standrd combat but no dodge, jump, re-tunnel then exit would take me out of the halfway position When I re-logged I came in fine
  4. Damn my Pac Northwest location!
  5. My math so far supports the concept that animals in 'Hunger' drop Hunger shards at a higher level, but when testing this out I found an Hunger Shard drop with no tool tip. Not sure if its just on HellCats or not.
  6. I am also curious ... as a high consumption of dust by certain play styles seems nebulous at best to me right now maybe with the expansion of gathering to a wider range of players and the influx of loot from the dead the raw materials will be spread out enough to be wide coverage for bartering? and ... tomes eventually coming onto the bartering field ?
  7. this was a bit of a shocker .... with all the good combat around it was hard to wrangle a Motherlode team recently. So unsure if the 5.2.7 was the issue or from a previous 5.2.6 but I have Motherlode Ore at 10 and Increased damage with Picks, and I know that at least 1 other of the team has trained deep into Motherlode skills but we could barely move the node even with the Ben harvest proc buff we got from starting with a small node. it acted more like a rank 9 Motherlode than a Rank 5 motherlode. Also ... what is with the blue line that appears now in the mining graphic of the damage curve?
  8. ya it did .... a fun comment about how I wish could drop doobers (which is not even an in game option) turned into I am the worst type of P2W cheater, but hey Vernot is a bit of a trolly person by nature it seems and I should have just ignored the kid But back on the topic: I thought that even the simple sharing of the teams desire to re-look at crafting much mean that its has to be a topic of common discussion as there are so many features and changes on the horizon that if it was something that bubbled to the surface then must be getting some dev time?
  9. In fact chat was already laughing at the concept ppl creating a 1 minute tome of high level and trading unsuspecting players for things of value. being able to clearly see how much time is in the tome and the level/area its for will be vital in the trade window
  10. so if I have a 3 button mouse and map to the 3rd button that is p2w versus a person using a 2 button mouse because I spent more money on the mouse? so if you use a keyboard that allows you to program map letters to your preferences you have P2W super badness because other people have the older model? omg ....
  11. lol what? P2W style cheating ? how is that pay to win? Sure using a macro to simulate in game effort could be against the TOS and that would be bad (not really sure worth 2 supers) but that is different that P2W.
  12. so to finish the line in my best James Brown imitation "absolutely nothing" well at least right now So as we see the Campaign worlds eek closer to a stable 'win' mechanic I start to think of what makes my enjoyment of MMO's happen, for me its being wealthy. Not just in coin, or mats, but anything of value in the game. so .... what will be wealth/currency in Crowfall game? We have heard that factories could need dust to work, but to me that seems more like a fuel mechanic than a currency. I mean once I pay the factory/thralls the dust its goes away from the economy as a whole right? Not like the Thralls go on a spending spree and that Dust circulates back into the player economy as a whole, so to me it feels more like a fuel then a currency. Dust is needed for many of the Siege Crafting mechanics, this makes Dust feel like a base crafting component neither a currency nor a fuel. At one time there was talk of taking base ore or bars and 'minting' currency of sorts, but to date we have seen nothing in the Crafting Tree that leads us to guess what Profession would have this skill, and what does turning 1 bar of gold into 20 gold coins gain for the players? Maybe our EK taxes could be paid for in gold coins, but that alone is not enough to create a currency. If we convert gold bars to coins and then pay taxes those coins leave the player econ loop, and again act as nothing more than fuel. What creates the value for the full on PvP players who could care less about their EK ... why would a @facerip or a @Unfolded take gold coins from me as a form of payment if they have no reason to use it as fuel for their play style? Will the need of crafters paying their 'sinks' be enough to pull a currency into a player to player loop? What will be the reason why players would trade any specific item between each thus creating the player to player econ loop? I am an older gamer. So this reference might not be as relevant to everyone but ... remember Diablo 2's Ring of Jordans? Gold was so common it was worthless, and the only way to spend it was with NPC's whose items were so much poorer in quality then what you would find in the world or craft with the Horadric Cube (omg .. talk about obscure have not thought of that damn RNG soul crushing thing in years) . So players created their own format of currency for the higher end things. Unless we see a reason for a 'carfted currency' to be of value for all of the play styles we may end up with Thralls or Tomes as the de facto high end currency and everything else used as fuels for players of certain play styles. This is not necessarily bad ... but Thralls and Tomes are 'consumables' and just like a form of Fuel. Sure WoW and GW2, etc all have ways that they pull gold from the game. they have developed lots of 'sinks' including the ability to buy play time (for wow), but as of yet we have not seen a reason for all players to need a currency. Its sure not going to be boring as we see the effort the Dev team spends on building an economy that can battle mud-flation with only light handed adjustments by the team, that creates a player to player loop, and has the needed 'sinks' to create value for a currency.
  13. if i was running away and could drop some loot they would have to decide to keep after or me or stop and pick it up .... could be fun I'd have a macro that would drop things stored in a certain location in my inventory
  14. As one of the well know 'targets' of solo gathering I'm going to toss my hat into the ring with many of the comments here. Yes doing anything solo in Crowfall should be dangerous. but .... its a game not a job and right now there is a level of tedium that does not sync with the desire to 'play' a game. I don't have the answers but the community has been is discussing the items @srathor and @blazzen have commented upon for a while now. My hope is that the upcoming 'changes' can find a balance where playing a gatherer can be close (see I am only saying close not the same) to as rewarding and fun as playing a combat player. If not it will truly be the chore of partially spec'd combat players and alts which , at least to me, goes against the vision we all heard during the KickStarter and in many articles and live streams since then .