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  1. Skill tomes have always been a 'future team' fix, and I am hopeful The reliance of 'more careful monitoring' is a design flaw as its a game not a job, the game is full of options that force players to make choices like active training making a mistake and then retraining a new one. But lost passive training is different in my opinion. I hope for some Quality of Life to be added to the game and its not unreasonable ask imo.
  2. to add on just did 2 pots one ... ok one nothing over 27 MLs or 81 per hit table rolls? I checked the stats showed 20% for minerals in all 3 Stone formats I hit.
  3. I know others are seeing 'blanks' but the ability to force a repeat is slippery. I have tried food, no food, drink no drink, % drop on tool no % drop on tool it feels like when I drink a potion a random 'seed' is drawn that says none for you. I know the mechanic is not like that but to blank on 18 ML breaks is a oddity. Can you roll a d10 54 times and not get a 1 or a 2 ... yes that is possible but far from probable.
  4. Can we start seeing a resurgence of the original vision of CF on things like this? Give Stonemasons a Craft for Chests that require some tough items, heartwood, a gem who knows and a socket in EKs and in Dreg buildings. You are taking value out of the Professions and the Economy with choices like this.
  5. Attributes not Showing properly when a Decimal is in use
  6. *** Really off Trade / Inventory management Error So when clicking on inventory to sent it to the trade window an error pops up about item not available. Its shows and red X on the item in my inventory but item does not show in the Trade window. BUT >>>>> When the trade is sent it leaves my inventory. So there is a way to have your inventory have a different pending trade event than the trade window. Example: All the Green Aurelium Ore is selected in my inventory (red X) but not showing in the inventory of the Trade Window. When I hit Trade it does move to the person in the Trade
  7. First I really appreciate the shift in doober format for Dust For the FX team I am seeing a some color shifts in the doober drop quality. Those stone are all 'white' common but they have a green tint. I am seeing it on Ore also
  8. The new Harvesting weak spot target when skinning seems more of a challenge to hit now then previously.
  9. Not sure if a bug or just an odd inconsistency: Vendor NPC sold items have different Durability. Some 500 some 600 but not tied to Quality ? the 150 gold bow has more durability than the 240 gold bow?
  10. Oddity in Sacrifice Papers at Level 11 Green 945 xp Blue 990 Purple 1380 Blue was more of a spread between Green and Purple I had thought
  11. Still seeing Duelist dirt fly when out of their undergeround, animation from tunneling follows
  12. Craft UX page is not letting the Pips page to be interacted with except abort Also any items in the SP did not get Durability or Attribute shift
  13. I won't dive into the crafting pieces much, there all ready a lot of people with input on various threads. One piece of the puzzle that has seemed to have moved to the back of the bus a bit is Gathering, so I wanted to break down some gathering thoughts from in game and the passive tree. Don't hide Energetic Harvesting behind a training gate - The current requirement to open it up seems crazy. Gathering is a meh activity in most games, here you all created a small mini-game to allow ppl to use choices in solo and group gathering and now the players will not see it. Its wasted design effort in my opinion if its not out front as a way for the players to see that gathering in CF is just a little better than some other games. Training anything for 5 pips to get 2% or 4% is bad - We are talking simple Pavlovian response. If a player spends 50000+ points to fill in a skill they expect to see that skill in action. If you think Bone, Blood and Wax is too powerful then increase the amount we need to leverage in the recipes but up the proc rate. If we can't see bone, blood or wax proc it makes us feel like the 100+ of hours spent was wasted. If I am a highly trained Logger ... why do pinenuts not fall for me? They come from chopping trees and seems like they should be in that path that Logging is tied too. The basic resources need some love why do we have knotwood, cobble and slag? Remove Poor quality in the remaining areas. Why is there Poor quality Minerals, Bone, etc and in some other cases the rare items no longer can be Poor in quality. This ties to the next line item. Please consider an inventory management pass. Not to change your inventory mechanic but to evaluate the complexity of the grades and differences of what we loot and store. Wartribes should not be dropping resources. Its 3 clicks to make and ax if someone needs wood for bandage. Dropping wood or other materials just chips away at the relevance of the gathering path which is important enough to be its own training option. So why should untrained ppl be swimming in green/blue level materials when the same level and highly trained gathering player is sitting with a bag full?
  14. FX is off on certain ore drops ... those are both white but one has a green tint to it versus the one that is white.
  15. I don't want to be uber day one ... I want to be relevant. We have been up for a week ... what is in the vendor shops from Blacksmith, Woodworker and Leatherworker ? nothing Decrease training on page one for crafting and gathering ... why is it the same pace as Combat? your attacks work without the needed training on that first page but for crafter and gatherer? failure Give crafters something of value to do early game ... hell give them craftable Sacrifice items ?! create a sink for the white mats. Its like you just want crafter accounts to be non-played. Scale back the stats on WarTribe gear ... you talk of all the knobs how about using them?
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