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  1. Odd Grouping bug This is a group I was in last night, and in fact one of these toons is online grouped with someone else at this moment
  2. I like it ... it could be a solid 'high end' materials sink to pull things out of play as a trade for trying to rally back. It bring crafters and gatherers into the push for victory points and spies sharing info on the move to the embargo could bring some heart breaking PvP content
  3. This was a 'locked out' toon that I was able to move into the new campaign but there Crypt is broken, vendors and artwork is missing ,etc. Was in on same account different toon things are just fin <iframe width="878" height="494" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/itt6vsKYoHI" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Closed Game came back in on same toon working fine
  4. I am just saying my Gnocchi was TONS better than Blixtev's and he nerfed Gnocchi because of his lack of cooking skills.
  5. I am not yet online but I have concerns that I have been nerfed! @thomasblair took away my Gnocchi speed leveling!!!!
  6. @DigitalChai ***** Food Buff Bon tipper Sump Pot Pie buffs not showing on details page ***** No Proc Ice Cream Baked Ice Cream
  7. ***** Necro issue Lungs purchased from Vendor cannot be placed in torso's when crafting
  8. I was exiting right at the time so might have been a tie or the campaign kicked me. Also this toon is not locked but cannot enter the EK .. which blows as its my Necro :|
  9. While I was exiting the Campaign as it was dropping I lost my Character I just crafted a Half Elf Druid, I leveled it to 21 but when I unlocked it from the campaign this is what I saw. ***** Update a log out log in repaired the Name label
  10. so a real 'oddity' .... I had a mount equipped in campaign. I unlocked the toon to the EK. In the EK I remove the plank (holder for mount) my DStones all un-equip to my inventory. I cannot re-equip them or any other d stone I make or have from inventory. But if I log out to the Lobby and back in ... can equip D stones just fine.
  11. I wanted to first say well done @thomasblair @DigitalChai and any others in the team. What you guys have added to the game adds far more breadth and depth to the game then i would have guesses with sneak peek we had those many months ago. Well Done Loving It: range of food buffs - I have maybe completed mapping 25 different recipes and I am just loving the fact that combat (healing, ranged, basic attacks, etc) gathering (plentiful +, +crit chance, etc) and crafting (oh how do I love me some tippers) all have something added not counting the Stamina, Mount Speed, and other Misc lifts Other items involved in the cooking - ore, Wood, Stone (flasks) Hungershards, Bloodworms etc range of chicken ticker impact - complex things give back more health. It just makes sense. From 10 to 35 food restore and i have not gotten into the most complex recipes secondary impact - the wilted scraps are white meaning there is value for the player who may not even cook, there is Dust and the item to be used by guild, faction or sold as part of the econ loop primary impact - well see above Liking It: I like the large range of items and the complexity of the recipes - Could there be a way to increase the stack size? If you are a gatherer and want to wildcraft gather you are facing a dire shortage bank space. Add in the spices/etc that come from drops boxes or vendors and the stacks of 10 or 20 we see just creates a lot of bloat Wine and mead are great, but would like to see Mead have a positive value and its debuff for dizzy I like that many recipes create things i can use or use in a more complex recipe - I think a pass is needed to re-align some of the order of things. Butter is a higher recipe (sous) then some of the places its used (head) , Gnochi (sous) Pesto Gnochi (head) Suggestions: expand on other item impact - I don't see wood grubs or Zombie guts ... could be fun to see other scrounged items leveraged like Bloodworms currently are I have not seem Stealth, Far sight, Perception .... maybe add some Positive Buffs that have debuffs added. Mead gives damage adsorb but you drop in far Sight or Perception A Community Contest to create the next best Recipe where players can name and work with team on the buff?
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