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  1. I just keep thinking about the post on Wildcrafting where the team at CF discussed managing minute-to-minute activity / second-to-second activity, etc ... this to me seem like a minute-to-minute activity in the wrong format. If I have to carry 5 potions then why not have the potion take 5X the mats and have it last 4X longer? what does the player gain in its current format? it by default forces more inventory bloat, and we already are carrying an awful lot of parts to add together to craft. Crafters by default are waddling loot pinatas and now add in the fact that the best tables will be in the campaign worlds and will be in places of risk this just seems to me like piling on instead of looking at quality of life effort. Jtodd's states "If you look at our game right now, most of our effort has been in the minute-to-minute loops, and it shows. " feels like we need less of these not more To take on the risk of a 20/30 minute potion is actually more Pvp-ish then limping through 5/6 5 minutes pots. If i die I loose my buff ... just like if I die and lose my shorter buff and the killer gets some pots. The only real benefit is for the killer .... and why are we worrying about them when they can already loot all of the bars, squares, etc from my inventory?
  2. per @thomasblair suggestion .... here is my meh in combat necklaces / rings Ruby Silver Missing Stat tag Diamond Gold Sprint Efficiency Emerald Tin Far Sight Sapphire Iron Personal Healing Modifier Topaz Copper Stamina Regen:In Combat Ruby Briolette was still missing a stat last time I made one Diamond Briolette was unable to be tested for value? We had 2 players with same sprint stats race over maybe 1/4 of a zone one with one without could not see any real value the terrain created much more impact than the necklace Combat rings? - the only non-class specfic rings are Triangle Ruby - Crit Hit damage - Personal Healing Modifier Diamond - Cit Hit Damage - Ranged Distance Bonus Sapphire - Crit Hit Damage - Perception Topaz - Crit Hit Damage - Stealth Does Stealth need a ring or could the values reach its cap more easily with the base armor equipment?
  3. is this the Back to the future where they for Forward ??
  4. No one is saying right now White mats on vendors at launch .... I have not seen that but hey maybe I missed it. Right now its white mats are about Quality of Life as other tuning efforts are being created. I'll be avoiding them. I want to see the amount of time it takes to create full gear under the new recipe format.
  5. Chat Updates - Official Discussion Thread

    Can we see about adding another tracking option for 'looting' your EK vendor? When I take out my sales from the Vendor Stall interface have it leave a footprint with item sold, volume, amount?
  6. hey @vkromas I hired my cousin to work the stand but he seems to be sitting even though there is funds a plenty
  7. Having a fully functioning fire going at all outposts would be a solid use of an existing mechanic that would add some impact, but only allow use of fire if the outpost is taken?
  8. I am seeing an increase in incomplete Campaign launches ... I'll select a campaign and then get tossed back right to the Lobby Other times I get blue Sky bug screen then tossed back to the Lobby I close out and come in usually works but not sure if its killing the session or a time out issue? the other issue is once I blue Sky .. unless I close out and relaunch client if I do get in I freeze on something like this
  9. All Stoneborn are born right handed so they have a tendency to charge with their left shoulder?
  10. hey @thomasblair we have confirmed that grit and Water do not impact the Quality' of the item they are used in ... how about Blood? Does it have the magic check mark for JC effort to impact or not impact ? I got a lot of grey blood but hesitant to use it to Assembly fail down quality but odd that the healing path does not face the same issue
  11. After EU had a hard drop today ... I had a couple of bugs. 1) could not enter any of the remaining Campaigns I would hit Enter but not be taking to that campaign and all other campaigns and EK's were unavailable until I logged out and back in 2) I was taking 2 of my characters into a campagin but only one 'made it' .... well they both say they are in but the Anhrez character screen showed 100% loading terrain and never resolved to the EK eventhough he showed in the /WHO I had to kill the EXE and restart
  12. I had a lot of good rolls as I had to boot strap up, just can't say 0.887 meters extra Far-Sight is worth the mats when 13 pips are being used? Any Neck can have AP and Health Regen my concern is the Primary stat @thomasblair
  13. For the test I am unable to log into the Campaign. I was in ... I got a Connection Lost and was dropped. Now when i attempt to go in I get connected to server then a flash of the Blue Sky bug then tossed back to the Lobby What I see entering an EK at my current chicken ticker cannot move, cannot resolve screen Inventory work (i) I load into another EK just fine?
  14. Does having 2 rings and 1 necklace combined fill the gap of the lift from starter to green vessel? 3 gems to gather versus 8 minerals ... yes there is less resources used for the comparison but what else can we compare JC to other than necromancy? Digging body parts is solo, gathering stone and ore for JC is solo both require a 'team' gathering event to fully execute. JC necklaces feel lack-luster in my view because of the heavy team gathering requirement when i compare them to the only other team gathering path. Combat are better than Crafting speed yes, but the utility stats feel lack luster in my opinion compared to the amazing optional additives seen in vessels and the lift seen in migrating from start to your first Vessel. 2 Attack Power hand legendary would start off at +14ish a piece, leveraging 12 pips to lift each arm ? not to mention the lift on the final combine you might easily see 150 -200 AP on the vessel along with the extra benefits. it might be my expectations are off, but you add in a team gathering gate then I guess the juice should be more worth the squeeze
  15. I have a few crafting things up at Srathor's Lawn EK .... I am stall 1 on the vendor street