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  1. Yes its a limiting factor but that is like saying "The Spider Queen is keeping tons of people from theorycrafting with Surging Spirit because for some it takes two people to kill her" On the TEST server (when up for testing) the Crowfall team has a vendor with the materials needed to craft vessels on a vendor including all optional mats, so at times there are no body count gates and we even have more people testing them. Before each large jump 5.5 to 5.6, 5.6 to 5.7 they open up the TEST server and have all quality of mats including Gems (motherlodes) available in bulk for players to get crazy with. Till then people are testing with friends, guildies, etc and solid info and bugs have been found.
  2. Yes as you have heard some of the prices can be a bit higher, but hey the items being sold are not just the failed rolls of a guild creating items for its members. Vessels with optional parts, Weapons and Armor that make sense to current builds, Jewelry for combat, crafting and gathering.
  3. An odd bug whee I could not loot a doober thank god its only a white mat
  4. yes keep capture , a rank up in node quality would help
  5. fully trained .... hit 20+ rank 3 Hunger nodes not a single crafting shard found
  6. [Obsidian] Stealth-First, Squad-Based

    there are lots of 'stealth' options ... including Guin cleric or knight! fear the fluff
  7. Arcana Scroll - First Impression

    I already am skeptical about this concept. So a crafter who has sacrificed their training options to learn recipes, now see 'a better' recipe that can be just learned by something found in the world and equiped by who? Does the person even need to be a Blacksmith to create it? Can a non Blacksmith just buy some components and craft it? Sure they have a lot less pips but again I am skeptical that this will help keep crafters engaged and relevant versus it not being in the game. I'd rather see the recipe be in my learning path but have a component that is very rare found by adventures where the adventure has to then find 'who can make is awesome component into an awesome weapon' .... make world rare recipes like the new Hunger Shard gathering skill that requires choices to get too that causes crafters to feel and look different from everyone else by their training choice Is it found or is the Arcane Scroll crafted? if found in its form then its a 2X kick to the nuts taking a relevant crafting step away from a RuneCrafter for something found like a Surging Spirit in the world.
  8. Today we saw a server boot, and about half of the players on US east had to re-log in When I attempt to login, I get stuck at Loading Character state ... and this worries me that this is the same bug we saw back in 5.3 where your character could be 'lost' to a campaign.
  9. Been seeing some language changes in tool notification
  10. I know that they took out the Keep sapling in the last patch, so we were unable to check the Keep capture and siege. I would hope those are inplace for a 5.7 live drop
  11. ya this was noted a patch or 2 back .... hopefully its an easy fix
  12. <from notes> PCM for all classes now also modifies Basic Attack Damage statistic Maybe I am mis-reading this patch note - Basic Attack Damage Statistic - should mean I can go into the Details page and see a value of some sort Under Powers / Basic Attack Damage and this value should change as I rotate through weapons of different PCM right?
  13. well some of its is ongoing, as we have see partial and full re-roll stats are in. Just no change in the crafting window/mechanics to leverage the new stats
  14. there is no NDA and the website has downloadable art, etc for you to leverage. Get to crafting
  15. I am sure others have mentioned it, but no Seedling in the Keep so no way to take over the keep.