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  1. I am pretty sure @thomasblair bugged my toon on purpose as I was close to unraveling the Heartwood table for rank 8 trees including some 'oddities' about yew wood give heartwood out at 1.5X the rate of Spruce. Well played .....
  2. Trapped at Authentication with the Zone screen ... I have a ticket in on it. I am able to enter my EK, and had no issues with access earlier in the weekend test.
  3. thanks ... I'll reset my expectations and not waste too much quality picks on them.
  4. Rank 2 node outputs might need a little kick I am at Plentiful 3, with a +5.6 crit chance pick even using Finer things (hoping for a soul gem) for every ore output proc. Still only averaging 5 grey per node? After 20 rank 2 nodes at Plentiful 3, +5.6 crit chance ore only grey materials. not a single white?
  5. Agreed ... Solid Point. Except I have a feeling Doggett could be one of those people at dinner that would take a fry from your plate when you are not looking
  6. We have heard that this enables Heartwood and Hungershards to drop for people testing, no luck on the 'finer things' from motherlodes yet but we will surely keep trying
  7. Hey there .. liked the details of the post. I wanted to ask @thomasblair if he could expand on his answer from Tuesday as it aligns with the info from this article about weak points. I asked about what impacts the output from final proc of the node, and we have seen Harvest Critical Amount and Harvest Critical Chance in place for a long time. We have been trying to maximize it like crazy and your comment about the 'testing pots' were spot on .. these inflated values were filling our coffers with very little effort. What is still confusing (at least to me) is the Weakness Critical Chance and Weakness Critical Amount you mentioned in response to my question. They of course seem to be tied to the damage done by striking a weak point, but your answer also made it 'feel' like they impacted output "4 stats for Damage crits and 4 stats for Yield crits." is there any way you could story board this out? at 1:06:50 in is where you dive into my question and talk about Weak Point stats
  8. For a rank 1 Motherlode using the Foreman debuff (a motherlode armor class lowering power) we were easily able to damage the target with only +20 mining across 3 players. backing into the math I would guess the combined 'mining (thinking it as dps) would need to be +36 mining across the miners to break the skin and start taking down the node. Dps is hard to calculate as the other Foreman power allowed me to add pips to the team which allowed them to more aggressively leverage the Energetic Mining and therefore hit the weak spots more. Since we are all so under trained, the picks brought the +mining to us, currently we cannot see our +mining value on our paperdoll. Once we can these numbers can more easily start defining the minimum combined stat to harvest a Motherlode.
  9. its an interesting 'battle' the Foreman gives other ppl a better DPS outcome ... but if the player with the Foreman D stone is also the one trained to get crit amount or the gems/minerals then that is bad as they are not doing the 'best' damage so their stats are not used in calculating versus the loot tables. So making sure your 'most trained' gatherer is not the one with the Foreman D stone seems like a must.
  10. Did someone have the Foreman D Stone equipped ? the 45% remove ML armor/damage resist skill tested out well
  11. Feedback: When launching Need Help (nice feature) its common for companies to add a little text at the bottom to set an expectation. If the expectation is set in the auto-response email then nevermind
  12. The Logo at the top of the forums is the link to the Marketing website its URL changed with the new look it currently is needs to be
  13. I gripe a lot about gathering and crafting. I know it and will take ownership of said bitching. I do it from a place of 'love' .. I want to love crowfall when it formally comes out and I want others to love it so i have people to play along side and against for years to come. One of my bitches from 5 moths ago was about Mothelodes and how the volume of generic material did not align with the same amount of effort spent on the much much easier regular nodes. Since the gems will go to the specialist, we need to help off set that team effort cost by having enough material to pay the other gatherers or they could be just culling the regular nodes with far far less effort. In the 5.3.0 test, a group of use went out to harvest test Mmotherlodes and I was happy to see the volume was increased and that was from 3 barely trained miners. We did not have Crit and Crit amount gear, just three starter miners. The output felt reasonable for the effort (except for the gems which out lack of training was what we were testing for) and when we have more skills and higher crit and crit amount stats they volume will feel even more reasonable. This was my observation about the volume, my hope is others like @Destrin @Tark @srathor @Gradishar and even @blazzen could chime in on your observations as would like to hear what your initial thoughts are on volume/effort of the Motherlodes @thomasblair
  14. I cannot understand why Leatherworking and Jewelcrafting are gated behind speed for basic Crafting.... this game does not create the need for MacGyver moments. Where does the speed come even close to gaining the value seen in points/pips? to get to Runecrafting, Necromancy and Alchemy we spend our time in skills that have ongoing value more Points/Pips and higher stats in experimentation ... but Speed? where is my value per hours spent training ?