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  1. Murder of Crows AMA

    Better living through chemistry ...............
  2. Murder of Crows AMA

    I proto-typed it first then called in a favor to a friend that works at a professional 3D lab Esper weapon from Wildstar - Psyblade ... modeling it was fun but a chore
  3. Murder of Crows AMA

    47? bah .... hold my beer
  4. I look forward to being able to 'click' around in it as I think the benefits and challenges will be a lot more apparent as we map out the paths we want to spend but the reason for the changes does come through with the examples given. Hope to see some changes in the Profession training/benefits in the Race trees, missing profs and a bit too much duplication (imho) right now.
  5. Murder of Crows AMA

    that was some good food
  6. TEST server: So by leaving the tables slotted in my Fort and Keep when I loot to inventory I can can save 32 item (individual) slots in my SB as the buildings keep the tables as items within them, their slotted locations are in place and no penalty is seen moving them into SB. Also ... any update on vendors on test???
  7. would be good to see the up coming UI changes for skills
  8. any feedback when TEST will be up? Its been down for quite a length of time with the servers set to some 'Maintenance' message. I thought we were in a place where TEST was going to be but up for us to cobble around on?
  9. hey 50% there !!!! its an improvement ... still cannot 'rotate' then consistent but they are place able and usable
  10. @DigitalChai So I get this error when placing a crafting table in my Keep. I have 4 placed .. in the 2 coves that are adjacent to the hallway from outside but the socket fails error appears for all tables placed on the 2 coves that are on the other side of the keep
  11. booted from game

    Is the TEST server going to be brought back up? if so will it be adding back in vendors?
  12. Question from kickstarter page

    yes !! Unleash the Faye code!!!!!
  13. I and others have mentioned the occasional odd zone in bug where we are under the floor of a building in an EK. This time I was coming in on 2 characters at the same time. In the Anhrez character I show under floor but the other character sees Anhrez standing just fine. the image is simultaneous
  14. Test and Live should be in 'sync' ... (TEST) I spent all of the possible time in the JC skill tree would not recognize the 100% until closing the client and coming back in
  15. Seeing Dust doobers and Ore disappear into the hill side 1505, 54,2916 the copper closest to the hill side