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  1. Crafting in 5.4

    Yes there is a small team documenting gathering, crafting and combat impacts of Attribute changes. The combat stats do not have their tool tips updated, as the class impacts what how the attribute is leveraged in many cases.
  2. thanks!! The % was throwing me off. this makes really solid sense.
  3. It could be viable as you pop out of stealth shoot some arrows from a distance back into stealth earn you pips and you creep up to your target, then out of stealth with full pips to add some wicked bleeds Preparation: Plan your next attack when entering Stealth immediately recovering a pip if you don't have one and periodically gaining additional Pips every 30 seconds as you maintain Stealth.
  4. So @thomasblair can you help us understand the value here? if a rank 1 node has '15' mitigation does this mean I am ignoring 0.43875 of the node mitigation so I am doing that extra damage per swing/shovel-full?
  5. So far I could see none yet .. as in the EK and nothing but basic to make, durability had no impact. It something i sure plan to test. As i YOLO runetools
  6. Well .. as the crafter / gathererer its my 'skill set' to grind! ... did any of you whales get a chance to turn in the coins? I hope the numbers are spun to emphasize the conflict area kills in some way
  7. Working on some math with @Destrin .... awaiting the next campaign (all number estimates using math so high chance of crit failure!) as or right now I guess-timate a Vessel will need 99,905 xp to reach level 30 which nets you an extra +90 attributes. Currently to reach this majestic level, a player could leverage: 6661 Golden Apples or 19,981 Pine Nuts or 19,981 pieces of knotwood sacrificed as raw mats or 9991 pieces of purple (epic) raw material stone, wood or ore or 3189 knotwood and 3189 cobblestone and 3189 slag to make 1063 basics boots (see a nice lift by crafting!) or 9300 knotwood crafted into 793 basic bows I do feel like I could do this in a weekend, but I sure hope we see more lift in the higher end crafted materials. A 'epic' bow sacrificed will hopefully tilt the scales far more than the difference between white mats and purple mats
  8. I know we have not yet heard of the how we expect thralls to be managed in game right now Grave Digging seems a bit bleh. Maybe when we understand the impact of Grave Goods it will feel more engaging but it feels like it has a lot less impact then other options right now. the other gathering paths have a lot more optional materials that are cross profession impact-full. could a 'rare' optional output of Grave digging be a random thrall spawn? Grave yards are a place where I would think a link to Ghosts would be found. Besides having them just appear in the world randomly could there be a way to add some 'rare' optional triggers similar to mining (gems) quarrying (minerals)
  9. the Attributes move the needle (in a pretty small value) for both crafting and gathering. Below you can see a small amount of the Details page impact for 3 Vessel levels worth of changes adding +1 to Dex, Str and Int. Dex 40, Str 32 , Int 20 Dex 40 Dex 41 Str 32 Str 33 Int 20 Int 21 Harvesting Reaping 0 Skinning 1 1 1.23 Digging 0.8 0.8 0.93 Mining 0.8 0.8 0.93 Quarrying 0.8 0.8 0.93 Logging 1 1 1.23 So race can give you attribute lifts that in turn help specific professions. And if you choose a profession whose attribute lift aligns with that classes Attributes needed for combat you are seeing a good value. The values are not yet impact-full enough (imho) to override many of the racial advantages, but hey numbers can change
  10. I am locked out of mine and one other but was able to get into a 3rd
  11. You can still 'test' by getting into another person EK but yes its starting to be a bit wider of an issue.
  12. I am unsure if I am seeing certain 'Stats' carry through from one vessel to another, could be human documentation error I started with a Human Cleric who had a value in Chain Healing Falloff Bonus of 0.0 I trained up Str to +1 on the Cleric model. I received a value of +0.4 Chain Healing Falloff Bonus I swapped to Human Knight (much higher strength) value is +0.4 Chain Healing Falloff Bonus I swap back to an un-leveled vessel Human Cleric ... instead of a 0.0 Chain Healing Falloff Bonus it has a 0.4. Did I mis-record the staring Human Cleric value or is it coming forward after I trained the first time? I am also seeing the Armor Bonus Values for a 40 Int Human Cleric ... on the 39 Int Human Cleric (a fresh Vessel after I already leveled up a previous one) It feels like some variables are being puled into a 'global cleric' setting instead of Vessel specific?
  13. If a player levels up a Vessel, but swaps to a new vessel without spending all of their Level Up points those points are transferred to the newly equipped vessel. I leveled up a Human Cleric Vessel 2 times, but only spent 5 points. Then I swapped to a Knight Vessel and came into the process
  14. Hey @thomasblair on the Detail pages the tool tips in gathering / crafting have the matching Attribute info that can impact the stat, but on t he Combat page the matching Attribute that can impact the stat is not listed. I realize the complexity of Class shifts what could impact what stat for what class but, understanding what Attribute impacts what stat allows for better/smarter spending.