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  1. Has anyone done any XP analysis for 5.10 ? is the xp curve still the same as it was in 5.9?
  2. ** Warning using older values so changes made in 5.10 or 5.11 might shift math ** I have been seeing a lot of dialog on the forums about leveling. The comments range from 'the defined way players can learn their class and uncover their powers' to 'useless treadmill filler' Crowfall is a game where replay-ability will be key. With campaigns starting and ending, rules set changes and other mechanics will entice players to improve their characters and even spin up new ones to meet their changing game play needs. the discussion about having to level my Duelist to lvl 30 on a white vessel, swap to a green and do it again seems to create a lot of differing opinions. it does not take that long so in imho I don't feel like its much a game play hurdle but many others do see it as a kin to the example @jtoddcoleman said about killing ten rats. Now they have to kill ten rats over and over again. The recent announcement about xp from gathering and crafting seems to be the place where we could mitigate some of the 'treadmill/wasted effort' feelings. I know it's not in place but the ability to sacrifice your previous vessel combined with an improvement to xp overflow in the sacrifice act would go a long way for people complaining about lost effort. When I equip a new vessel the destruction of the previous vessel could drop a sacrificial token into my inventory. The value of the xp is tied to the level and grade of the replaced/destroyed vessel. Here is my example: I level a white (given to me as I log in) vessel to 30. Estimated xp to get to lvl 30 - 17,545. When I decided to equip a green vessel a sacrificial token is dropped worth 55-60% of the total xp earned on that vessel so a token worth around 9700xp appears. I could sacrifice this token and poof I am now level lvl 15 on my new green vessel. Sure, there is more than 21,000 xp to go to hit lvl 30 but it feels like I can head out to the campaign and gather, fight war tribes or even pvp when I am sporting some minors, have a major slotted, spent 43 points in attributes and have 29 talents points used. The game has recognized my previous effort and I am rewarded for it. The 50-60% could mean than when I jump from green to a blue vessel I still am rewarded for the effort and time spent leveling that vessel by hitting 15(again the curve might need looked at). The missing part besides the token drop is the ability for the sacrificial pyre to let go of its requirement for all of its clicks. If I drop 9700xp into the pyre it needs to properly level me up till the xp is spent and not treat it like the Price is Right and make me lose anything over the minimum required xp amount for next level. The Econ PvPer in me does look forward to overcharging friend and foe for your next vessel in 5.11
  3. I want my EK to matter. Sure I can create a beauty of Kingdom there and maybe have a place guild friends can spar on .. but that has too little of an impact on Crowfall the game for me. '...but the characters are NEVER wiped. Instead, the participants take their winnings back home to the Eternal Kingdoms, to prepare and strategize for the next Campaign. ' - So I ask is this still going to be a thing? With Import/Export rules and tables in the starter area will ppl take their materials to the EK and craft items or just import stacks of 100 in raw materials and craft locally in the campaign to find better value in their import spend?
  4. As i work my way back into the game I am happy at many of the changes and upcoming changes I am seeing .. but I am really troubled about EKs and their connection to the Econ Loop now. From the Kickstarter, the concept of having a merchant kingdom was talked about by the CrowFall team in glowing terms. How spending the money on a larger package got you the ability to bring in other players, guildmates, etc into your Kingdom to setup tables, and vendors. As of right now Gods Reach defeats any value to an EK merchant effort. It was going to be a challenge anyway with Import/Export rules but I still saw a path for a social and economic hub. With all the tables safely under protection in starter area and vendors handing out resources is there any room for Fairly Honest Anhrez's EKpalooza ? Why have a Fort or Castle with table or vendor slots? I am I missing something? Sure we can build something beautiful, there are taxes and costs to in game vendors and I do realize relics are not implemented but will that be enough to help justify building out and EK, placing vendors and tables within it ?
  5. Hmmm I will dive deeper in the quality seen for weapons and armor. I guess as long as they are truly easy come quick to go it might not shift the Econ loop too much
  6. Damn missed that! Thanks Hyriol
  7. @blazzen I sure hope we get more info. Does that mean Dizzy is gone when I am gathering ? I have a lot of worries about the new format but I'll hold off on being to hyperbolic until we see it in action. My greatest gathering concern is something @jtoddcoleman and @thomasblair hit on with Caravans. If I have a Green Iron ore boulder that be refined to X pieces to craft with why do I solo gather? In the past I was told to get a team together to protect my harvesting efforts, now the body guards would get more impact possibly doing caravans then working with me? I thought I heard refining can also get you the rare spec'd materials. if so imho it could be a HUGE mistake in the econ game loop. Right now with the limited info I have it seems a specialist spec'd in caravans can do what a deeply trained gatherer can also do. I am not sold on that concept currently. We have a dedicated training path for gathering, combat and crafting. I am already seeing weapons drop from creatures, is caravan refining also lessening the impact of the non-combat training paths?
  8. Does this mean the active powers that used to be tied to Gathering discs will be triggered elsewhere or are they all gone? I mean where will 'take if down' be triggered so I can yell at @srathor that he missed the rotation? In the https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/dev-diary-power-tray i am not seeing an alt trigger or anything
  9. its true , I'm like a tick that keeps filling itself with loot but it takes time to loot me with all the damn clicking
  10. Its not sacrificial act I believe. the sacrifice value is a score that I suspect gets added when crafted just like a kill gets added to your tally behind the scenes? So that 49K is actually wrong, roll up every part on the way there ... closer to 86K I suspect? So 9 legend ore turn into a bar get XP for the sacrifice of that bar added to your score. then take that bar and craft into a part, now add that XP to your total. The larger the complexity the more you build up the larger the end value you get (at least that is my assumption)
  11. I like it ... it could be a solid 'high end' materials sink to pull things out of play as a trade for trying to rally back. It bring crafters and gatherers into the push for victory points and spies sharing info on the move to the embargo could bring some heart breaking PvP content
  12. I wanted to first say well done @thomasblair @DigitalChai and any others in the team. What you guys have added to the game adds far more breadth and depth to the game then i would have guesses with sneak peek we had those many months ago. Well Done Loving It: range of food buffs - I have maybe completed mapping 25 different recipes and I am just loving the fact that combat (healing, ranged, basic attacks, etc) gathering (plentiful +, +crit chance, etc) and crafting (oh how do I love me some tippers) all have something added not counting the Stamina, Mount Speed, and other Misc lifts Other items involved in the cooking - ore, Wood, Stone (flasks) Hungershards, Bloodworms etc range of chicken ticker impact - complex things give back more health. It just makes sense. From 10 to 35 food restore and i have not gotten into the most complex recipes secondary impact - the wilted scraps are white meaning there is value for the player who may not even cook, there is Dust and the item to be used by guild, faction or sold as part of the econ loop primary impact - well see above Liking It: I like the large range of items and the complexity of the recipes - Could there be a way to increase the stack size? If you are a gatherer and want to wildcraft gather you are facing a dire shortage bank space. Add in the spices/etc that come from drops boxes or vendors and the stacks of 10 or 20 we see just creates a lot of bloat Wine and mead are great, but would like to see Mead have a positive value and its debuff for dizzy I like that many recipes create things i can use or use in a more complex recipe - I think a pass is needed to re-align some of the order of things. Butter is a higher recipe (sous) then some of the places its used (head) , Gnochi (sous) Pesto Gnochi (head) Suggestions: expand on other item impact - I don't see wood grubs or Zombie guts ... could be fun to see other scrounged items leveraged like Bloodworms currently are I have not seem Stealth, Far sight, Perception .... maybe add some Positive Buffs that have debuffs added. Mead gives damage adsorb but you drop in far Sight or Perception A Community Contest to create the next best Recipe where players can name and work with team on the buff?
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