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  1. well sure but its just an image that ties back to @mandalore 's original post that tool is a binary 'switch' that allows these to be found from ore from using the tool he showed. my testing of drop rate is on going. there is no 'stat' for soul fragments found in the Stat sheet, there are no known food items to increase drop rate, and they have a 'gate' of rank 6 to even be in the tables
  2. its true , I'm like a tick that keeps filling itself with loot but it takes time to loot me with all the damn clicking
  3. Its not sacrificial act I believe. the sacrifice value is a score that I suspect gets added when crafted just like a kill gets added to your tally behind the scenes? So that 49K is actually wrong, roll up every part on the way there ... closer to 86K I suspect? So 9 legend ore turn into a bar get XP for the sacrifice of that bar added to your score. then take that bar and craft into a part, now add that XP to your total. The larger the complexity the more you build up the larger the end value you get (at least that is my assumption)
  4. I like it ... it could be a solid 'high end' materials sink to pull things out of play as a trade for trying to rally back. It bring crafters and gatherers into the push for victory points and spies sharing info on the move to the embargo could bring some heart breaking PvP content
  5. I wanted to first say well done @thomasblair @DigitalChai and any others in the team. What you guys have added to the game adds far more breadth and depth to the game then i would have guesses with sneak peek we had those many months ago. Well Done Loving It: range of food buffs - I have maybe completed mapping 25 different recipes and I am just loving the fact that combat (healing, ranged, basic attacks, etc) gathering (plentiful +, +crit chance, etc) and crafting (oh how do I love me some tippers) all have something added not counting the Stamina, Mount Speed, and other Misc lifts Other items involved in the cooking - ore, Wood, Stone (flasks) Hungershards, Bloodworms etc range of chicken ticker impact - complex things give back more health. It just makes sense. From 10 to 35 food restore and i have not gotten into the most complex recipes secondary impact - the wilted scraps are white meaning there is value for the player who may not even cook, there is Dust and the item to be used by guild, faction or sold as part of the econ loop primary impact - well see above Liking It: I like the large range of items and the complexity of the recipes - Could there be a way to increase the stack size? If you are a gatherer and want to wildcraft gather you are facing a dire shortage bank space. Add in the spices/etc that come from drops boxes or vendors and the stacks of 10 or 20 we see just creates a lot of bloat Wine and mead are great, but would like to see Mead have a positive value and its debuff for dizzy I like that many recipes create things i can use or use in a more complex recipe - I think a pass is needed to re-align some of the order of things. Butter is a higher recipe (sous) then some of the places its used (head) , Gnochi (sous) Pesto Gnochi (head) Suggestions: expand on other item impact - I don't see wood grubs or Zombie guts ... could be fun to see other scrounged items leveraged like Bloodworms currently are I have not seem Stealth, Far sight, Perception .... maybe add some Positive Buffs that have debuffs added. Mead gives damage adsorb but you drop in far Sight or Perception A Community Contest to create the next best Recipe where players can name and work with team on the buff?
  6. Yes its a limiting factor but that is like saying "The Spider Queen is keeping tons of people from theorycrafting with Surging Spirit because for some it takes two people to kill her" On the TEST server (when up for testing) the Crowfall team has a vendor with the materials needed to craft vessels on a vendor including all optional mats, so at times there are no body count gates and we even have more people testing them. Before each large jump 5.5 to 5.6, 5.6 to 5.7 they open up the TEST server and have all quality of mats including Gems (motherlodes) available in bulk for players to get crazy with. Till then people are testing with friends, guildies, etc and solid info and bugs have been found.
  7. Yes as you have heard some of the prices can be a bit higher, but hey the items being sold are not just the failed rolls of a guild creating items for its members. Vessels with optional parts, Weapons and Armor that make sense to current builds, Jewelry for combat, crafting and gathering.
  8. there are lots of 'stealth' options ... including Guin cleric or knight! fear the fluff
  9. I already am skeptical about this concept. So a crafter who has sacrificed their training options to learn recipes, now see 'a better' recipe that can be just learned by something found in the world and equiped by who? Does the person even need to be a Blacksmith to create it? Can a non Blacksmith just buy some components and craft it? Sure they have a lot less pips but again I am skeptical that this will help keep crafters engaged and relevant versus it not being in the game. I'd rather see the recipe be in my learning path but have a component that is very rare found by adventures where the adventure has to then find 'who can make is awesome component into an awesome weapon' .... make world rare recipes like the new Hunger Shard gathering skill that requires choices to get too that causes crafters to feel and look different from everyone else by their training choice Is it found or is the Arcane Scroll crafted? if found in its form then its a 2X kick to the nuts taking a relevant crafting step away from a RuneCrafter for something found like a Surging Spirit in the world.
  10. well some of its is ongoing, as we have see partial and full re-roll stats are in. Just no change in the crafting window/mechanics to leverage the new stats
  11. there is no NDA and the website has downloadable art, etc for you to leverage. Get to crafting https://crowfall.com/en/media/
  12. I would love to see vendor moved to these at random. Vendors that have limited amount of inventory , with a randomized inventory respawn. Things like food, bandages, etc pulled off from the forts and keeps.
  13. I am seeing significant FPS changes on my POS of a system at the temple (in BH) i usually saw 60 fps but when you dropped down one level in the Beachhead it would drop to 38-42 .... now still seeing 60ish FPS around most all of the beach head Updated from 5.7 path - @jtoddcoleman I tested the same location on my older machine was seeing 60 fps where I was seeing 38-42. Still see an occasional spike/drop down to the 30s but its a quick bloop then back up. 1
  14. I just keep thinking about the post on Wildcrafting https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/wildcrafting-hunting-and-gathering/ where the team at CF discussed managing minute-to-minute activity / second-to-second activity, etc ... this to me seem like a minute-to-minute activity in the wrong format. If I have to carry 5 potions then why not have the potion take 5X the mats and have it last 4X longer? what does the player gain in its current format? it by default forces more inventory bloat, and we already are carrying an awful lot of parts to add together to craft. Crafters by default are waddling loot pinatas and now add in the fact that the best tables will be in the campaign worlds and will be in places of risk this just seems to me like piling on instead of looking at quality of life effort. Jtodd's states "If you look at our game right now, most of our effort has been in the minute-to-minute loops, and it shows. " feels like we need less of these not more To take on the risk of a 20/30 minute potion is actually more Pvp-ish then limping through 5/6 5 minutes pots. If i die I loose my buff ... just like if I die and lose my shorter buff and the killer gets some pots. The only real benefit is for the killer .... and why are we worrying about them when they can already loot all of the bars, squares, etc from my inventory?
  15. per @thomasblair suggestion .... here is my meh in combat necklaces / rings Ruby Silver Missing Stat tag Diamond Gold Sprint Efficiency Emerald Tin Far Sight Sapphire Iron Personal Healing Modifier Topaz Copper Stamina Regen:In Combat Ruby Briolette was still missing a stat last time I made one Diamond Briolette was unable to be tested for value? We had 2 players with same sprint stats race over maybe 1/4 of a zone one with one without could not see any real value the terrain created much more impact than the necklace Combat rings? - the only non-class specfic rings are Triangle Ruby - Crit Hit damage - Personal Healing Modifier Diamond - Cit Hit Damage - Ranged Distance Bonus Sapphire - Crit Hit Damage - Perception Topaz - Crit Hit Damage - Stealth Does Stealth need a ring or could the values reach its cap more easily with the base armor equipment?
  16. is this the Back to the future where they for Forward ??
  17. No one is saying right now White mats on vendors at launch .... I have not seen that but hey maybe I missed it. Right now its white mats are about Quality of Life as other tuning efforts are being created. I'll be avoiding them. I want to see the amount of time it takes to create full gear under the new recipe format.
  18. Can we see about adding another tracking option for 'looting' your EK vendor? When I take out my sales from the Vendor Stall interface have it leave a footprint with item sold, volume, amount?
  19. Having a fully functioning fire going at all outposts would be a solid use of an existing mechanic that would add some impact, but only allow use of fire if the outpost is taken?
  20. All Stoneborn are born right handed so they have a tendency to charge with their left shoulder?
  21. I had a lot of good rolls as I had to boot strap up, just can't say 0.887 meters extra Far-Sight is worth the mats when 13 pips are being used? Any Neck can have AP and Health Regen my concern is the Primary stat @thomasblair
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