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  1. Actually if I recall correctly he banned you for your despicable comments about a little boy's sickness and subsequent death and then subsequently spinning it into a tirade against kingsisle.
  2. If the system works as you described here then I just became a little more excited for the release of this game.
  3. Amen to that. I suppose I am "jaded" coming from wizard 101 where necessary nerfs are few and far between and is almost always accompanied by a large amount of "But PvE will suffer". I just don't want this to become a swinging pendulum of broken mechanic-refusal to nerf equals new broken mechanic-invention of yet another broken mechanic to counter the broken mechanic designed to avoid a nerf.
  4. If there is one thing I don't want to see this game emulate is Wizard 101's unwillingness to nerf obviously broken mechanics. If something is broken evaluate it and fix it. For some reason people think of nerfing as a bad thing when it is essential to maintaining game balance. I also don't want this "we wont nerf things we will only buff other things" attitude as it only creates extremely polarized groups of opposing mechanics. I for one hope that the developers will take an aggressive stance towards maintaining game balance so that no one strategy, tactic, power or what have you dominates.
  5. I am liking the idea of safe zones that have penalties for idling. Have a newbie safezone with no penalties but various other safezones scattered around. An interesting penalty would be some sort of resource drain or perhaps even have the safezones be "locked" until you pay some kind of in game toll to access/remain in them. Heck in a game about risk the safezones should have some risks too.
  6. Yes I drove my boat to the right side of the forums....My lacc of letters salutes the hive.
  7. Eric Stormbringer- Proud Wizard101 and Pirate 101 enthusiast and eagerly awaiting this one.
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