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  1. I don't think you're seeing this correctly, a passive skill system doesn't even remotely keep you relevant because literally every other player is also training it... The hardcore will have trained it exactly as much as you have, meaning they still have the exact same advantage as they would without the system. I don't understand why the concept that people who dedicate more time to the game will be stronger is unfair to you. Keeping as flat a playing field as possible is exactly how a person with less time can always remain relevant, surely you can understand that.
  2. And why should this be the case? For people's proverbial e-peens? I agree that in many MMOs that is the goal, but a large part of the draw for CF is the re-sets. I don't think this is true, the only way this would be possible would be with no server pop limits where zergs > all. I think we can all agree that we don't want CF to be a zerg fest. As a result, with limited spots, guilds are going to actively look for what fits. Not just random players. Therefore, any new player will not be able to join and as they can never catch up, will never be able to join. I see a lot of people talking about "Well it's only 10%" - it is clear that these people have never played with hardcore MMO players, that 10% is everything. I am not ignoring the fact this game is guild centric, I'm explaining how a passive system hurts the idea of a guild centric game by adding pointless barriers to entry for new players. This I simply cannot understand. Why do you want a game to play itself? How is that enjoyable? I also work full time and can appreciate the lack of time to dedicate for games these days but damn, I don't want the game to progress for me. Otherwise I'd be buying Clicker Heroes 2. IMO the fact that there are re-sets enables exactly what you want. You can take breaks from the game knowing that when you come back you'll be on the same playing field as everyone else. Except currently that requires you to constantly log in and remember to train skills, which may not be possible for some people. I also don't like all these comments of "well it's too late to change it now". Literally this is the easiest system in the game to change at this point, it's passive stat increases... no animations, no additional variables, nothing. VNs idea of skill trees being campaign focused, each campaign you can build totally different and actually reach max build for a specific skill, is a much much better system. And no, that doesn't turn it into a moba - not even a little bit. The point of CF is to push new concepts, not accept old, outdated and frankly boring systems that we have seen for over 30 years. CF is supposedly not about leveling, yet they have put a time based leveling system into the game and multiple people are defending it over the idea of "progression". Random time sinks are not good progression, look at Warlord's of Draenor and why that failed. I see CF much more like D&D than most MMOs. In D&D you don't get to carry over random passive stats to a new campaign, but you do get to try playing with a totally new character resulting in a totally different experience even though it is within the same setting and it's very enjoyable. With this passive system you will feel compelled to play what you have spent the past 6 months speccing into, despite the fact you have played two separate campaigns. That does not seem like good game design to me. And ultimately I will always bring it back to, "How is this fun?" - If it isn't fun, it shouldn't be in a game that we play for.. y'know, fun.
  3. I'm not saying passive training ruins the game, I'm saying it has the potential to cause long term issues and seems in a totally opposite direction to the rest of the games concepts. There is absolutely no way you'll entice someone into the (fully costed) game by saying, "Oh btw, y'know how you feel under-powered? Yeah the only way to get rid of that is by spending more money". That's some F2P bs right there. And once again, how is it fun? You click a button once every few days....woohoo
  4. My issue with the crafting system is once again due to the fact you aren't really playing the game. Crit points have at least made gathering somewhat active, but previously it was just: Walk around until you find the nodes you need Click on them Wait Click on a UI Wait Possibly fail because haha you lose That just isn't enjoyable to me. There's zero innovation, crafting systems like this have existed for nearly 30 years.
  5. Honestly I just find a passive system like this boring. There's no actual playing of the game involved, something I feel Crowfall is suffering from in other areas as well (gathering as an example, at least we have crit points now). Imagine 2 years after release, you want to get a friend into the game. You play with a guild that have played since release and they need a couple new members. Are they going to pick a guy that has just started and is literally incapable of keeping up with the rest of the guild, or are they going to find someone that actually matches the guild in terms of progression? Worst part is, your friend can't even catch up! Assuming everyone involved in this scenario keeps their skill trees ticking, at no point can your friend even close the gap until the OG players reach full build. Imo it's a bad system that only serves to instill sunken cost fallacies, reduce build experimentation and ultimately turn new players away from the game. The beauty of a concept like Crowfall is that it does reset, allowing new players to join and not feel under-powered. Allowing weird builds where if they aren't that great, at least in a month or two you can re-set and try something else. Allowing you to step away from the game and come back at a later date without having nerfed yourself. I think the passive skill system goes directly against these ideas.
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