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  1. THESE ARE KNIGHT ISSUES. Block (Knight) flag hold channeled crowd control self power Raise your shield Blocking attacks, reducing damage and preventing crowd control effects. Enemies striking you with Elemental attacks take 100% Weapon Damage in return. Increases damage by 15% for 5 seconds for each 150 damage taken while Blocking. Taking more that 150 damage while Blocking activates Shield Bash and increases damage by 15% for 5 seconds for each 150 damage taken while Blocking. ------------------------- This does no prevent crowd control effects, I got stunned and knocked down while using it. And I don't see the point in reflecting Elemental Attacks. I rather it be you reflect 10% damage done to you since it eats the hell out of your stamina. And the amount of damage to gain a stack should be at most 100. Considering the amount that is drained and the short window you have to use the damage increased, unless your CC then its gone by the time u get up. I Think a damage increase is the wrong mechanic for a tank all around. Should increase your damage reduction or give you some sort of huge CC reduction or something. No need to make a defensive tactic a comeback mechanic if its going to be fairly unusable in most situations with the seemingly non-existent diminishing returns in CC. I was locked down by 5 people for a good 25sec between multiple roots, stuns and knock downs. Even if I went juggernaut, since my main resource is stamina, I would have drained my pool completely just from using retaliate. Any who, I think block needs to be reworked. From what I read, no one feels its in a good place. --------------------------- I know this is a discipline but the added blind is super helpful for knight. Mighty Shield Slam flag charged debuff power Deliver a shield attack using all your might to consume all Stamina and scale damage with stamina spent. MIGHTY SHIELD SLAM inflicts 32 Damage Bonus per Stamina spent + 97% Crushing Weapon Damage to multiple enemies, pushing them back. While charging the attack you are considered Blocking. The attack is guaranteed to crit when more than 2/3rds charged. ----------------------- I'm pretty sure the ether the description is wrong if the damage scaling is waaaay off. If it was 32 damage per stamina spent it would be a base hit, for me, of 2700 damage non-crit. But what it hits for, for draining alllll your resource pool as a knight, is 500-560 crit.... 2700 damage would be way too high, and 560 is absolutely and utterly useless for what its costing you. I have advanced gear too so yeah. I think a fair amount of damage for taking all stamina would be maybe 18-20 damage per stamina spent and it to actually work. Considering after you use that u basically spent your whole load in one move, now you'll be on the defensive till you get it back. ================= Knights base shield attack do little damage, which wouldn't matter if the knight was harder to lock down. But since they are like every other class and can get CC'd to death, with no burst mechanic and our only knock down being behind the 3rd string in a combo, it becomes aggravating when you can finally do something and its for 200 damage. To be fair in a 1v1 situation, I mostly do alright but don't always have that luxury. ================= Also the Ultimate Ability dosnt always pull everybody to you. Its broken like the chain grab. NOT as frequent but noticed ppl not being sucked to me in PvP but were taking damage from it. ================= The only other suggestion I might add because every other class has it and it seems really gimpy for knights, is a separate resource pool. Everyone has either pips, mana, rage or hate AND they have stamina. Ether reduce the cost of knights abilities by half or give us another resource pool like everyone else. I feel like we should have a separate resource pool for blacking specifically.
  2. Guess I should have mentioned I'm talking about this patch. Thanks for clarifying. What's the best in your opinions this patch?
  3. Since knights seem to lack the in combat sustainability they need to come back when they're down, in your opinion guys, what are the best solo roaming builds? I feel like Juggernaut is probably a must for the heal when knocked down or stunned and a cc immunity. And after that what? Banshee for haunt? Arcane Archer for root and speed? Or maybe scarecrow or mole Hunter? And I still leaves minor runes. Also I'm asking this question being a monster, so no luxury and having an extra passive and power slot built in racial.
  4. If you were one of the poor unfortunate souls like myself who train in the monster tree skill "personal damage modifier" then you days as a monster are over. For now This talent actually greatly increases damage done to you. It is broken and after talking with support, who asked Q&A said: I chatted with QA and got a better understanding of the problem, sorry for the confusion! It's something that the QA folks and the engineers are aware of and are working on. It shouldn't require a full skill wipe to fix. Thanks! Jack So just hold tight. And hopefully we get a fix soon. P.S. my title was made under the wrong idea. Miss read what support sent me. Thought he said it would require a wipe. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Thank you for the response, I appreciate it. Keep up the hard work.
  6. Stop wasting time in your EK. Jump on EU. Free harvesting. If you want to join us, I have tons of points in Harvesting leadership, make an order and let me know.
  7. On the bright side it gave me an idea on how to peacefully Farm nodes.
  8. Last night the server lag on crowfall was God awful getting as high as 5000 MSG at one point. A weak point would disappear between one swing of a tool. I figured when the North American servers went down and they were resetting it to address the issue but there was no word. And then I realized that they were down for a long period of time and when they came back up there were only up for a little bit for me and then they went down again. I woke up this morning just to do my skills before I went to work and realized in North America servers were still down cuz I can only see the EU. Is it only me having this issue or is a lot of people having this issue? And if so what's going on?
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