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  1. Heyyyyyyyy i pressed a button and it took me to a thing and I typed words.
  2. drazdon

    Goon Squad

    i've already been banned from posting twice and was forced to submit an apology in order to post again back when we didnt even know what crowfall was. goons4lyfe
  3. Fan of 2 swords (swords not daggers...) and a short bow or long bow... mobile play style rush in slash slash slash... back hop or roll and fire an arrow... but also snipe from really far away... good at blending in with nature... basically rangers should be master class everything else is gimp. we win fight over.
  4. Ranger falling under specialist gives me hope that they'll be alot more of a traditional "Ranger" in which they are the most combat hardened warriors out there... dual wielding, two handers, bows, whatever they can do it and with speed. At least that's my opinion on what i hope they'll be... either way i like the back story and will sign on.
  5. went against my initial thought of not wanting to back a game so far away... but i did it.. glad to be apart of this.
  6. Jtodd said they aren't revealing crowdfunding/alpha at the countdown marker.. or maybe it was just alpha i forget ill double check the devtracker.... What's wrong with is has been pointed out in alot of other posts... Granted im not totally against it.. i just think it can be flawed to an extreme extent, in the sense that people will back a game that dosn't come to fruition. Which Godus was not the first game for that to happen to through crowdfunding... Also with crowdfunding you run the risk of giving your support.... and then not seeing anything for a few years.. Which at this point from their talented art team and developers it dosnt look so much like they need crowdfunding to hire talented staff, but more so to acquire marketing and resources etc... which would be handled a lot easier via a few strong investors in MY opinion Presenting a strong business model is the key to getting investors... and I think Artcraft has it. Going through kickstarter to me has always just felt in some cases a little like game companies making promises and taking advantage of some gamers who aren't as market savy and don't really know what to expect from the outcome. But thats all just my opinion... I really am looking forward to the game, and will probably support them via crowdfunding if everything at the final drop satisfys my taste buds.
  7. So long as we stay away from crowd funding (just because of a billion reasons and recent events *cough* peter mulanyxu *cough*), I am very excited for this pricing model. And continue to look forward to the big reveal.
  8. My guess as well. I'll pledge if there's alpha access involved. And a cool artbook... the artbook is a must for at least one level!
  9. In other news.... The idea in regards to the alignment of the "planets" "shards" "servers" whatever we're calling them... is really great and would be an awesome idea if they were on a good cycle.
  10. I don't think he's speaking in reference to those people that are just like "i hate this game its poop" I think he's more referring to your need to respond to everyone's posts and coming off like you somehow always have an answer to everything... Even though you know just as much about the game as everyone else here.... We're all excited to see what develops... Im not big on negativity either.. But you're coming off a little bit too " I HAVE A GREEN NAME LOOK AT WHAT I'M SAYING IT'S MORE IMPORTANT". No offense... just something i've noticed not just from you... but from alot of Comm Mod's on unreleased games now and in the past.
  11. He does those bold declarations alot.. get used to it.
  12. It originally mentioned "WASD" controls and was ninja edited by artcraft to reflect the current statement. Of that I assure you.
  13. I think people avoid reading F.A.Q's because they think it's not going to give them real info on the game... well this isn't an FAQ at your doctors office.... read it.... you'll learn everything you've be FREQUENTLY ASKING as a QUESTION......
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