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  1. Yea, I didn't completely flesh out the idea just throwing things that pop into my head for consideration and critique. The original post is here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/662-roughly-24-archetypes-can-you-name-that-many/?p=14127 Take a look but I was thinking a class just because I was thinking a "political archetype" would be great. Mainly work on reputations with different NPC factions and possibly control factions for said players guild but then as you said a single class may not work. So maybe it's tied to guild permissions or who knows. I still think a
  2. I like the idea of the hunger resistance. Specifically when used as a means to control zergs as well as attacking/defending forces. These seem like really great mechanics for food. Lets be clear, EQ1 had a "hunger" system, which when hungry all regeneration (HP + MANA) was slowed to an absolute crawl. A system like this, where improved to a point where it affects attackingdefending/seiging would be absolutely perfect. I agree it needs to not be annoying or too grindy. Maybe a system where a guild/group/community controls an area of land. Members can then create their own homes/
  3. This idea of no loot does sounds quite interesting. The models we saw in the released photo do give the impression that you choose a character or archetype and that's it, no real customization. Now we know there are 2 pages to the character creation process, so there could easily be more character customization there but the idea of no loot is interesting. It would worry me, if there is no loot in the simple fact that many MMORPG's are setup to grind gear and to not have any gear would surely be a shock to some gamers system. However, taking out a ge
  4. These two posts I think express the issue with Full loot perfectly well. If you want full loot + equipment, then making or getting equipment, even the best stuff, can't be a week long process. It needs to be short and relatively easy to replace that equipment. If getting equipment is even a bit of a challenge, than I would agree with haliit that we need some system that allows us to lock a certain amount of gear from being looted. The main issue being, that the death penalty can't be so harsh that it discourages PVP or risk of any kind. However it needs to be harsh enough that it p
  5. Being skeptical is always a very healthy thing in the gaming industry and even more so when it comes to MMORPG's. I have the same issues, even though I still throw out ideas and speculate on what Crowfall could be. I know I've spent the past 2 decades waiting on games to release and looking for that ever allusive "Perfect Game" and have come up short every time. Going through all of that, I feel, has some what trained me how to deal with this issue. I definitely enjoy theory crafting about upcoming games and putting in suggestions but I also understand that each game isn't desig
  6. This is really a hard one to answer because it really depends on the game. If this is going to be a "solo" game where just about any class can kill/heal/absorb dmg then I go with what I voted for, which is action combat with a hotbar. I like the idea of aiming attacks and being able to maneuver easily, especially if most of the time I will be fighting alone because the PVE or "standard" way of playing is solo. However, if we are going for a more social and player interaction game with class interdependency and grouping being the primary route to progressing (my preference), then I wo
  7. Well I don't think gear should be the best route to making your character more powerful. I do believe player skill should determine how successful you are in battle while gear, to a lesser degree, affects that as well but not as much as player skill. Overall I voted for looting inventory but not equipped gear. Personally I don't mind full loot but sometimes it makes folks so worried about losing things that it removes the PVP from the game except when talking about the extremely wealthy or folks who have multiple sets of gear. I'm good with having some of your inventory looted if you
  8. I voted for the social response. I always like systems that allow the players to police themselves, so that was what I voted for. However I would easily go to the Hard punishment merely because you cant always give players the control. At times they will find ways to exploit that system as well and then you could have bans for no reason or players being harassed by the system. In the end, you can't always give control to the players for some things and I think chating/hacking/botting bans, while I think the community would do best to police themselves, are most likely something best handle
  9. A Healer or Tank is pretty much my typical Go-too's. There is always room for a support or range DPS but in the end Healer or Tank is really what I choose. Everything else doesn't really need to be specific, as long as I get to ensure my group makes it through whatever type of encounter it is is all I care about.
  10. From the character creation screen that was release yesterday, I was a bit worried of more of a MOBA playstyle and design than something more traditional. For instance the different classes all seem to be pictures of specific characters, which would promote the MOBA idea, in my eyes. However, you look at the stats associated with the character and that makes you think it would be more of a traditional style, in my eyes. In the end, I truly hope for a traditional style gameplay and progression system. I'm more interested in being able to make my character anyway I want, even if I end up
  11. I have to agree with the idea of the only story line is created by the players. Especially if this is a seiging/pvp game, than it is literally ripe and built for it. Whether it's a guild pride thing or a realm pride thing, let us make the story not the other way around. I wouldn't be against a single story line that you can follow if you so choose, but any story should be about the players.
  12. Well I would love to see a whole host of different unique races. For instance, to harken back to my Shadowbane days, Where are the Minotaurs? I mean seriously, talk about one of the races that has been in human history forever and we rarely see them in games. Anyway, list is below, enjoy: Minotaurs Cyclops Werewolves (or any other animal really, werebats, wereducks, wererabbits!) Ogre Troll
  13. I have no idea what types of archetypes they are creating however I can say what I would like to see: 1.) Crafting Archetype - Primary gameplay is gathering resources and crafting items. Would love it if crafters were the ones that made the houses/forts/castles/garrisons as well as the siege weapons. Primarily for team PVP/PVE and seiging. Hopefully more than 1 crafting archetype but not necessarily 1 for each discipline. Combinations would be good, for instance 1 crafter class, can have primary and secondary crafts that they can fully learn out of choices of 5-8 and be able to choose
  14. I'm hoping that the "Warmth Conversion" and "Hunger Resistance" are both for a dangerous world as well as sieging forts/castles/garrisons and the like. Overall we can make tons of guesses and will just have to wait to be told, but this is my hopes for these stats.
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