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  1. Due to the current spawning issues I wanted to post a guide on how to farm leather for you guys who would like to fully test all of the leather crafting during this current test since PvP is down. I went around for about 2 hours earlier doing the following things and ended up being able to harvest nearly 100 leather between boars and hellcats. First I scout the area and find a Hellcat charger spawn like this one. Continue to scout the area and try and find a Boar Den or as srathos likes to call them "Thickets" they look like this. At this point you will w
  2. No. The progression seems good. Can't wait for the mass production in the crafting tree! Ready to craft everything!
  3. A nascent commercial quantum computer has arrived at Los Alamos and may solve certain problems with such astonishing speed that it would be like pulling answers out of a hat. Quantum computers have long been on the horizon as conventional computing technologies approach their physical limits. While general-purpose quantum computers remain on the horizon for the time being, a special kind of quantum computer already exists and could be a game changer for simulation and computing tools in support of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s mission of stockpile stewardship without nuclear testing. I
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