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  1. Hey everyone, I'm starting a new job, so pretty much all my time is taken up with the transition and start-up for the time being. In a few weeks once everything is settled, ill try to hop into a game with you all, whatever you are playing at the time. Cheers! p.s. I'm still stoked for Crowfall
  2. Shadowfang, in response to your post about upgrading, I'm very tempted myself to do the same. Crowfall and it's whole concept has me pulled in hook, line and sinker.
  3. Im pretty certain that Ill roll with a Druid. The concept has me excited enough, as long as the promotion classes aren't too stereotypical or humdrum
  4. Hey guys, been really busy over Easter, just swooped in to say Hi! Love the female Ranger concept art, the detail is superb. I also just watched the city siege tactics video today, and tbh, I was expecting something different, though I can see that what they are saying is that the outcome wont always be what you expect if the underdogs are tactically aware, and can force a win through cunning and guile. I also agree that the more info they release, the more and more it whets my appetite for the game. Will try to hop onto TS this coming weekend to say Hi to you all.
  5. Ohh yeah, the Madame of the brothel has just got to be a confessor, hopefully with branding irons for weapons haha Ill probably lean toward a support class, Druid more than likely at this early stage. Hopefully as they are promoted, there will be a subclass that kind of resembles a necromancer, but not in the truest sense of the description. Perhaps subclasses will take their power from nature both alive and dead, that's what id like to see. Looking at the early druid concept art, she has a nice collection of animal skulls
  6. You could have 'The Inquisitor's Hot Iron' 'The Druid's Dark Forest'
  7. Nice! How about: Tank and Spank The Potion of Resist Disease (The cleanest whorehouse in all the Eternal Kingdoms) Knight Out Inn Champions Rest The Duelist's Pistol The Confessor's Sins The Farewell Kiss
  8. It was good to meet some of you in TS, and I felt very comfortable and at home right off the bat. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  9. Congratulations ACE. I'm really looking forward to see what your vision brings, and watching the game unfold.
  10. Haha, love it! So excited to be a part of this game at kickstarter level, and hitting all of those stretch goals was incredible. I'm even more excited to be part of what is becoming increasingly more apparent to me, a very organised and motivated guild. Looking forward to the journey to Crowfall live. Cheers!
  11. Hi KoS, I'd very much like to be a part of your guild when Crowfall arrives. Read a few of Nakawe's posts in the EK info drop, and I agree that a lot of people are missing the point altogether when it comes to only committing to one aspect of the game and forgoing other playstyles because they do not fit their (often pvp only) vision of what the game should be. Anyway, Gold pledge member here, in the UK, so GMT. Ill try and hop on TS3 over the weekend and say Hi! Cheers!
  12. Gordon Walton, ArtCraft president and executive producer said, “Crowfall isn’t a game for everyone. I guess that swings both ways?
  13. Once I drop a Parcel, what can I do with it? You can build on it. As the World is divided into cells, each Parcel is divided into “Lots.” You drop buildings and props onto Lots the same way you drop Parcels into cells. You can also grant Lots to other players -- just like the World Owner granted a province to you. (In fact, we use the same system at both the micro and macro level!) A 1x1 parcel of land is divided into many lots. On this grid of lots, some areas will be marked as “open” and others will be marked as “blocked” (meaning that you cannot place buildings there).
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