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  1. For me in Europe I thought that the maps had a good size in dregs, we just didn't have enough people present If we have only one dregs for everyone I understand that the maps are bigger
  2. it reminds me a bit of hot zones in the spirit (even if it's not a dungeon) but I would like something harder where you have to group to farm the mobs and you can't do it solo Only one dungeon per campaign or 2 to be forced to fight to control it and farm with your guild So there would be a real interest to form a raid to fight for its control
  3. which map ? I find that in dregs the size of the maps are good but need more people to make it interesting. Have even bigger maps in dregs now we will not cross anyone 😆
  4. Merchant Pack Pigs are only mounts skin you can find in the shop too and i can't say if it's woth for you, it depends on your use the most interesting in this pack are the shire parcel (15000 cro alone) and the manor (18000 cro alone). the mount are pretty easy to get ^^it's not worth buying for the mounts, the mounts are only interesting for the skin if you want only mounts i think it's better to buy a cheaper pack and mounts separately ^^ only you can say if you find it interesting to buy an expensive pack 😄
  5. 2 imports^^ 1 import = 1 item ^^
  6. bigger aoe ? 😵🤯 play with someone who can cc, synchronize with them and bomb when they cc
  7. no need in GR, it could be interesting the day a faction campaign starts you can join the community discord to find people to play with https://discord.gg/ESr5KPj
  8. you can't separate them once you have crafted
  9. I think that it is necessary to think differently, rather to choose the class then to make according to the race and not the opposite ^^but otherwise for the fae like the frost frostguard and the assassin cutthroat
  10. love it too i love this style and I can listen to this coundtrack for a long time
  11. yeah a guildmate shows me that, it's why i don't know if there is the same for graves ^^
  12. There are mother lode graves? If yes, what does it look like? I'm asking this because the Mother Lode stat is present in the Grave Digging stats and I've never seen one yet
  13. you talk about the grassland parcel ? if yes, you can't put any building on it, you need to upgrade it normaly to have token for a building ^^
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