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  1. Helix everybody can get resources up to T5 without risk. Tests start monday 29.06.2015 CEST (German time)
  2. Breaking Benjamin - Breaking the Silence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OruePOXYvQ
  3. Nice changes but require a lot of balancing, hope it all will work out!
  4. You can play solo as well but at some point you might want to join a guild as it opens more opportunities. There are lots of guilds I bet you could find some nice people there =)
  5. Yes but it's better to join a guild becuase it's much more difficult to play solo.
  6. So there's been a lot of changes since last alpha and finally we've got next and last alpha tests before closed beta! Summer Alpha tests starts 29.06.2015 Register here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSZpze0TZHk
  7. Eve has a persistent gameworld, no time-limited campaigns, so there cannot be unlimited character progression because only players who joined the campaign from the very beginning would have a tremendous advantage. Besides Crowfall is not all about character progression and levels like other mmorpgs.
  8. Cool ideas but I hope they won't overdo the physics...
  9. Not much really... Sometimes LoL, GW2 waiting fo HoT, also waiting for Albion Online summer alpha in a few weeks.
  10. Small and medium weight. But I think it's like about speed/agility vs pure strength, everything has its weakness.
  11. Looks interesting, but how knight could pull legionnaire?
  12. Expected different stretch goals but it's good to hear Crowfall is expanding to new locations ^^
  13. Congrats, what's the next goals? ;D
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