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  1. 20 hours ago, Soulreaver said:

    Also add : 

    • Different tone colors on the diamonds indicating where your allies are, colors matching the tone of color around their group frame.
    • Give group member different color tones

    I like the 360 bearing telling my group enemies at 220 bearing. Instead of over there by the big rock by me. 

  2. 29 minutes ago, krevra said:

    I feel like Crowfall would benefit from a downstate similar to Albion Online or Darkfall. Look its full loot pvp and you can lose even your vessel or receive a bunch of damage to it, i think it makes sense for Crowfall to have this mechanic.  Hard to revive easy to finish.

    Also leadership tree is super strong in general.

    I don't know if you played darkfall or not but who ever has can tell anyone. It wasn't that bad of a mechanic. It was way better than gw2. You couldn't do anything while down. Also it gives you the option to gank or give someone mercy. I killed plenty of n00bs for laughs but I would revive them after and tell them to be more careful.

  3. Yea but if one of your healers go down let's say. You wouldn't want a. Opportunity to fight for the body and push another group back to get a revive off? Wouldn't be so bad since most classes have a cc. In taking about 10 secs to revive someone. More than enough to get a cc to cancel it. Similar to darkfall gank system which wasn't one sided at all. Player goes down. Fight over body. Get revive off or die trying. The other team could docus aoe. So it goes both ways.Down state would include you absolutely need a teammate to revive you. You can not revive on your own like gw2.


    Edit: Killing the person who killed you does not instantly revive the person. You must simple channel the ability. You must channel the Gank as well.

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