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  1. Not all, I made 2 orbs, a sword and a bow with no issue.
  2. Wow! So I get that these weapons were getting way too good of PCM but +1.6-2 PCM is going a bit extreme. Who is going to use a weapon that cost 160% more resource? I have a good skill and focused on PCM, best I got was 1.603. I believe basic weapons have better PCM than these. Hopefully, this wasn't intentional and will be fixed soon. Move back a decimal or something, I've stopped making these for now. Anyone similar results?
  3. I said I'd post my findings but I didn't really try anything new. With the nerf to pots and fix on exp points I wasn't able to get the results I used to have. I had 11 pips and each one seemed to be directly proportional to the risk factor percent... did I say that right? So 6 pips gave me 56% risk if I recall. Anyway, I had been ignoring assembly since pots covered that nicely... guess what I'm training now That pretty much ended my crafting nd/or playing for the weekend.
  4. I'll let you know what I find. I was under the impression that the experimentation effects your risk in some way, so you could get it below the pip/pip used ratio. I have pips maxed out and experimentation as well as experimentation armor and weapon/shield. We shall see.
  5. No sure about that, I will have to test it when I get in tonight but I get my risk down to 4.?(can't remember)% I get 17 pips so this number should be 5.8% but regardless it's making more sense. I'm excited to try this out.
  6. Still a little unsure here. What is the prerequisite, to use half or more of your pips? 50% or more risk? or both? Eh... w/e like I said, something to log in for this weekend. Thanks all for the insight.
  7. So it needs to be over 50% risk for this to work?
  8. Well, now I got a reason to log on this weekend!
  9. Well, you can by putting the pips into multiple lines so 5 in keen and 4 in durability or something but I just didn't think it was working. As this worked for anyone even at lower pip levels? Can you confirm it works? Also, why are you saying less than 50% risk? Does it need to be under 50% risk for it to work? Sorry for these questions I just thought this was a myth.
  10. Is that true? have you tested this? I find it hard to believe that I'd have to spend 9 pips for the extra 50%. I currently have 17 pips to use
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