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  1. Not for me it isn't. I like the added creativity it allows and honestly I've found that having to work around obstacles for me at least makes my rp stronger. I can only hope that it turns out that way for you as well.
  2. Shifting loyalties? Another example that doesn't agree with that. Idk, this just seems so easy to me. To each his/her own I guess. I'll be playing a "good aligned" balance character, who's either a Ranger, Knight, Confessor or Templar so he'll look fairly similar each time if not the same if possible. I'll be playing into his immortality. "Well when you can't die you just focus yourself to learn new things, even better is when I can learn things to help save people. Though I prefer to look the same when I'm switching around. Tried being a hamster once, yeah not for me. Couldn't take the fleas. Besides no matter what my coat looks like, I still wanna wrap m'sleeves around something pretty at night, Now then, why don't y'sit down and have some of that meal m'made over there while I take a look at y'bow here." Sometimes he'll craft and cook (I want to have a shop - Swords & Smorgasbords) sometimes he'll fight. I just need a good balance heavy rp guild to join up with that he can be loyal to.
  3. There are so many ways to do this right with established examples, the old tv show Quantum Leap, the movie "What Dreams May Come." This really isn't hard at all.
  4. The swarthy bearded ranger looked over to the boy getting himself up from the table. He made a gesture to a nearby server and ordered the boy a bowl of the days best dish and a mug of fine mead. The black coated wolf looked over to yawn before looking back up to the earth coloured ranger who sweetly scratched behind its ears. The rangers eyes were as green as polished emeralds and his face carried a not typical look of the known worlds that many Crows tended to come from as he looked more what would be assumed a jungle or desert world. Any highly experienced Crow around would know that he was from one of the more exotically populaced worlds but that his clothing would indicate that he was quite comfortable wearing heavier leathers and fabrics and despite his visage he did not look out of place. He gave the boy a nod when the food arrived at the young man's table and nodded to the old man with a warm smile of respect. His eyes looked over the woman with the dagger skill and continued on with a complete lack of emotion - nothing to give her attention to himself but of casual disinterest as he sighed at the fat man she threatened with a quick death over his error. One of the bar maids came over to him with a bowl of stew and coffee thanking him while paying him for the haul of game he brought in. The brunette giving him a giggle as he gave her a sly flirting joke about keeping her warm later on that night. She gave him a playful wink and continued her duties.
  5. I'm an rp-pvper who likes the EK's. Will most of my time be spent in CW's? Sure, but I have lots of rper friends who won't touch a CW so I will have a nice place for them to craft awesome stuff for me in. Plus while you all are going on constantly battling in CW's I will be returning to my EK sometimes to have parades thrown in my honor.
  6. Amaziah sat in the corner with Abyss his black wolf and just observed all. He simply drank his tea and fed the wolf several scraps of venison from his plate along with a few hardboiled eggs. Looking outside a nearby window afterwards while rubbing the head of his quiet companion watching the view outside. He lit a pipe its smoke smelling like that of chocolate cake and strawberries. Puffing it as he watched the outside preoccupied. When he heard someone ask for a Balance he simply smiled softly but did not turn his head from the window.
  7. - Forum/Profile Name: Amaziah Aryeh - Preferred "Crow" Name. Amaziah Aryeh - Guild Affiliation : None as of yet, but seeking a balance good guild that leans more towards Neutral Good - If you will or will not be actively participating in Campaign Worlds & PVP : Will be in Campaign worlds for sure - General Alignment: Balance
  8. It doesn't bother me at all. I'll happily be taking a Quantum Leap approach
  9. I can't wait! Thanks for the reveal as this is right up my alley!
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