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  1. I doubt I will either, but I will throw in an app anyways. You never know. It has been a blast to stream thus far. I know I have made some viewers happy!
  2. I won't be able to cover this testing session today since it is during work hours, but I will be back for tomorrow's action from 8 to 10 CST! http://www.twitch.tv/iSublimity
  3. My stream will be up again tonight for the 8 to 10 PM CST combat testing session. Feel free to check out my archived broadcasts from yesterday at my Twitch channel. www.twitch.tv/iSublimity
  4. Thanks for getting my stream set up on TD for me warcrimes! http://twitch.tv/iSublimity
  5. Once you get timing and movement down, they are quite good. A very high burst archetype that gets rewarded if spells are lined up well.
  6. Here is the second round of pre-alpha combat testing from today! http://www.twitch.tv/isublimity/v/14959951 ​ Stay tuned for more! I also appreciate the feedback, you guys made it especially enjoyable and interactive today!
  7. Stream up! Won two games last session as a CONFESSOR! http://twitch.tv/iSublimity Follow for more Crowfall action in the future! Broadcasts are being archived!
  8. Here is my archived broadcast from today's first testing session. http://www.twitch.tv/isublimity/v/14908479 Don't mind the title of​ it, I forgot to change it before I went live. Remember to follow for ​more Crowfall streams! I will be live again tonight from 5 to 7 CST. ​
  9. Broadcast from first session today has been archived on my Twitch page. Don't mind the title of it, I forgot to change it before I went live. I think you guys will enjoy it, especially you CONFESSORS. We even had a couple of wins! =) http://www.twitch.tv/isublimity/v/14908479 Remember to drop the follow on my channel for more Crowfall streams! I will be on again covering the 5 to 7 CST event. ​
  10. Come show your boy some love! twitch.tv/iSublimity
  11. Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder, I will be live streaming the pre-alpha combat testing events today from 12 to 2 CST and 5 to 7 CST. Please drop by my Twitch channel and say hello, drop a follow, and have fun! I will be archiving my stream on my channel in past broadcasts just in case you miss the live stream! www.twitch.tv/iSublimity Also, this probably wouldn't be a bad place for others to get their streams out there as well for more viewing perspectives!
  12. I have still not received the email with the client download and the testing starts in an hour. Anyone else running in to this issue?
  13. I will also be live streaming on Twitch tomorrow as well during the Pre-alpha combat testing sessions from noon to 2 CDT and 5 to 7 CDT. Feel free to stop by, say hello, and drop a follow! Twitch.tv/iSublimity
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