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  1. I'd love to see the mmo start as a pvp zone where players have to build onto a small parcle of map and when players do add a significant portion onto the world map then will crow-fall developers start adding towns and npcs, mobs chests whatever.
  2. I like your ideas on this. but in the past banning shows no results without some sort of investment in the bot aside from creation time (the 50$ dollar investment @Blazzen). And people sleep or go have fun doing other things ( at some point go offline) so murdering group squads would prove ineffective during those hours. The campaigns would create a challenge depending on how many severs wide the campaigns are. overall I'm not trying to shoot down everyone ideas I just want this not to be a problem before it becomes one. Because once it is a problem it's far far far too late.
  3. well that's for early access will there still be a box price once the game has been fully released?
  4. Bots have ruined many of my favorite games. And popularity of a game only increases the chance of mass bot production. So what if any plans did Crowfall have to combat the bot epidemic? one possible solution would be to have accounts have a creation fee but seems more like a speed bump rather than a wall.
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