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  1. Damn, I almost wish I hadn't found this. Personal disaster kept me from grabbing the sapphire package back in December so I missed out on some stuff. Ah well. IRL > Online Anything, so it's not exactly the end of the world!
  2. I always think it's a good omen if the first time I go onto a new MMO's forum I find a meme thread like this. Back in The Secret World is was that there was no Clockwork Society, and here I've found this JamesGoblin fellow. Delightful.
  3. Saved up and nabbed the sapphire package because I've always wanted to splurg on a worthy project before (was planning on grabbing it last December, but personal disasters and all that), and I am a sucker for any thing that lets you build your own area, along with my friends (We adore Rift's dimensions for example), and I couldn't pass up a chance to get a cathedral to Hero. Looking forward to the test this weekend (though I'm unsure if I'm allowed in or not yet since I'm Alpha 1? I probably have to wait till a later test, ah well, will give the system more time to grind through skills).
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