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  1. Good point. As neat an idea as it would be to upgrade the compass with stuff in the skill trees, I think basic UI stuff shouldn't be one of them. And I really hope they'll eventually give us a cartography skill set so we can actually make maps and sell them. That's the kind of niche I want.
  2. Generally it's easier to scale numbers up than it is to ratchet them down. But otherwise Weebles has it pretty much right.
  3. Have to agree, if something isn't fun, it should be stripped out a game. Do not put in necessary chores into a game just because you feel it's necessary for balance. You can find other ways to balance it without worrying about that. That said, I also agree that favoring one archetype over another is a bad idea, but more resource sinks is rarely a bad decision provided they're backed up with better rewards for the higher risk from sunk cost problems. Now, a big issue is that crafting minigames either have to be robust enough to -remain- interesting (Puzzle Pirates did this), or they have to be dead simple and not tedious at all, there's not really a middle ground. And making crafting minigames of any sort robust enough to not lead to boredom is one of the hardest things to achieve, there's a reason minigames usually suck in most games, there's a reason they got replaced with quicktime events in a lot of cases (even if quicktime events suck, they suck less than most tedious minigames in otherwise fine games). To make them good, you have to dedicate significant effort to MAKING them good. Puzzle Pirates was literally nothing -except- puzzle games, so it was very easy for them to make crafting into puzzles where the number of points you scored determined how much progress you made in the crafting of an item. That might not be possible for Crowfall, just because of the resources they would need to pour into the minigames to make them robust enough to be interesting. In which case, it's better to make them boring, rather than make them tedious, which is the only thing worse than being boring. At least boring things tend to be over quickly and don't require you to struggle with them overly much, tedious things are both boring -and- difficult/timeconsuming. Given the resources that Ace can throw at stuff, I think it's wise the side their erring on. That said, they could always just jack the crafting system from minecraft/the secret world, which is based around placing stuff in patterns as well as having the right resources, and then just remove the entire system of even putting stuff into slots and hitting a button. Want to assemble a new vessel? Get your refined parts all into their right positions in the grid then hit the craft button! Change their positions to get different results! (necromancy is a bad example of this, but it makes more sense with say, blacksmithing, it'd be especially cool with rune crafting, getting the right materials, into the right spots, in the right pattern)
  4. I'd say 2 hits, not 3. Three is easy to avoid, but 2 is a case of somebody can get in a single swing on the sucker because the dodge happened mid-swing, and if they just keep brainlessly swinging by clicking over and over with left-mouse they'll pay for it.
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