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  1. Good point. As neat an idea as it would be to upgrade the compass with stuff in the skill trees, I think basic UI stuff shouldn't be one of them. And I really hope they'll eventually give us a cartography skill set so we can actually make maps and sell them. That's the kind of niche I want.
  2. I'd say if guilds could do it, then we could also make it into a method of campaign.
  3. Generally it's easier to scale numbers up than it is to ratchet them down. But otherwise Weebles has it pretty much right.
  4. Not a bad idea, but that system could risk becoming tedious overtime. Remember, folks have to do this over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Somebody is going to be making like, 20 breastplates on commission for example.
  5. That would actually be pretty rad. I am -still- super salty about the bait and switch they pulled with Landmark and Everquest Next.
  6. Liking the idea of this, but what should the minigame be? How do we make it in depth enough to keep things interesting, but not take so long that crafters aren't able to do their job without dedicating large spans of time to get a simple thing done?
  7. Have to agree, if something isn't fun, it should be stripped out a game. Do not put in necessary chores into a game just because you feel it's necessary for balance. You can find other ways to balance it without worrying about that. That said, I also agree that favoring one archetype over another is a bad idea, but more resource sinks is rarely a bad decision provided they're backed up with better rewards for the higher risk from sunk cost problems. Now, a big issue is that crafting minigames either have to be robust enough to -remain- interesting (Puzzle Pirates did this), or they
  8. See, that's a good point, but if somebody goes around shouting about how they do it, how they're multiboxing? Then I think they'll -probably- take action. And for me, it's a violation of the mechanical limits they've set up. I'm not saying they're going to be out hunting for it and cracking down on it specifically, I'm saying that if you go around being obvious and a jerk about it, they're probably going to not take kindly to that. And hey, maybe I'm wrong, I admit I'm a whoooole lot more carebearish than most folks around here. I just think that if they set up mechanics deliberatel
  9. Ah, no I had completely forgotten that part from when I read it. Thanks for bringing it up! That's very true, it is possible, but I was getting from his understanding that all of the currently planned campaigns would work when victory conditions were met, at the moment, the only 'close the campaign' that has been listed has been by the passage of time, not by a victory condition, given the whole hunger/seasons mechanic in place. And there's a difference between what was going on in that video, and somebody multiboxing and subverting the spirit of the game's mechanics to feed inform
  10. I don't doubt you, but none of those games, to my knowledge, set up the system to deliberately make it difficult for one person to play multiple characters on a single server to my knowledge. This one does, that suggests that if you're overt about it, the Mods are going to bring down the hammer. Otherwise they'd have set up the game to allow you to run multiple alts in a single server. From what I can see, they're not setting this game up to be utterly brutal, this isn't a true sandbox like EVE is where the only rules are those the players can enforce by force. There are some effor
  11. I'd say 2 hits, not 3. Three is easy to avoid, but 2 is a case of somebody can get in a single swing on the sucker because the dodge happened mid-swing, and if they just keep brainlessly swinging by clicking over and over with left-mouse they'll pay for it.
  12. I think you're not quite getting how campaigns work. There's 4 levels of campaigns. God's Reach: (3 way faction pvp between order, chaos, and balance, whatever the way of earning points, the job of Balance is make sure that neither order or chaos have more than a certain lead on the others to win), then you have the Infected, which is 12 factions, one for each god. Then you have the Shadow, which is every Guild for itself, then you have the Dregs, which will be FFA. Each one of these will probably have 2 or 3 campaigns going on, each with a different set of objectives for what qua
  13. See I don't disagree with you there! Resources totally -should- funnel players towards pvp, and they will, just to different degrees. And the thing is, factions in the game aren't going to go with a "You're not flagged while in friendly territory" option like in say, WoW, or any other modern themepark MMO, and I absolutely agree, that sorta thing would ruin the game. The factions just allow you to avoid friendly fire and to know that "Hey, my side controls -most- of the area around here, I'm -probably- not going to run into any of the enemy". For more valuable resources? The players will
  14. That's fine then, you'll be horribly inefficient at it and I'm pretty sure if you're caught they'll just IP ban you straight up because they seem to be pretty down on unsportsmanship like behavior. If you're caught multiboxing or playing spies between factions with multiple characters rather than working to be a deep cover agent on a single campaign, you're -probably- going to be burned by the terms of service. I don't disagree that it'll happen, I just disagree that the Devs are going to encourage it. They already seem to be going above and beyond trying to stop unsportsmanlike behavior with
  15. Dude, you're getting an entire set of servers -just for you-. It'll be fine. You'll have the hardest type of servers to fight on, getting the best resource qualities, and everything you need to go around terrorizing and fighting everyone you care to fight. It's called the Dregs. The testing realms can have freaking factions because they need to test those too and it'll make it a lot easier for folks to test various stuff if they have SOME areas where they're not under constant threat of ganking. Well if you wanted to drop another $60 bucks on opening an entirely new account sinc
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