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  1. Pretty sure when we signed up for the alpha and beta we were asked to give input. Kraken gave input. Now why he's talking a big ole pile of socks about my class is another story i'll have to kick his butt for.
  2. Some of the most talented players I've ever had in my guild were 10-12 yearolds who played like no tomorrow. By the time they were 13-14 they were pretty much unstoppable in 1v1s and could easily 3v1 on most classes.
  3. Crafting skill tree will give you better odds. You need to start training those ASAP. I felt the same as you, but I didn't know about skill trees (lol) now that I'm researching them, which you can do while the game is down, everythings better. You can even mass produce things.
  4. I really, really, really, love this game. But if it ever goes P2W like archage did I'm out so fast. Enough of the P2W poorly made sockse. We need games where your skill matters and not how big mommy and daddies wallet is.
  5. Wouldn't that be P2W? Pay 15 a month and be able to craft and do mad DPS. No thanks, I'm fine with the archtypes because those don't matter as much, but being able to train 2 general skills at once would be P2W
  6. I absolutely love this game. It's nice and refreshing. The support staff is ungodly fast, pretty sure they're amped up on cocaine and crack because they NEVER sleep and always respond within an hour. It is pre alpha though and the canceled tests make me die a little on the inside, but it's what we signed up for. As someone moving over from Guild Wars 2 it's nice that devs actually listen and change the game based on what the playerbase wants. I think this will be GOTY when it comes out. Easily. Welcome to the game man, enjoy!
  7. I'll make sure to go extra slow;)
  8. Hello ancient one! To be perfectly honest, some of the best commanders I followed in guild wars 2 were retired grandparents. Pretty sure one guy had a heart attack and was back at it 2 days later. I don't believe what they say, you can teach an old dog new tricks! If you're excited about the game and play often I'm sure you'll find the combat isn't as fast as you may think and you'll do a lot better than you think too. Welcome aboard and if you have questions in game global chat is really helpful! See you around... and if I see you in game I'll go slow haha.
  9. I knew I should have lurked more, thanks.
  10. When will crowfall go nonstop play instead of weekends only? Last weekend was my first weekend in game, so just curious O:-)
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