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  1. WNxCrowfall

    No news?

    Here's to hoping for another caster comes after assy
  2. Pretty much agree with all the posters here, I think this would be a bad Idea for all the reasons already posted. I do appreciate the time you took to make a very detailed post so I'm not gonna flame you, but honestly this game is trying to set itself apart from most of the ideas you mentioned. The only implementation I would like is In EKs where a guild could build an arena and have 1v1 and 5v5 games,
  3. I second this I actually was just coming here to post the same exact thing. I am playing in 1280x720 on a 52 inch tv and I have problems reading almost all the text unless I am right in front of it, and that's the whole reason I play on a big tv so I can relax in my bed or recliner and play. Also when I try to change my resolution it doesn't apply it just stays the same, and when I click fullscreen nothing happens and when I open my setting back up its rechecked.
  4. hello old friend not sure if you remember me check your recruitment thread for my info on my phone right now so its a bit hard to type. I also registered on the forums. if you dont im pretty sure cools will remember me

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