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  1. No news?

    Here's to hoping for another caster comes after assy
  2. I was just wondering...

    Pretty much this I and alot of the players that came here are wanting exactly this type of game, there is a reason for different rulesets. if your new to full loot pvp your first few CW should be the lower risk ones to get used to the game and once your a little more confident and ready come play with the big dogs. I have been dying for pvp loot without getting penalized for doing it since shadowbane and ultima died. I can't wait to take my first legendary item from someone that spent all that time making and the hate whispers that follows. I also can't wait to loose items to a good fight that had my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping.
  3. Snap Test

    Totally agree here, this isn't even alpha yet . I'm not sure how many of you have alpha or beta tested games but as someone who has had thier hat in almost every mmos beta and a handful of alphas I'm very surprised at how much they have accomplished so far. You really need to understand how much of a difference there is between an alpha test and beta test and then try to imagine what a pre-alpha entails. Honestly before this I have only seen a few pre-alphas open to the public paying or not. I am very thankful for all the hard work the team has put into this game and I plan on doing all I can to help find and fix bugs. Missing a weekend of testing due to a major glitch is expected hell if you think you were not upset not getting to play I only got 30 minutes in and this was my first weekend to since I bought the game. That being said I think the setup they have now is working well it's not like the playtest have been consistently cancelled from what I've heard and as another person mentioned here soon we'll have 24/7 servers so this won't be a worry much longer.
  4. To everyone saying that the assassin is a wow rogue, actually it is more like a shadowbane assassin than WoW rogue. Shadowbane also came before WoW so actually wow copied it and I'm sure shadowbane may have copied it from somewhere, but as stated from the begining this game will take alot from shadowbane so I'm very happy for this. Personally I really like the ideas so far and to those worrying about getting stun locked I'm pretty sure i read they will have cc immunity. It may not be the same but it might be like they did in shadowbane. In shadowbane if you got stunned or power blocked once it wore off you'd get an immunity 3x the length of the initial cc i.e. 1 sec stun 3 seconds of immunity 9 sec stun 27 second immunity. I know they said flight probably won't happen, but I'm really hoping that will be reconsidered. The way it added to shadowbanes pvp was one of my favorite abilities. I can't wait to play the assassin here's to hoping it gets released this weekend. Also having damage remove stealth is a good idea unless stealth has a very long cooldown or very short duration.

    Pretty much agree with all the posters here, I think this would be a bad Idea for all the reasons already posted. I do appreciate the time you took to make a very detailed post so I'm not gonna flame you, but honestly this game is trying to set itself apart from most of the ideas you mentioned. The only implementation I would like is In EKs where a guild could build an arena and have 1v1 and 5v5 games,
  6. UI Resolution / Text Readability

    I second this I actually was just coming here to post the same exact thing. I am playing in 1280x720 on a 52 inch tv and I have problems reading almost all the text unless I am right in front of it, and that's the whole reason I play on a big tv so I can relax in my bed or recliner and play. Also when I try to change my resolution it doesn't apply it just stays the same, and when I click fullscreen nothing happens and when I open my setting back up its rechecked.
  7. hello old friend not sure if you remember me check your recruitment thread for my info on my phone right now so its a bit hard to type. I also registered on the forums. if you dont im pretty sure cools will remember me

  8. [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

    hello my old shadowbane friends ;] I see a ton of old names that I had many fun years with in shadowbane. You may remember me as Ace, WNxAce, webedeadly(me and my friend irl thief and scout that terroized many guilds) or AceofSpades QueenofHearts,KingofSpades or any card name as such. I played on mourning, death and for the most part test server. I've been watching this game for a couple years but just recently was able to afford the game. Looking for some hardcore shadowbane pvpers to play with and this looks like the group with the most names i remember. So ya got a spot open for me?