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  1. This isn't a casual battle game. If you want that, play your overwatch, fortnite, or whatever. This is a niche game, not mass market. Do you want every game to be the same? I wouldn't be opposed to to a 1-2 year cap to enforce specialization, though. Also, I don't think combat should be a tree. I'd prefer something like Artisan (Crafting), Laborer (Gathering), Explorer (Tracking, Survival). That way, specialization is more for the economy. It's probably too late for that, though.
  2. I agree 100% that "bring an escort" is poor excuse for this problem. I don't think it works with the current scattered resources. Everyone's roaming the map. Fighters who are only looking for a bad guy to kill are slowed down by escorting. If gatherers feel like loot pinatas, they'll just quit. In the final product, I hope to see the high value resources in central locations. (forests, quarries, mines, graveyards, dens, etc) If all the gatherers are in a few pois, attackers will be attracted to them. So, friendlies looking to fight will also flock to the pois since that's where the e
  3. Why are you acting like it is the game's fault that you and your friend didn't coordinate? Luckily, new campaign starts soon. This is a pvp game, so they don't want players creating characters on the enemy team to spy or sabotage
  4. I get what you're saying, and the Blair post in the thread is encouraging, but this excuse isn't helpful. You can hand wave away any concern with the fact that we're playing pieces of a game. If the devs don't want our feedback, what are these forums for? Why have a weekly feedback thread? I can't test ACE's grand vision. I can only test what they give me. If it's not ready to test, don't make it available. I raised concerns about this issue because I feel it could drive new players away. Also, you have to go through it in the current game in order to get gear to test combat. If t
  5. I hope there's some catch up mechanism or way to speed up training by playing. Part of the problem is that so many skills are raw combat numbers increases. So, a player starting even 6 months behind is at a huge disadvantage to someone who started at launch, and they will never catch up since skills are time based. They are playing with a permanent handicap since they will always have smaller numbers. Some ideas I've thrown around: Skill trees are only for utility and unlocking new abilities. No raw combat increases. Training times may need to be longer since there's less fluff
  6. I said it in the last feedback thread, but I'll reiterate here. Pre-alpha is not a valid excuse for this complaint. It's a design decision to return nothing on failure. You should at least get some of the materials back if you fail a final combine. The individual components aren't that frustration, and it can make sense for them to be non-recoverable. Losing all that work on one dice roll will very quickly drive people from the game.
  7. I am also unsatisfied with the answer to harvesting. I'm not upset that I have to specialize. I'm concerned that it's going to take me 2 years to fully master just 1 of the 6 types of resources.
  8. See my first post in this thread. I don't want the bonuses gained by skill trees to be so large that VIP is considered p2w, but it is still worth enough that people pay. By balanced skill trees, I mean that being fully trained in harvesting a particular type of ore shouldn't give more than about 2x bonus, maybe 3x. That's enough of a bonus *in my personal opinion* to make skills mean something, but not enough to pigeonhole players into a particular role or discourage newbies. If the bonus gained by skills is smaller, the bonus of being VIP is smaller, but there's still enough of an advanta
  9. Proven by what? World of Warcraft is the 600lb Gorilla, and it's a sub game. Again, if microtransactions can sustain the game, that's awesome. I'm all for it. I'm just not convinced it's the best long term strategy, so I think encouraging subs is the way to go. I think that a 3x bonus might be too much, though. My personal preference is that skill trees are balanced such that this conversation is moot.
  10. Oh, I haven't done the math on the live skill tree numbers. I'm only 3 weeks into skill training. My numbers are what I think would be balanced. If this is the case, that's worrisome. I hope a guild doesn't need a specialist for each specific type of resource.
  11. What? I didn't say everyone had to pay for VIP. 20-25% sounds about right? I would think that the core players, the ones that are likely to be posting on this forum, would subscribe to vip *if* if was worth it. A slight edge would make it worth it, but if that edge is too high, you will scare of the B2P'ers. If all VIP offers is clown hats, I'll probably pass. So, my vote in this poll was yes with the caveat that I think a 1.5-2x boost to training speed would be better than being able to train 3 skills at once. If the game can survive on microtransactions, sweet. I'll take that, too.
  12. I’m coming into this thread a bit late, so sorry if this has already been covered. Hopefully the gap between skilled and unskilled accounts will not be wide enough for this to seriously matter. If someone who has trained deep into a tree is 100% efficient at killing/crafting/gathering, a new player or someone who is has a different specialization should hopefully still be operating at about 40-50%. If this gap is too wide, new players with no training are going to be useless, and they probably won’t bother to stick around for long. Maybe, players will be encouraged to train broadly instead
  13. Beta hasn't started. My estimates had ~1 year of beta. Those dates are my personal expectations, nothing official. I'd also love to see the game launch sooner, but game development isn't magic. What do you want them to do? Hire more developers? Here's the store: https://www.crowfall.com/en/store/ . Go buy an imperial palace or 12. Throwing more devs at the problem doesn't always help, though. (See: The mythical man month) Want them to work like slaves? That's cruel. It's just a game. Want them to rush to release in a year? Haste makes waste. You'll end up with nothing. Lo
  14. Yes, I am for real. If anything, I'm being a little optimistic. I would love to see the game sooner, but I'm not banking on it. From what I've played so far, early 2018 would be a rough release. 2020 is sooner than you think. This is the risk of early release. It's hard to maintain hype. In normal development, we should probably just now be getting details about the game. I suppose you have to be more transparent when the game is crowdfunded, though. Again, better to have a good game than an early game.
  15. No fun allowed apparently. I enjoyed it for what it's worth.
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