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  1. How long does the black screen hang around?
  2. ntgeranis


    But the way it is now, races/classes are intertwined/locked, so that would be irrelevent. It wouldn't be a new race, it would be a new archetype. With all of the teasers they've put out this week my guess is they're doing away with archetypes and going with a race/class system, which is why I'm suggesting some more races. UNLESS, archetypes were just supposed to be a placeholder the whole time. Hmm....
  3. ntgeranis


    With the possibility of a switch to race/class combo instead of archetypes possibly on the horizon, You should look into possibly implementing more animal races, specifically some sort of lizard and avian races. I don't think it's too far off considering we already have a centaur, anthropomorphic bull and anthropomorphic hamster, with an anthropomorphic deer on the way. Something like a Dragonborn and an Aaracockra from D&D. Thoughts?
  4. From what I've read, you can buy VIP status with real money, and then trade it to players in game for in game currency? Is that true? If that is true, then what's stopping someone from buying thousands of dollars of VIP packages and selling them in-game for currency, and then just buying all of the best gear? If there's nothing stopping people from doing that, how does that not make this game pay to win?
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