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  1. It's funny how sour people can get when they are confronted with the brutal reality that a lot of people don't agree with their messed up opinions, lol.
  2. Are you stupid? This is seriously pissing me off, reporting this post.
  3. Yeah, well, some of us don't have time to manufacture thousands of garbage posts. Seeing that you and your friends are just interested in tr0lling/harrassing people I guess it's time for me to move on.
  4. That is correct, but the thread was being derailed by you and your friends already. Why I posted? Well, let's say that this kind of behavior itches me the wrong way.
  5. So you're basically admitting that you're a tr0ll?
  6. While I certainly don't know what kind of mental disorder thinking that random people are in fact the same person would constitute, the kind of phobia and paranoid behavior displayed by you and some others in this thread does certainly border on mild schizophrenia. You are welcome to come to irc and verify for yourself that I am neither of those people.
  7. Apparently if you don't want to engage in a pathetic circlejerk and use effeminate and naive vocabulary you are part of some sinister troll hivemind around here.
  8. What else is this if not some kind of mental disorder? You can easily verify my identity by coming to irc or checking my post history, meanwhile you are implying that I am someone else.
  9. Do you suffer from schizophrenia or something? It would take you like a minute to establish that I am actually a different person if you cared enough to not jump to wonderful conclusions about random people, lol.
  10. Indeed, I am in no way as deeply acquainted with that state of mind as you or any of your circlejerk goons, apologies.
  11. From what I understand, michaelflatley got banned for upsetting people too much and making them use vulgar language towards him.
  12. No need to get defensive. That guy is not my lackey, I don't know him.
  13. So? That's pretty much irrelevant and spaming it with posts like that won't improve the quality of the thread either.
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