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  1. ulathar

    Alpha 1.1

    Ja, die Uhrzeiten sind diese Woche definitiv besser. Wird bestimmt wieder lustig. :-)
  2. Yay, looks like I'll be able to play the AUS timeslot Wednesday and EU on Saturday. Btw, great that you're using different times, even for the same servers, since 1-3pm (8-10pm in my timezone) works a lot better for me than 2-4pm. :-)
  3. The system works. I have received my code and redeemed my EB Amber.
  4. With being able to define the rules in your EK, the tools would already be there. The rest would be up to the group of players who would actually try this out. It's RP and does not require any special development time, it's player driven, with the Monarch of the EK as DM. That's how I understood the idea, at least.
  5. I accept your terms. I may still end up freezing you and watch you get shattered in the campaign, though. Not making any promises there. As for the OP, I do enjoy a good RP session, so if the features allow for this and so far it looks that way, this could be quite fun actually. Good idea.
  6. How is it a new game mode? Is RP, in say SWTOR or WoW, also a different game mode/feature?
  7. Out of the ones shown: 3. I'd first resort to magic, though.
  8. I like where this thread is going.
  9. Ich werde auch ab Alpha 2 dabei sein. Da ich schon einige Alphas und Betas mitgemacht habe und selbst auch Softwareentwickler bin, bin ich schon sehr gespannt, wie es hier bei CF laufen wird. Das Wichtigste wird sein, viele verschiedene Sachen zu testen, entsprechendes Feedback zu geben und Bugs zu melden. Selbst Sachen wie Items im Inventar verschieben, Stacks teilen und aufbauen, von Klippen springen, um den Fallschaden oder Repkosten zu testen. Der eigene Spielfortschritt sollte in diesen Phasen in den Hintergrund treten. Natürlich muss dieser auch getestet werden und hilft auch beim testen von anderen Features, darf aber nicht erste Priorität haben, meiner Meinung nach. ^^
  10. It's fine, we need these things to fuel our speculative minds. Also, the way they look, especially on the Archetypes page, I was calling them Ice Elves in my head myself.
  11. That would be cool, I agree. There could also be items or other sort of buffs attached to this. Like, do I wear a helmet for armour purposes or do I wear "night-vision", so I have the advantage then. With some sort of time-limit, though, so no one just wears the night vision for a second to look and then go back to hemlet. Perhaps day/night cycle duration and brightness could even be a slider in the campaign rules. Personally, I wouldn't want a day to be 24 hours ingame, though, or be tied to server time or something like that. That way, depending on where you are and the times you can play, you may end up always playing during the day or night and not at other times. We'll see, I guess, but this does have potential. I wonder how or if the devs will handle this.
  12. Mostly interested in Frostweaver so far. I usually play Mages or similar types in RPGs anyway, so it's not that surprising, I guess. But maybe after actually playing them, I'll change my mind, we'll see.
  13. Do you plan to attend any conventions this year? Like GamesCom for example?
  14. From Tully on Facebook when they announced the game.
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