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  1. Is that Dark Souls 2 music around the 9 minute mark?
  2. Apparently Archdruid's Blight orbs are frequently showing up incorrectly (under the floor) or not at all for enemies (not until the damage is done, anyway)... Sorry to repeat myself again on this second point but the audio cue isn't clear enough either.
  3. I got it to work once, but I can't seem to get my mouse to work when I have the map open while moving... I also can't use any UI other than typing into chat while moving; this is with the option toggled on (and after being toggled on/off a few times).
  4. That's how forum discussion works 😎 and you need at least tree fiddy.
  5. Background on the map (or the lines between zones) still don't contrast well:
  6. I wouldn't blame you for not pointing out which account is his, but is his score contribution much better on that one? And if it's all one account... I can understand that as a stealther he's not exactly gonna get in the thick of things, but only 22 kill participation over the whole Trial? Even melee squishies should be expected to contribute to fights somewhat, especially so if it's less than 4 groups per side. 2 captures is also insanely low, even if all you wanna do is find PvP. Yes the scoreboard is far from perfect and doesn't consider all contributions you can make to being part of a successful group, but it does give some useful information; this doesn't look like the stats of a regular participant.
  7. @smoot 20 imports per player would let all players import their (up to) 15 slots of combat gear and have 5 left over for whatever extras they would like - those extras could then be some of your crafting/alt gear, and the rest could be imported by non-crafting guildmates. Only problem then would be if you only have as many guildies/faction friends as there are crafting professions, which is just a silly state to be in when playing an MMO. Besides all this, at the end of the day this is what low-import campaigns are about: inventory management and having to choose between what roles you want to play in this round - if you really really want to have an assassin for running around on solo jollies with then you'll have to work for it. I get that this probably turns most people off, but unfortunately we don't have enough population to run different CWs to represent most playstyle preferences; if the devs wanna test something like this right now they have to inflict it on the whole population.
  8. Well if people already have their crafted gear they should be able to bring that in to this CW; I agree that imports were set too low, I just don't think it's necessary to go over 20 if the "ruleset" is a low-import CW... This isn't the first time ACE have sprung a low-import CW on us, had backlash from the forums about having to farm a little bit extra, and then pulled a 180 on the idea. I wanna see a low-import Trial actually play out for once.
  9. Imports should probably have been 15 to accommodate those with more than 1 weapon, but as long as you can take all your gear in it's not that big of a loss; you're ready to fight, and all you really need to farm to sustain yourself throughout the campaign is food. If import was 15 and you need some materials saved from last CW you could still import a couple of stacks of mats per player in the guild, and that should suffice.
  10. @Jah @mandalore Why are you guys arguing with someone over numbers and the state of the game when they don't even play? P.S. This conversation isn't even about 3 faction anymore, it's just devolved into the same old "he said she said" argument about who is gudder than who... No facts or productive discussion to be found here, just opinions and underhanded mudslinging.
  11. Well first of all I respect the opening statement, and similarly as someone who plays Archdruid I ofc have my own biases... Now, I haven't heard of nor witnessed the Blight orbs not being visible in this Trial, but if I've missed it then yes that absolutely needs to be fixed. In general the audio cue should definitely be clearer at the very start of the animation, and I'd also agree that there should be a discernible difference between friendly and enemy Blight orbs; there's an element of "you should communicate to your allies" about it, but I concede that it's not always practical or possible to communicate to absolutely all necessary parties that they don't need to blow a CD for nothing. As for lacking wall interception that's something common to all AoE, so yes it's a problem but not a specific problem. Should also be fixed, ACE pls. As for damage, I'm curious to know exactly what happened on Jecht's end... If nothing else I rarely get opportunities to crunch the real numbers! He told me 15k at the time, possibly not accounting for the shield from his Ult, but I think the main problem for him was that he didn't parry; that was his misplay. The loss-of-Retaliate bug definitely screws over people who aren't tanky enough to face-tank such damage (again ACE pls), but when that works properly everyone has counterplay to a bomb: Retaliate and walk away. From the time that the orbs are first detonated there is a whole 2 seconds before the explosions actually happen, and that's after the 1 second GCD incurred from casting the CC required to hold people in place. If people are able to Retaliate in a timely fashion, as should normally happen, then 1-shot bombs kinda stop being a thing outside of catching noobs, boomers, and disorganised blobs... You either need to spread the orbs out to guarantee something lands (which won't one-shot anything) or rely on luck/excellent timing from allies with their own AoE CC, which is insanely rare and honestly should be rewarded with a couple or so kills.
  12. Effort: not made. Quality: not assured. Enjoyment: probably not.
  13. Yeah I know @Soulreaver, I just couldn't help myself...
  14. @Soulreaver I agree, but for the sake of internet points I have to say that you forgot The exception: The People's Elbow is always on target
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