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  1. Seconded: there's too many layers of RNG to getting the right discs... First find a thrall: it then has to be either Major or Minor, then it has to be the right domain, then it has to actually drop the disc you're looking for. That's 3 RNG rolls in a row (Major/Minor, Domain, Specific Disc), and you're not even close to done because you have to repeat that 3-step high roll many more times to both upgrade your own discs and to get discs for other ppl who want the same thing as you.
  2. Hmm fair enough, I respectfully disagree with JTodd though... A few hours of redoing the same quest line plus mob grinding 18-30 every time you wanna try out a new talent or domain or promotion is way too much of an ask for someone who's trying the game for the first time. Just relevelling once per class and then having to farm for gold for say 30 minutes to 1 hour for every respec is much more reasonable,
  3. A common feedback/pain point given by new players is the inability to respec without paying for VIP... I understand that VIP needs value for the launch product, but for right now people are coming in with no idea of what they're looking at in the talents, what the good and bad choices are, or about being wary of stat caps. When they find out they're unable to redo their characters somehow and that they're stuck with a bad build or having to redo levelling completely it's a big turn-off for them, and when they're told they have to pay for the privilege of respec it add insult to injury... That
  4. I think a full gear import mode for Hunger Dome could be interesting, and would obviously tie in strongly to the main game - now that gear-import-only tech is being added to CWs this would actually be feasible. People playing the RPG-side of Crowfall are attached to their gear progression, and I think a full import HD would be a natural extension of flexing how good our poopsocking game is. I believe it would also draw more people into playing the full game, knowing that there's a "higher level" of HD competition available with all the shiniest gear available. The main question would be h
  5. Survivalist (Exploration Disc): Bounty of the Land passive states 5% Bloodworm Chance on the tooltip, but only gives 3% on the stat sheet:
  6. Having played this archetype set-up a few times I think it's lacking in healing throughput; in terms of Majors Pixie/Friar or Pixie/Sun Worshipper gives you a lower CD heal and a heal over time to help space out the longer CDs the base kit has on its heals. Everything else is fine, save swapping Rez Minor for Toughness.
  7. NA Dregs: The harvestable plants (Mushrooms, Garlic etc) aren't respawning on the expected ~10 minute timer, in fact the spots I'm harvesting in haven't respawned in hours.
  8. Role/Spec restrictions do not appear to be enforced - we had a team with a Paladin, a Crusader and an Arbiter (3x Support/Heal Classes).
  9. Actually Weapon Finesse is probably the better choice, since Blood Rose is mostly obsolete when the class has Barkskin for Thorns buff.
  10. Yeah I agree the Call Storm talent is wasted, better to get extra minor for Blood Rose or Weapon Finesse. I assume the Domain was meant to be Nature to begin with.
  11. Scalding talent isn't very good IMO - would recommend Fire Bolt instead, maybe Conduction or Minor Disc for Rupture Barrier. Everything else in the spec looks good! I think High-Elf works better for Sanc than Nethari because it's easy to overshoot your short range with the longer dodge, and you have access to it less often. H-Elf with half a Weapon Finesse minor built-in, 5% Ele Resist, 5% Crit Dmg and chance to get extra Dodge pip are also really really hard to argue against.
  12. If ACE wanted to increase gold sinks they could've just made what we currently already buy (Water, Milk, Weapon Molds etc.) more expensive... The flow and resource usage of Cooking recipes was fine as it was; I was frequently buying Water for Bon Tippers and Milk for Cheese and Butter previous to 6.510. Adding Cooking Foil/Sticks/Pots to vendors would also be fine if we could still make them ourselves - White-quality resources stack up quickly and we need something to spend them on other than Stonemasonry.
  13. EK chests no longer highlight to indicate which one will be interacted with.
  14. Regarding Crafting UI: Would it be possible to place the "Run Experimentation" button somewhere else, perhaps further to the right? It is convenient to have it in the same spot as the "Take" button to reduce travel time with the cursor, but it makes it rather easy to accidentally click "Take" and skip the Polish/Reroll stage.
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