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  1. Unfortunately I haven't gotten in to the more exciting siege events of this last week, but here's one from the 6th of this month as an Archdruid:
  2. Back by popular demand of Commissar Malefric, a couple of quick bombs and bing-bang-bong it's a video!
  3. The change from immunity to shield seems silly for all classes, especially since Shieldbreaker can just straight-up remove it, but yeah it's gonna be especially painful for Druids... I assume that they want to reduce the "Get-Out-of-Jail-Free" element of ults, but these blanket changes always screw someone over... If certain ults are a problem, change them directly ffs.
  4. P.S. I was being a little dramatic when I said "Nature's Avatar is not gameplay" - I was trying to make the point that it doesn't give the caster much interaction or direct influence over offensive plays, and doesn't give any feedback as to how effectively it's impacting the fight (which can be quite a bit).
  5. I like this idea of getting more points the further behind you are, I second (third) that.
  6. Admittedly part of the reason Druid feels "bad" atm is because we had so many tools prior to this split, but there's definitely an objective lacking in certain areas. Most of my sentiments on the different Druid specs have already been voiced here pretty accurately... The loss of utility/CC as an Earthkeeper, the squishiness of the Stormcaller, and the heavy reliance on bombs for the Archdruid are all quite off-putting. The Earthkeeper is good at healing, but that's all you really do (damage is non-existent, one hard CC on 30s CD, and Nature's Avatar is not gameplay), and I'd like to see the Roots, Whirlwind or Blight re-added to the base kit. The weighting between base values and scaling for the Oaken Guard talent also seem rather off... The base value is way too strong in the early game, while scaling worse than any other Heal-over-Time ability I know of - that could probably do with some tweaking; The Stormcaller should probably get the Ironwood Body passive back from Earthkeeper (their damage potential is great, but they're as durable as dry leaves), and probably get back Roots or Whirlwind too; As for Archdruid I think that they should lose the bonus Orb healing from the FoN (Force of Nature) proc, and have that power reallocated to Support Power (+50 or +75 per point) on the Forest Affinity skill (that's the one that unlocks the specialisation) If you proc the FoN passive then you probably don't have many/any orbs left on a relevant part of the battlefield anyway; It's a rather tight window to have relevant* healing on orbs (+50% of a small number is still a small number*); Without any base SP your heals from discs (e.g. Field Surgeon) are completely irrelevant, so you're losing out on the Healing Mod from those discs too; If it makes the trade easier you could cut the Attack Power from that first node (between Pack Avatar, the super-Blight and the FoN buff they really don't need it). The Stormcaller will still be much more reliable DPS-wise, and Earthkeeper will still be the superior healing choice in this scenario too - more healing spells, 150-225 more Support Power, +10% Healing Mod/Mod Cap, various healing stats from talents, and ease of Essence management to lord over the Archdruid. TL;DR Druid still needs some shuffling of their utility spells to give Earthkeeper and Stormcaller some flavour, and Archdruid needs to be a little more relevant in the healing department. IMO.
  7. Same day as previous video (8th Dec, TEST Server) - now with cleaner passives!
  8. Maybe just a bit, but I'll take the epeen stroke
  9. Thanks man I do wish I'd made the ZatchCam a little smaller on the first one, but hey
  10. Time to clear out the back catalogue... I've got a few bog-standard fights to churn out and one silly "montage", so expect a slew of propaganda videos over the next week or so! P.S. Yes I'm aware that I have way too many passives active, I ain't got time to relog for every respec when I was still trying to figure out what Discs to run. P.P.S. Super Advantage btw P.P.P.S. Recorded on 8th Dec 2018, TEST Server
  11. I think heal/hybrid Druids could do with more SP and I agree that the duration of Avatar Fatigue could be lower, but I'm waiting until the class-breaking bugs are fixed to say for sure one way or the other... Bear is still a projectile, orbs are disappearing, and many of the base kit heals are hard to execute in mobile fights, but when these things work correctly or are properly coordinated around they've shown to be extremely powerful. DPS Druid seems strong, but until the orbs are fixed Heal/Hybrid Druid are indeed unplayable.
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