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  1. The main points that I support from this list, as a most-times Archdruid: Druids (and other two-tray classes) need more buttons to fill out their cast bars, even if they're not strong buttons. Bring back higher damage on 3rb orb when it's Blighted, and reduce the max orbs exploded back to 15 for a more reasonable set-up time. Force of Nature talent should be either more damage-oriented, with the healing bonuses being permanent, or make those healing bonuses proc from doing something healing/support-related. Archdruids need more of an SP budget in general, their healing
  2. Beneficial Harvesting buff should have some kind of SFX/VFX when it procs, you rarely even notice you have it until you're running somewhere because of the move speed boost.
  3. ...will be Clams will be Clams.
  4. Re: 6.100 base-class abilities being moved to Disciplines in 6.200. I like the idea of making things like Duelist Tunnel available to all Guineaceans through Disciplines, should they wish to sacrifice a little power for a little utility, but I still don't think they should've been taken out of the default suite of abilities... They now either feel like must-haves to make the class whole again, or they're not worth the slot but still leave gaps in the heart of what that class or promotion is supposed to be about. I'm not particularly well-informed on all of these classes, and it's n
  5. You would get some extra loot on the last resource spawn tick at the end of the window (and at the first tick the next day), and the Fort would still provide capture points as usual. Edit for clarity: I envision the resource spawning happening at the following timestamps (0 minute = start of vulnerability window): 0 min -> 15 min -> 30 min -> 45 min -> 60 min (end of window) With this system I believe that Fort chests should be changed to allow Neutral Forts to be looted, to mitigate instances where the Fort was neutral at the end of a window and resources are l
  6. If Fort chests only spawned resources during the siege window (say, chests refill every 15 minutes over the course of the hour) then I think we would see a lot more PvP activity over the entire hour rather than just the last 10-15 minutes... Along with this change I also think all Forts should have two chests. Fort chests would still be a significant haul, but then they would also steal less content from open-world farming because they would drop less resources overall. I think this would also let smaller guilds/skirmishing parties get a bigger slice of the pie, since they could potential
  7. Again, no particular chronological order - this one was from Infected, on the Live servers:
  8. From an outside perspective it feels like Frostguard's Ice Block version of the FW Ult actually makes them less tanky overall than the default Ult, because it has a long cooldown and only one charge... I'm pretty sure that popping two default Ults in a row is almost as long an invulnerability window as Ice Block, while also restoring resources and allowing you to move, even if it doesn't heal you as well. If any experienced Frostguards (@Bzra) disagree then I'll concede, but I think it should have a shorter cooldown (or none at all - it's a full-cost Ult after all). The default Ult also h
  9. Used to be you would refresh the same type of DoT that was already on the target at whatever that previous DoT's damage was, IDK if they changed that recently tho
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