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  1. Making Armour Breaks reduce a percentage of target's Armour would be nice, and a lot easier to implement... Either way I would still want Armour Breaking to require more active thought/input and be distributed in a way that encourages teams to fill their rosters with a couple more Support/Tank roles, rather than just minimal frontline then as many DPS as you can pair with healers. So instead of currently 40% Armour vs 40% Pen => 40Arm - 40Pen = 0% Armour make it 40% Armour vs 40% Pen => 40Arm - (40% of 40)Pen = 24% Armour However, with this system I think Pen/Breaks percentages might actually need to be buffed, because we can currently still be quite tanky inside PDM stakes and with Ults, not to mention if/when we give Dodges an i-frame...
  2. I think a very short i-frame on Dodge (slightly longer for single-charge dodges) would be good to help give people some active recourse to react to burst damage. I also agree that keeping mitigations more reliant on active cooldown/positioning management is better than just going back to everyone having a ton of free no-thought-required resistances from Armour, but I would like to see Plate get a small buff and Mail a smaller buff to mitigations... I'd also like to see Armour Breaks require more active participation to proc than just "it happens whenever you do damage", moreso in regards to Ranged characters... Wardens, Fanatics, and Stormcallers have it too easy, just automatically armour-breaking everything they hit. I'd like to see the Ranger's Faerie talent only have a chance to proc on single-target damage, so that they have to focus on specific targets they want to soften up. Remove Faerie Flames from Traps as an Armour Break, change it into that Faerie Fire that reduces targets' Anti-Crit stat. I'd like to see Fanatics only proc guaranteed Elemental Break from hitting Nados/Fire Blast/Fire Wave, which are either possible to avoid or require the Fessor to get into a more dangerous spot and make themselves vulnerable to being punished. I'd like to see Stormcallers only have Elemental Break on their Root and Barkskin; remove the Armour Break from their Blight to encourage people to roll some token Earthkeepers/Archdruids. I think tanks having this kind of auto-armour break is fine, like Knights with Spiked Shield, and would like to see some other tank/support specs get Elemental/Organic armour breaks. It's a lot more risky for those specs in large fights to get in and apply those breaks, and their shorter range means they can't apply it raid-wide, just to a specific few people that you then have to co-ordinate with your DPS to blow up.
  3. I like this idea, or at least that all the buffs available in Keeps should also be available somewhere out in the world too... It evens the playing field for those who can't hold/build keeps, and if your big guild finds themselves on the opposite end of the map from a buff they like then the Keep buildings still have value. The buildings would also look great as centre pieces for new diorama parcels, that either stand alone or are add-ons to a harvesting/wartribe area.
  4. Fear not, between the lawyers and the business owners and the finance investors I'm pretty sure the median income of Winterblades members is closer to six digits than not
  5. Yep, and I think that objective perspective you brought is valid; thank you for also considering my points on the importance of subjectivity. I respect that, and I think you were correct in highlighting what was missing from this review - I only wanted to highlight what I saw as the point/validity of a subjective review, not to argue against your points. However I feel like this conversation isn't real because we never called each other names u suck
  6. TL;DR, my review of Crowfall (and also of this review):
  7. Yes, it is important to look at the objective truths, such as that objectively the game systems can be fixed, but that the Devs have struggled over the years thus far to do so. This review was extremely subjective and presented hardly any facts about the game at all, that is an objective fact, but the review was not without useful information. I am aware of the flaws in both this review and this game, but these facts do not exist in a vacuum. People are prone to subjective thinking and bias even if they actively work against it, and while we should not obfuscate the objective facts to exploit that weakness we should also not discredit the fact that the subjective, emotional response to a piece of entertainment is incredibly important. This response is a result of events and facts that are universally knowable and true, but the way that any individual is going to receive, process, and then express their experience of those events and facts is not something that you can claim to fully understand nor call true or false. As I said before, other reviews have covered the facts about this game and even the way they personally felt about this game, and done a much better job of informing their viewers, but I enjoyed watching this video just as much as any other and I learned from both it and this thread. That's all.
  8. It doesn't, and one of the points I was trying to make is to say the exact opposite... While there certainly is correlation between polish and enjoyment, enjoying the content of a game isn't necessarily or wholly dependent on the polish of that game.
  9. Enjoying such vastly different games may sound contradictory but they aren't mutually exclusive - in this specific example I personally loved WotLK, and I love CF too. Sample size of one, but if you think about it I'm confident you'll realise a lot of games you've played and enjoyed are more different than you realised, and that you enjoyed them for different reasons. This review overall was quite flawed and so is CF, I won't ever deny either point, but they're both plenty good for me. I'm not really here to convince you to see my point either, I just want to provide insight for people who have not yet made up their minds and I think that's what Qwan wants to do as well.
  10. Qwan was definitely very liberal with his 10/10 ratings, but you guys are kinda missing the point IMO... If you paid attention to what he was saying about "Gold Standards", and the screenshots from the game he referred to as his Gold Standard for PvP MMO's, you'd realise that he doesn't give a poorly made dergs about whether the UI and visuals are pretty or even user-friendly. The whole point of the Gold Standard is that you recognise what he does and does not care about, so that you can compare that to what you care about and understand whether or not you would feel the same way about any given game. If you disagree with him that's fine, but this video is his opinion piece and it is not intended to be viewed as gospel truth. Next point; the important functions and features in Crowfall might be rudimentary but they are fit for purpose, and the things that aren't fit for function can be fixed... Other review videos have already covered most of those points anyway, so to re-tread them in detail would be boring to watch at this point. At the end of the day whether a game is fun, has character, and makes you wanna come back for more is way more important anyway; it's cliche, but it's true. Finally, and most importantly... I believe that Qwan's general message is that, forgetting the game as a program, the game as a place to co-operate with and compete against other people is downright amazing and no amount of Bezos or Blizzard money is gonna capture that. The way that the game encourages you to seek out other players to work with and stick together with for progression is sorely missing from the market right now. The way that fights have a direct and meaningful impact on both the world and the individual player is very satisfying, and there is never a shortage of events and ideas to talk about with both your friends and your enemies. In most online games currently available you rarely see or hear of most of the people you interact with more than once, and I dunno about you but that's not why I choose to spend my free time playing multiplayer games. There are a lot of holes to poke in the implementation but you cannot deny that people who play this game for anything more than a month get to know each other very well, and are very emotionally invested in the outcomes of PvP... And that is the itch that this game called Crowfall aims to satisfy.
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