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  1. The commands for trading (/trade <player name> and /accept-trade <player name>) aren't in the Commands List that is attached to chat.
  2. Target Dummies

    It would also be nice to have at least 5, maybe 7 of each friendly/enemy (to fully test multi-target abilities and ensure they stay within their hit cap) and for them to be placed on the ground and in a flat area - this would allow us to test ground-targetted abilities (mostly broken on the platforms) and would make testing ranges easier too (the platform blocks LoS from a lot of angles).
  3. @Anhrez Yeah all the SP/AP increases from gear and powers are a decimal off right now; they're only 1/10th of what they should be. (Pretty sure it's bugged)
  4. IDK, it's another new feature of this build... Same story in Survival Tray, since we have low Support Power there too I guess? And yeah, if you thought the Farted Orbs were bad before this
  5. Druid's orbs (LMB): are now taking the healing stats from the tray that you're in when they are consumed; if you're in Death tray at the time they heal for a pitiful 50 for small and 100 for large
  6. Mudman [Major Disc]: "Jelly Skin" (active; crushing immune barrier) CD appears to be bugged - it's down to 5 seconds, from 45s for other similar abilities.
  7. When opening the "Escape" menu the Group Info Screen overlaps it, which obscures the Escape menu's options (having the player's HP overlap this menu is fine, it doesn't obscure anything).
  8. That happened because the server was restarted, and the increased import/export needs to be added manually when that happens... @Tyrant or whoever's at the controls can fix that
  9. The Battle of Black Mire

    Yeah it was a good way to end the festivities; just imagine how much more hectic it would've looked in the throne room if all the GT-AoE was working in there! It was fun to play around an objective for once, but yeah if you're really gonna make a push like that you ought to take out some of the defenders first And yes, there was something on the ground... It was pain
  10. The Battle of Black Mire

    Yeah this was a fun fight, lots of back-and-forth without all the silly kiting over field and glenn (for the most part), even though we only had 2-3 tanks between the two sides! It was hard to get a read on numbers and judge distances properly from our limited view at the gate so Anthrage and I just kept throwing bomb traps down and hoping for the best P.S. Gradishar has been fired for suggesting we make a suicide push on the throne
  11. Thanks for adding the tether spell effect to Nature's Avatar (and a bunch of other spells too), though I think it would look better coming from the hands/staff rather than the heart (although that's kinda cute ) Friar [Major]'s Fortuitous Blessings passive: How long after healing do you have to wait for the run buff to proc, and are you supposed to have one of the buffs active at all times when this passive is equipped? The speed buff seems to proc quite reliably after the previous buff has dropped, but when I'm healing the support power and resource restore buffs don't always seem to (especially after going from run speed buff to healing buff). Druids are unable to choose between the two types of spark because the LMB section is hidden from us (presumably because LMB is now determined by weapon): The training nodes that increase your combat critical statistics only specify that they increase damage done - but it does still affect healing crits, right? Also I like the wording of "Critical Amount" used in the harvesting skills - maybe the "Critical Hit Damage" nodes should be called "Critical Hit Amount"?
  12. I can't move my Essence or Duelist/Templar Pip Meter widgets; they're hidden behind the character UI on the right when you press ALT. We can still just about see the Harvest Pip Meter (green circle) to grab it, but the combat-related ones appear somewhere around where the red circle is.
  13. Clerics aren't gaining Soul Power by healing dummies or by overhealing themselves or others... Is there any chance that C powers could go back to having a CD instead of a charge system? The healing orbs from Burning Hatred [Minor] and Blood Price (Passive on Blade Master [Major]) have a tendency to spawn semi-submerged in the terrain.
  14. @thomasblair Because that's what the tooltip says, and apparently that's how it functions; we thought the name seemed strange