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  1. Why druids are obsolete in 5.8

    I think heal/hybrid Druids could do with more SP and I agree that the duration of Avatar Fatigue could be lower, but I'm waiting until the class-breaking bugs are fixed to say for sure one way or the other... Bear is still a projectile, orbs are disappearing, and many of the base kit heals are hard to execute in mobile fights, but when these things work correctly or are properly coordinated around they've shown to be extremely powerful. DPS Druid seems strong, but until the orbs are fixed Heal/Hybrid Druid are indeed unplayable.
  2. Druid Bombs, Episode 2

    P.S. As with the last video I'm taking/needing submissions from other people; so, if you have any good Death Orb/Blight Bomb clips then please send me a PM here on the forums! P.P.S. I was away for the weekend, but I'm back now
  3. Druid Bombs, Episode 2

    Better late than never
  4. New intro, now with upgraded music and zappy-zappy-shoot-and-smashy sounds in the background
  5. Yeah I might be downplaying it just a little, but with some peeling and dodging you can avoid getting hit by multiple applications in a row... It is super-rough for those with lower mobility though, or if you get locked down with an Assassin on you, but maybe that's how it should be. Having said that, it probably is too harsh, at least until late game rolls around (we still haven't seen that with the current build yet)... Clerics in particular seem to be struggling right now, so something probably needs to change eventually. The lack of scaling on the heal block and the fact that the Disease Toxin's "Diffuse" DoT is stronger than it's supposed to be don't help, but I'm not holding my breath for that to change any time soon
  6. @Destrin @blazzen Heal block from Assassins is quite strong ATM but yeah heals currently scale well enough, IMO. Druid healers are still good (RIP Cleric though), and TTK isn't too bad... Weapon damage getting put back on heals is just a neat idea to think about, but if Weapon damage was to be reintroduced to heals it would probably have to be weighted closer to "Support Power + (Weapon Damage/x)", and the total scaling would probably have to be brought back a fair bit (especially if Attack Power is factoring into that Weapon Damage).
  7. @Anthrage IDK about the ticks (2 into 6 is 3, but perhaps the wording misrepresents what the heal is supposed to do), but Rehabilitate no longer heals the caster and the Stamina coefficient seems to depend on the receiving target (target dummies apparently have massive Stam pool and get huge heals from Rehab). If I recall correctly the self-heal was removed because every class could/was running it (and other discs) to get solid self-heals... This was also prior to the change on healing coefficients from "% Weapon Damage" to "% Support Power", which solved that whole issue entirely. Rehabilitate was also made at a time when Stamina wasn't often depleted in combat as it is now, so that's another thing going against it. It's a bit of a wet noodle heal, but it is on Field Surgeon so I don't feel too bad about it
  8. The "no harvest" zone around Hunger Shards seems to have a wider influence than the white snow/ice on the ground. Nodes around 10 or 15 metres outside the affected ground don't give the "Frozen" indicator, but attempting to swing at the node results in seemingly no reaction at all...
  9. Scratch this, my estimation of distance on the map was way off >_<
  10. Outpost and Guard Tower NPC's seem to be immune to CC like Stuns and Suppresses (tested with Scarecrow and Druid's Shroud of Darkness), but trying to use one on them makes them hella mad and they'll keep attacking you until they turn friendly (even if you don't do anything to them once they've turned neutral) Would it be possible/easy to add an opaque overlay marker (to indicate position, not ownership) to Outposts on the map? The campfires are hard to see unless you zoom in, and a fair few towers and campfires are obscured by nearby trees. Server performance has declined hard the last couple of days; chat messages to General and Zone are taking minutes to go through and fights that break more than 10 (2 groups) per side are starting to cause lag issues, locally at least.
  11. Would you mind swapping which side of the screen (right to left) the Essence/Pip meter gets pinned to by default? Where it is on the right side gets hidden by the Inventory UI when you go into mouse mode, which prevents us from moving it like we used to be able to do.
  12. Custom Malekai action figure

    Yeah there's only a couple of concept pictures and you would have to custom-make it to match, which would require some very fine tailoring... That's not for me, so I don't blame ya
  13. Zatchrayne

    ...Did I forget to mention there was a Part 2? This time we ran across Soulein's group, not even five minutes after Part 1 happened:
  14. Custom Malekai action figure

    So you're telling me... you cheated? Where did you buy the mask from? JK I can at least tell that was drawn/painted on TBH now that I scrutinise the Malekai pictures more closely it is more of a robe than a 2-piece that he wears, but with the mask and hood he still looks the part. Custom costume when?