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  1. Killed my character, respawned at closest fort as expected (was too close to beachhead to spawn there). Ran back and interacted with my cairn, but after that I got stuck in place and the blue death tint was still there. I couldn't open Crafting or other menus that require you to be alive and in-game to use. I relogged which fixed this issue, but was then unable to slot Disciplines until I relogged a second time.
  2. Guards in Keeps?

    Devil's Advocate: Guards are probably in the Throne-room of the Forts because that's where the "point of capture" is (the throne), and they're centered around the ToL for Keeps because that's the "point of capture".
  3. Happy Gunicean Day!

    You forgot the header in the OP: You're welcome
  4. Creeping, creeping vines (plants grow slowly y'know)
  5. My vote is for AoE roots in general not being sustained fields, AA being a launched trap/lobbed arrow, (maybe) Reduce Mole Hunter CD, Make Druid root travel slowly (and obviously) along the ground (or smaller AoE), and keeping Cleric root the same (it's already pretty short-range and smaller AoE than Druid's).
  6. I think it does, but since it's a lingering effect the target just gets hit by another root right afterwards. I'd have to test to be sure.
  7. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    @KanashiGD Apologies, I should've known this was gonna derail the thread - you're trying to have a serious discussion here, so I'll leave it here. If Blazzen and I want to continue the discussion we'll do so elsewhere. P.S. Check my date of joining the forums vs the date on that video :^)
  8. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    Tooltip changes are due, perhaps this is where the warning label should be? I don't think performance and screen clutter are the reason here, considering all the flashy effects that GT-AoE Disciplines got Besides, there's been times when Druid orbs were visible to all sides and it got fixed in quick order (and for good reason). Congratulations, but I haven't been aiming them at you - I let Venark do that Potential being the active word here! And IDK about instant - it takes 20-30 seconds for the Druid to place them (and meanwhile contribute no damage or healing), and the potential targets get a good 2 seconds to react by popping a Retaliate and walking away, or use one of those invulnerability spells that everyone gets. Even before Retaliate was changed to cleanse all CC Druid bombs were easy to avoid, and that change has only made it easier to do. More congratulations are in order. Implying I don't want Crowfall to be the best game it can possibly be? And yes, forgive me for being a little biased towards Druids, but I do recognise that there are things that need to be toned down about the class (Nature's Avatar on pretty much anyone), but I generally don't mention those in public because I don't want to see other people use them against me. Blight bombs are not one of them, because everyone knows about them and they are very rarely successful. Yes, tell me about how all I do in fights is spam bombs (and contribute nothing else), and the only times fights I've been in that were victories for my side were when I blew up half of the enemy forces in one overpowered fell swoop. You personally, or the people that you tagged along with? And yes, we're laughing.
  9. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    (and 3.) Fair enough, I did exaggerate your point there; you were only downplaying the "skill" part of memory. Memory isn't the only part of knowing about where bombs are though; players should recognise that any place that acts as a choke point is a dangerous place to be in. One of the problems with making the orbs visible is that you need to place so many of them in order for them to be a threat that even a mild lingering effect will make them really really obvious. There is an argument to turn bombs into a zoning tool, but we already have zoning tools in the game; it would be an utter waste to relegate such a fun and impactful ability to something that simply discourages engagement in a certain area. It kinda does that already TBH - if there's a choke point people know that they need to push past it ASAP because of the risk that it's hot with Druid orbs, among other things. Yes, not everything about the game needs to be harsh, but one of the selling points of Crowfall is that it's a ruthless environment, and that the winner takes all. There should be aspects of the game that are unforgiving, and things that need to be learned the hard way. Even though the game is still half-baked I'd argue that we already have plenty of recognisable skill gates, and avoiding Druid bombs is one of those. Once most people have experienced a thorough bombing from a Druid, they quickly learn that it's to be avoided or mitigated at all costs - and there are plenty of ways to do that. There's a reason that successful bombs are rare - they're actually pretty easy to not get hit by. There are things about this game that are hard to understand, and are frustrating for all involved, and those things will (and should) change. Druid bombs aren't one of them; they're enjoyed by both victim and victor alike, and it's only a small minority who seem to disagree with that.
  10. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    Oh boy, look who decided to show up to the party... And I thought we were gonna have some constructive discussion in this thread. What. Yeah, that totally wouldn't make them obnoxiously obvious. These things are a danger to society, and we have to be able to see them from a mile away. Where are the warning labels when you need them? Yes, we need more glaringly loud spell effects on the ground. If I hadn't already heard about your previous shenanigans on this subject I'd think you were being sarcastic... You need to stop crying about Druid bombs before you're laughed out of guild and game.
  11. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    Correction: a field of bombs actually lasts less than 60 seconds, because it takes about 30 seconds or so to place those orbs in the first place (during which the first orb has already reached its half-life).
  12. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    Your argument about memory being less of a skill than perception is pretty flawed TBH - they're both things you can improve on with practice and familiarity with the subject matter. It's also not all that hard to notice the orbs spawning if you're watching for it (and subsequently warn others of the danger), nor to infer where the Druid is placing them based on their animations, the direction they're facing while doing those animations, and the nature of the terrain. If you could see 5 of these glowing green flowers for the entire duration of the orbs' lifetime (60 seconds) it would become a dead skill - literally anyone with eyes would avoid that area. Even a slight mirage effect from 5 orbs would be way too obvious, let alone 15 of them. Most players who have been active for a month or more don't put themselves in the situation where a bomb can be unleashed on them (and if they do, they recognise the danger and know how to negate the damage or escape the area before the bomb actually goes off). Mistakes are sometimes made by even the most experienced players, of course, but this is a pretty clear indication that avoiding bombs is perfectly achievable and can be learned.
  13. Assassin is op needs nurf

    I found myself reacting to posts before reading the later ones and realising they were nearly a year old... SMH I fell for it
  14. Overpowered.

    LOL what even, how do that's hilarious, his reaction too I love seeing funny (non-detrimental) bugs like that