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  1. 3rd major Discipline slot ?

    I like all of these ideas, and would welcome any or all of these variations.
  2. When placed directly at a player's feet, Druid and Dryad healing orbs get stuck in the air and unable to be used (even if you do jump up into them). They used to slide down to ground level or lower when you did this*, and I suspect a similar thing is happening to other healing orbs and the Rangers thrown Explosive Traps (they're not actually hitting the ground and becoming active). The orbs can be placed on top of walls now (yay!), but like the previous bug they don't actually work (boo). *In even earlier builds it didn't matter if someone was standing where you placed them, they would just spawn normally. The sliding down bit means the healing comes later than it normally would, and makes some of the orbs unreachable.
  3. After closer inspection it's not too bad for the walls, but the two highest ranks of stone gatehouse are definitely too tall* for the windows to reach. *Or rather, the restriction on how high the windows can be placed is too low.
  4. Destrin I was having trouble getting the window and fence pieces to slot into the 2nd floor of the walls - they wouldn't allow themselves to be raised quite high enough without lowering the walls significantly... Was it the same for you?
  5. Druid LMB orbs sometimes take a few tries to register a player running over them. Campfires have the same colour and shape of compass marker as group members, which is a bit confusing.
  6. The problem with allowing this at the moment is what happens to the guards when they're displaced... In previous versions guards have been movable, but they would either stay in their new position or get caught in pathing loops I'm sure once the pathing has been sorted out the guards will get to experience ping-pong again
  7. The "Mega Deeds" are awesome, they make the walls look much more impressive and add some great defensive features to boot! When placing buildings in the EK the camera acceleration is too sensitive, which makes it hard to move buildings in small increments. The boundary that indicates where you can place buildings within a parcel is rather opaque, which obscures certain angles when you're building close to this perimeter.
  8. This should/used to be possible, so if it's not working anymore then something's going wrong
  9. Friar's (Major Discipline) Benediction says "increasing [self and nearby group members'] Bleed Armor by 50". If I activate this power my Bleed Armour value goes from 0.28% (what's up with that anyway) to 35%... Is 35% the cap for this stat? On a related note Mystwraith recently posted a couple of screenshots in our Discord, showing what happens when an Elk hits their armour break on you... Before: After: 50% reduction to ALL Armour types (yikes), but that's not the real issue... What's up with his Bleed Armour? It went up instead of down?! lolwut
  10. Jump also seems to have less height than before too.
  11. Same thing seems to have happened to Fae too, possibly all races. Again, same on Fae - seems that Survival Tray's extra movement speed simply isn't applying.
  12. Yeah the GCD indicator should ignore spells that are still on CD, so that those spells' remaining CD is always shown to the player.
  13. Triggered! @ACE Also I didn't wanna be presumptuous, but changing the Spark Crit mechanic to "guaranteed critical strike on your next spellcast" would both remove the unintended interactions with Crit caps/Crit Defence AND stop Aurora Emitter ticks from consuming the buff
  14. Lets Talk About Runegates

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/288664518?t=00h52m59s Presumably the islands will be named, and the Runegates will be visually represented on some kind of map as per the explanation above.