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  1. They'll have to duel each other to find out, since neither of them could win vs Healweaver
  2. See this topic and the comments of that video for full context: TL;DR In conclusion Healweaver's a bad match-up for Stormcaller if they can't burst you down early; especially vs a Healweaver who's acutely familiar with Druid's animations and inner workings
  3. At least it's not the Healweaver's fault anymore I have my fingers crossed for you guys, it must be frustrating
  4. Icecaller also can't do the healing that a Druid can, as far as I can tell, but I'm not gonna make any hard comments about Icecallers being balanced or not until I see them in some real combat... They're certainly more balanced and engaging than before, at any rate! I'll definitely agree that Death Tray needs some love, for the Earthkeeper at least; Bear desperately needs a fix or a rework, and I'd like to see Earthkeepers get Kinetic Boost (aka Stars Align) back... It's only a short buff that would boost their pitiful damage up to below-average damage, with the added benefit of making their already-scarce Essence go a little further. Archdruid probably shouldn't get it for free though, because it works too damn well with the bombs
  5. I thought the poll was about the infinite jump disqualify my vote to rework... Now the fact that you can easily get snagged on players/objects and that you don't end grounded is a bit of a problem, but the aiming on it is fine imo. Edit: Janky yes, rework no.
  6. IDK about Earthkeeper buffs, maybe Archdruid but it does it's own thing well enough. I do question some of the changes, but I also appreciate that they read our feedback and take our feelings to heart... They haven't stopped trying to flesh out and improve the game, so I'm not gonna stop having faith it'll continue to improve overall.
  7. Also speaking of Dryad, the Blast of Leaves sound effect is a bit too loud, and doesn't reliably show its animation for other players.
  8. Me too brother, me too 😔 also miss the way Fae dash used to work... I remember this; now THAT'S a wet noodle fight! Kinda interesting to watch and see the gameplay differences - look at how much Retaliate used to cost! Remember being able to CC people?
  9. I'd like to add to the above comment that aiming and dropping Orbs feels good and works well; we'd like to see the Ice aiming changed to match that.
  10. That makes me tonight's biggest loser
  11. Frostweaver's "Frigid Ice" (the spiky Root/Snare/Knockdown) isn't disappearing when an enemy walks into it and consumes the trap.
  12. Well without being able to proc the puddle heals on-demand those abilities (and Healweaver as a spec) will be dead in the water... If that goes away then the tick rate would need to be upped substantially to compensate.
  13. Escape Artist's "Escape Planning" passive (reduce # of CC received before becoming CC immune) doesn't seem to be working... I still have to wait for 3 CCs to go through before I become CC immune, same as when I don't have it on.
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