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  1. Can we get 5.3 this weekend....

    I love this thread
  2. My Crafting Issues

    Harvesting stats and Crit Chance/Amount are exceptions to this, but yes very true - I understand that ACE don't want our gear's quality to carry too much weight (with which I agree), but most of the AP/SP etc. stats you can get here are pitiful... Funnily enough though the gains (for weapons) in the super-important Damage and PCM stats are pretty huge (in terms of their in-combat effects), which seems counter-intuitive to this goal. I think/hope that most of these are just bugged, but IIRC there are a fair few cases where it's just really obscure as to what the math is behind the calculation - either way it ought to be fixed and made more intuitive. This is easily the most painful part of the crafting system... There is nothing for a crafter to actually do in this game except throw mountains of resources at dice rolls. Sure, you get to "choose" which stats to favour and how many experimentation points to use per roll (and to be fair armour has lots of optional layers you can fiddle around with) - but as things currently stand it's very clear-cut as to what is best for each weapons' stats (Damage > PCM > Sheen, healers notwithstanding), and the choice between one-pip or 50/50 is just another dice roll (are you feeling lucky, punk?)... Factories are not going to fix this either - once you've gotten your lucky rolls you'll be able to replicate those and stop interacting with this painful experimentation stage, but it'll still be a part of the crafting process. I can see how the pain of getting bad rolls or failed combines can be lessened by increasing availability of resources and giving us a way to replicate the good results, but it's a bad core design. Having said all this I do have faith in ACE - I think/hope that they recognise that what we have here is a flawed and incomplete system and are looking to improve on it in the future, as they're doing with harvesting... There's only really one BIG problem with this system anyway, and that's that the results you get are all based on RNG. There is no strategy, skill expression or interactivity in a dice roll; it's bland at best, and at worst it breeds resentment. The perception of everything else in the crafting sphere is tainted by this mindless way of procuring results, and it needs to change. If ACE (or one of us) can come up with a way for crafters to have an actual hand in whether the outcome is favourable or not then it'll alleviate a lot of the frustration... The attitude will very quickly go from "There was nothing I could do" and "I'm done bashing my head against this wall" to "Oh I messed that up" and "Welp, let's try that again". Let's make it happen.
  3. @PaleOne @BarriaKarl Do you guys have Blazzen on ignore or something? You can be maximally effective at a combat role and an economic role by having a vessel for each (which you can swap out in a similar way you might change classes at the temple), but you do not get to have a vessel that excels at both at the same time... Being highly proficient at both roles at the same time is never going to happen. Please stop asking for it.
  4. As far as I know the "Lifesteal bonus" just increases the Lifesteal amount on abilities that already have them... I think it would be cool if it granted Lifesteal to all attacks, as you might expect, but yeah unfortunately that does seem to be a "feature".
  5. The Dev Tracker on the forums isn't working, and neither is the one on the Crowfall site itself
  6. Accidental Mark Halash ?

    Mark Halash as a Half-Giant maybe? I definitely see the resemblance
  7. Guild field added to forum profile page

    Roger... 5.3 is bringing fully-fledged guild systems confirmed?
  8. Player Population

    Here's a map for reference - also if you're looking for your current co-ordinates they should be in a box at the top-right
  9. Dizzy Down

    I think a heavy slowing effect and reducing HP regen to 0 maybe even increase damage taken too for a few or more seconds (duration refreshed) upon being hit while in Out Of Combat stance would be deterrent enough for people to not "abuse" the stance's benefits, as the Devs fear, while removing that pesky Knockdown that everyone seems to hate... I really think that's the crux of the issue; we don't disagree that using OOC mode during a fight should be sufficiently punished, but that the free un-cleanse-able Knockdown effect that it gives is overkill P.S. It doesn't help that a lot of our cases against the mechanic revolve around "I was out solo harvesting and it ruined my farming experience" - ACE keep saying that's not going to be a thing, and it just makes the following arguments sound weak. P.P.S. IDK how easy changing the effects of Dizzy-Down is, but you can always try multiple variations on the mechanic and see what happens - maybe ACE already have and they'd like to share some of that process to ease our minds ^^
  10. @Alythia @Riftblade123 Was it a very large area that contained several large structures and a few hills, walled off with wooden fortifications, that you were around when you died? Sounds like you were near an enemy's starting zone AKA "beachhead", which is off-limits to you - if you stay near it too long you'll be instantly killed (to prevent people jumping in and spawn-killing the defenceless)... There is a toast-style message that warns you to stay away, but I wouldn't blame you for missing that
  11. Heh yeah I try to keep it light and I don't begrudge you guys when we lose, but I can't help but be emotionally invested in doing well (even if it is pretty pointless right now)
  12. Bug: Became unable to use dodge pips, cause unknown (starts around 30 seconds in). Fix: Cast some spells/switch Trays. I can't remember exactly which server this was on, but the bug isn't unique to that version.
  13. Ah my bad, I'll update the title - I really ought to have figured out who's in what guild by now >_> Edit: I'll also make sure to attribute people properly in the video itself from now on 8^)
  14. Well our comms isn't much better really, minus the usage of the word "bois" but yeah the shenanigans in voice chat can make for some good content, I've been thinking about doing some stuff that focuses more on that with permission and discretion of course
  15. @Yumx Yeah I like to leave the game sounds and comms in when possible, and other people have mentioned they like it too - it adds to the entertainment value, and for these longer fights it gets kinda boring with just music thrown over it @Kiro Thanks man - it's one thing to say "GF" after in global but quite another to come back to watch and compliment the video - I appreciate that, and I've been trying to contain my salt and return the favour to you guys @mctan I'm excited for the Dwarves/Stoneborn too - no fantasy game is complete without Elves and Dwarves and Guinea Pigs! But yeah, when we get these fights it is quite fun, but between rallying people up to log in and roaming around looking for each other it can take a while before we actually get around to fighting