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  1. Confessor ult still fizzles when you use it at the same time that a hard CC is applied to you, causing the caster to be silenced for the duration and consuming an Ult charge while not providing the shield, stealth or blink.
  2. N.B. It does seem to allow you to see stealth from 25m, so the functionality seems to intact - just not showing up in the stat sheet.
  3. The Desync bug (from teleport abilities) seems to be related to proximity to obstacles and other characters. I think maybe if your starting location or target location are invalid when the blink goes off it desyncs you.
  4. @PopeUrban I chose to make it AoE because Alertness is a group buff, so even if you anti-perception the anti-stealther he can just pop buff and let the rest of his group find the stealther instead... AoE is still capped to 5 so if you're trying to dodge more ppl than that then even an AoE might not be enough. Using this spell should also make you visible ofc.
  5. The Rescue buff from Inquisitor's Fire of Life (and presumably Field Surgeon's as well) is not properly applying the buff, at least not in the way that we're used to... I rescued someone, they negated the first deadly attack, but then they died to the next attack instead of being death-immune for the rest of the buffs duration. The target had not been rescued recently so it was not on ICD. P.S. tested in EK
  6. I forgot to comment on this, maybe make it a ground-target AoE active that drastically reduces target's Perception for X seconds instead. Think something like Druid Blight, large radius at range with a debuff that persists while inside it and for X seconds after leaving it.
  7. Stormcaller's Blight has the same (smaller) visual and sound effects as Aurora Emitter when you take damage ticks from it, could this be made different at some point to clarify which effect you're taking damage from?
  8. Rangers cannot use Mana Shield (from Master of Focus), but Stormcallers can so it's not simply a case of lacking a resource pool called "Mana".
  9. I honestly don't mind if the one-shot Blight bombs required an 18 stack and full glass cannon build, but the damage scaling on 6.2's Blight is still set too low to achieve that and it can't be the only thing that Archdruid has to offer... Allowing Blight to explode orbs that you place in it would go a long way to making it viable, even if it still wouldn't be very strong outside of sieges.
  10. @Pystkeebler Naturally I disagree that the orb bombs lack counterplay, it just requires that their two seconds of forewarning works correctly and that people aren't lagging out so much that they can't react in that time frame... The problem there is that both of these things are frequently borked in this game in the past when these things have worked correctly people would just walk/dodge/ult out of 90% of on-target bombs. P.S. I otherwise agree with your post
  11. I like 90% of this lists changes, I can see people wanting to take all of these at once and that's the kind of hard choices we wanted to see more of. I think the current Domain system is doing a better job of that than before, but there's still a lot of "meh" discs and I think these reimaginings go a long way to improve them. Crazy Pills is fine IMO, starts at 50 AP when full resource up to 100 AP when completely empty on resource. It's in line with other AP-granting passives/minors. I like the Banners change, but rather than being cancelled by casting abilities I think Banner
  12. With the reduced damage scaling on Blight, Archdruid isn't even worth playing for siege/fort defense at this point. There are more interesting build options now than pre-6.2, but since the Blight bomb is the only thing it does differently to other classes it's just not worth using Archdruid as a platform for those builds.
  13. Pixie Dust (from Forest Creature) can't be slotted in Druid Death tray, though it could be in previous patches - it's a buff to increase healing received.
  14. Protection Stake's buff (from Lord of the Forest discipline) seems to drop off and reapply every second.
  15. Something is wrong with the scaling on Archdruid bombs, this round of testing done by Oaths... Blight damage doesn't seem to match any of the tooltips we've had recently, and has only further plummeted from the 6.2 release patch: These stats with a 60 dmg weapon, 10% Nature Damage Bonus and 3% Nature Pen are getting max crits of about 350 on 50% Mitigation target dummies, which doesn't match any previous extended tooltips nor the pre-calculated tooltip that we have now. With current damage values on Test it would require maximum Legendary end-game gear and skills training with a
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