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  1. Culling is fun ) teamplay is superfun and it worth 15$ for sure
  2. The reason is not the game but ppl mentality.. I mean to zerg. Every game I played which allows you to zerg I was zerged. But they have 5v5 sieges and it is cool, you dont need 200 men clan to win a siege. We are playing 9 men clan and having fun. Yeap sometimes we are being zerged but anyway when you roam with 5 a chance to have a good fight is 10 times higher than if you roam with 25 and you chance to have a good loot is higher aswell
  3. Just one question, have you played UO?
  4. There are many skillshots and there is no chance tablet player can kill pc player. AA sandbox? Do quests and forget about 80% of the map? Are you serious? Albion has a lot of potential and they just posted their upcomming plans for new features and ballancing stufff. Local banks and PvP with loot. Moreover green and yellow zones are newb and casual players friendly. Never seen such a huge online in a sandbox full loot game before. To be honest I played alpha 1 year ago and I was sceptical about this game. Now, after playing beta, I can't wait for this game to be released.
  5. it seems you were reading only personal replies because it was on topic few pages before. But for me... I missed it. Forumwars! Even when the server is on maintanace or patching... But here we stepped even further, there no game exist but forumwars already started... So the wardec etc will take place. My bet - it will happen even before alpha
  6. But to have concerns is also not a bad way to motivate devs to prove you were wrong. Am I right?)
  7. My personal wish is to see this game a successful one. I should better sit quite here and hope all the things I wrote wont come true
  8. One person from ACE had already made 2 mistakes, uhmm it was not mistakes but they way to earn money by killing the game
  9. With the engine upgrade it will look better and I still hope for some loot/full loot system.
  10. I've backed 10+ games and you can see that I am here, on this forum... Seems all of previous ones failed or delayed, 2 are closed already
  11. Sometimes it is better to be ready for the worst possible case. Also I am sure it is not the first game you backed, same for me. And noone of them were done the way it was promised. Otherwise we all had a reason to come here, and that reason is "no good enough MMO to play"
  12. Probably. But it is not clear yet. We will be sure how it looks like only when they release. I write my concerns but it seems that most ppl here are "sure"
  13. SW TOR was promised to have a diplomacy, corp wars etc.
  14. I started this thread after watching their video with GvG ruleset... The thing I noticed that they were talking about g1 and g2, but where are g3,g4...gx which came to roam? and just randoms who came for PvP? If the are restriction its bad, if they wont forbid to come to roam, then I love their concept
  15. Objectives are cool but you are forced to follow the rules... It makes the game to have less freedom = less sand
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