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  1. Welcome Pann! Poor Tully, back to work! No more surfing the web (doing community PR of course!) or watching cat videos (learning to herd cats forumers). Rip Eric (again)
  2. And this is one reason why the factions based systems have less resources in general (and lack of the rare resources) than the guild based and dregs. GL trying to do that in any of the major hardcore guilds and forget about it solo in the dregs.
  3. Thank you for the clarification on Mounts and caravans, I'd raised similar concerns in another thread and I'm glad to see you have considered it and that it is why it is so important to be the first stretch goal. I do hope you realize how important those other campaigns are however. At the current level of stretch goals we are going to need to hit at least 1.6m+ to see that. I honestly cant see this game existing with solely the dregs and EK alone. I guess I'm like many others in that I thought multiple rulesets were a PART of the core game. Those differing rule sets are what will make this game work. Different levels of risk/reward will allow a much greater population to co-exist. You've said that if you can get EK and the dregs working, the others will be easy, so hopefully were not looking at another 1m of stretch goals required to get there, because honestly, I thought the 800k was fairly steep and I'm expecting the KS to slow dramatically. If we need to hit like 2m just to get multiple campaigns, im a bit worried on whether the game will be successful.
  4. I guess I'm probably the only one not excited by stretch goals. This is the part of stuff that about kickstarters that really irk me, the never ending quest for additional money that comes with them. First it will be stretch goals, probably followed by seperate add-on purchases, ect (the linked SotA in the 3rd update is probably the worst of this kind). Each time something new has to be added to generate additional items to offer for purchase. By the end, the original concept is buried. Worries about the current announced stretch goals: Improved FX - Dont get me wrong, eye candy is great and all, but extra particle effects and massive sieges/battles don't usually work very well. Mounts & Caravans - Are the procedurally generated maps designed with mounts in mind? Mounts are typically the first method of fast travel games use. Having them immediately shrinks effective map sizes as players are able to cover more distance faster. Caravans - are these faster or slower than normal travel. I'm all for being able to carry larger amounts of material at the cost of speed (for efficiency sake - easier to guard, ect). However, if they are able to move more material at the same or faster speeds, that is a problem imo. I guess im glad we still have a 30 day window during the KS regardless of how much is raised to see which direction the game heads. Please don't turn this into another SC money pit now that people are interested and you see the $ is there.
  5. Just please don't release stretch goals that hugely complicate and/or greatly delay the core game's (what you have already shown us) release.
  6. All the tiers showed Dec 2016, so im assuming it was more of a launch date and not related to alpha/beta. that being said, can we start alpha 1 now please? edit: yes i know that it said summer 2015 for alpha, but I can still dream can't I?
  7. You launched even an hour earlier for west coasters, thats truley evil! No matter, I actually went to bed at some ungodly old man time last night in anticipation and caught it! I am now fully commited and here long-term! ps... thanks for the discounts!
  8. Just so you know, making me be awake at 6am is a very evil thing to do. I am so not a morning person. Hopefully the limited tiers wont be super limited (I think 500 or 1000 people tiers will be gone almost instantly).
  9. I just hope the servers stay up so we can actually see what they reveal... but I have my doubts on that happening!
  10. 13. You'll note it says specialists can dig through terrain. You will also note that the Guinecean duelist is a specialist. I'm guessing that the Guinecean (and potentially other races that share burrowing characteristics) can burrow. What if your not a burrowing race (or class if specialist is actually a class), your still stuck? 16. I'm assuming this is during a siege. I stand by the point that if walls/buildings can be destroyed outside of sieges, there is absolutely 0 point in building them as they will be destroyed the moment you turn your back even one second. completely undefendable. I have read the FAQ, I'm really excited by the potential of both the physics and voxel systems. I just hope that the devs are considering the ways such systems can be completely abusable (they have mentioned they are away of potential FF concerns so I suspect they are) and taking steps to insure that it cant be abused. If it can be abused, it will be.
  11. I think you are making assumptions that far more of the potential of the voxel system will be in use than I do. If 1, 2, or 3 were as easy to do as you are saying, buildings wont exist period. Building destruction cant be a spur of the moment thing or buildings wont be worth putting up in the first place. If you can quickly and easily dig holes under and around things, wall and the like will be completely useless and not exist either. 4 is the only potential option you have brought up that might work. However I dont want to have to have a skill on my bar whos sole purpose it to move griefers out of the way.
  12. Now that the bad hamster jokes are out of the way... The phyics stuff actually worries me a bit. I just see most physics stuff as incredible tools for griefing people. #12 has me thinking about some small mass character (like one of the Guineceans) getting stuck in said hole and then not having the mass to move the boulder and being stuck. There are usually enough flaws in the terrain to have places to get stuck without giving players the ability to create new ones. If a centaur legionair has the highest mass, and he sits in a doorway, is there any way to get out short of killing him? Also you better not go afk anywhere or your "friends(bored guildies!)" (or faction mates if you are on the factions server) will almost certainly push you off the nearest cliff! I just see huge potential for greifing with physics. I guess im just a bit cynical, but I don't have a lot of faith in the average MMO player to not completely abuse something that has any potential for abuse anymore.
  13. Ok so the most important question from this update.... Can we build large wheels and force captured Guineceans to run endlessly to power our cities? Also, if Crowfall has any server problems at all, we know who to blame. It is all the Guinecean's fault! p.s. please make the Guinecean's have terrible racial traits. I really don't want to end up playing an overgrown hamster! (yes i know they aren't the same, they are close enough!)
  14. With less than a week to go on the countdown timer, what is the situation like in the office this week? It is madness crunch time with everyone working really late to try and make sure things get done before the timer expires, or are you pretty much already ready with the material to be released and just putting on final touches?
  15. Would have preferred sub only to B2P, but I can see why they have done it to bring in more potential players (and retain ones that are on the fence about staying). I'm also not sure about the tradeable tickets, i do think this will lead to an increase in botting activity. The line about EK in the payment FAQ makes it sound like EK is nothing more than our house. I'm not sure what i think about that atm. I guess until today i was still hoping EK would actually be a more important part of the game than it has been presented so far. Now it sounds like it is just instanced housing you can invite everyone to trade in (assuming you paid real $$ to upgrade it). Depending on the options, upgrading player slots on EK to build a trade hub and then collecting ingame currency for people trading there sure sounds like RMT. Overall, I'm a bit disappointed in todays announcements. I'm also more confused about how everything is going to work. Hopefully this is just the "lobby" day for me that others had last week and the next updates will bring the hype levels back up to where they have been.
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