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  1. Oh i see. i thought about something different when you said gank rates. (How often you get ganked as a harvester) That's indeed something that only happens once so i did not mention it anyway. Well we have to see how it turns out. If the game stays as it is with just more players my critique points might come true but that's indeed not the case. As you already mentioned there is stuff like tracking and much more still to come. Probably the recall ain't staying as it is too. So how it really turns out will indeed just be speculation.
  2. Gankers can go as a group too tough? And assasins will not be able to remember popular harvest routes and visit them more often? The current game is pre-alpha and the game is obviously not yet as populated as it will be. Also i have never speculated about gank rates i just have compared the pros and cons of ganking and harvesting. About which exact risk that exists only once are you talking about here?
  3. That would imply that the ratio space/people stays the same. As far as i know there will be way more players in the future. So i would expect that finding people will be a problem. And even if density doesn't change it is not changing my point because spending 20 minutes for nothing (not finding a target) is literally the same risk a harvester has. At the same time you can have way more reward (it is quite possible to gank up to 2 or 3 people within 20 minutes).
  4. But also the ganked person will lose durability. And the way to the next bank usually is not too long (at the moment). So if there is no further punishment for ganking that will always mean that a ganker risks the same or less than a harvester while having a way higher possible reward per time spent. Which seems to me to be quite inbalanced.
  5. Sorry for my ignorance. But what exactly are they (the assasins) risking? In eve when trying to kill miners or explorers you always were at risk to lose your equipped vesell. In crowfall you only lose your inventory. Which normally is empty for people who are looking to gank
  6. Agreed. wipe everything! I also think night capping and circle capping are one of the biggest issue right now. It just doesnt make any sense that 3 people can undo the work of 100 people just over night. Maybe scale the points objective give with the online player amount? (just an idea) And the circle capping solely because it is a boring mechanic.
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