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  1. About a year old -- Geforce 1070 card. It's not like the game is very demanding anyway, though, the issues I saw when I was testing were all server-side, latency, etc.
  2. I mean . . . I think most gamers would agree, if generally you are not stuttering, abilities are going off when pressed -- if lag and FPS issues are not impacting the fight -- then it's a go, it's okay, it's playable. The fact that you qualified your answer makes me think that it's not truly playable
  3. Performance has continued to be an issue throughout development -- so much so that I stopped testing because I doubted that they could, technologically, support enough people in battles to make the game functional and fun. So -- how is it now? I had heard it was improving but then logged on and found much of the same -- stuttering, de-syncs, unplayable in battles with more than a few people. Has that changed? How many people are supported in fights at this point -- in a functional way, with decent performance? Thanks!
  4. I'm hovering in the wings, checking back as much as I can, waiting for that magic patch that makes me feel like performance will get good enough for the game to be what it's meant to be. Fingers crossed!
  5. Thanks. So much good about Crowfall but it can't work without fixing this fundamental issue. Ashes of Creation and Camelot Unchained seem to be pretty far ahead in terms of basic performance at this point. These 3 games need to have a 3-way and conceive a baby (it's a fantasy, 3-way genetic fusion dream. . .) and the result would be pure bliss.
  6. Been gone for a bit. When I left, things were a bit more stable than early on, but there were still big FPS issues and latency, especially in any sort of battle situation. Even NPCs would warp. It made me worry that the engine might not have been able to support the type of game that they were trying to make. So -- how is it at this point? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yeah, because it's alpha and not live so it doesn't matter Here's my proposal for a much much better system that is fairer to the user. Just have skill points ticking up as you are offline, and then you get to allocate them wherever you wish when you log on. No queue system, no over-training issues. It seems to me that would be a far better, fairer, simpler system.
  8. The queue system sounds like a decent plan. And games are for fun, not to make you accountable. . . Yes, they need to present a challenge blah blah blah. But they should not frustrate, they should be enjoyable -- life is for frustration
  9. How is it EZ mode to allow you to spend your points without wasting them? Lol. . .
  10. Why not just allow a user to re-allocate those points? I don't understand why you are expected to micro-manage that carefully, it's just annoying and it doesn't account for real life being a thing
  11. Hopefully the way training skills works will be changed before release. Currently, you can over-train a skill, resulting in wasted points. This is really a bummer if, say, you take a vacation or don't hang around to micro-manage your skill training. At a minimum, when you reach enough points to take you to 100% trained in a skill, those extra points should be able to be rolled over to another skill.
  12. I have no problem testing game mechanics but corpse runs (in testing) should not be a thing, they just waste time for testers. Consider providing chests with crafting materials in town so you can test crafting without having to harvest again and again. And please put a notification that praying makes you lose all your stuff. I didn't know, so an hour of harvesting went poof.
  13. I have not logged on in a while, and I must say that the improvements look very very nice. You're making great progress. There's so many changes I need to catch up on, cause I have not devoted much time to following the development notes and additions/revisions. I'm interested to see how performance is in PvP at this point.
  14. Someone posted this vid in the other "THIS IS IT" thread and I had to re-post. The hunky boyfriend in this is Cole Turner form Charmed -- actor Julian McMahon. I LOL'd. Any other geeks like me out there recognize him -- or maybe do now that I mention it???
  15. I dunno about everyone. . . But it is true if you let people in this early, some will get burned and disillusioned b/c the game is in such an early development stage.
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