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  1. I play solo on one account with 6 of my toons as crafters. I thought the change would make it impossible for me to progress, but then I got a proc on my leatherworker and started grinding, burnt though a lot of mats and got the three I needed to progress and make crafting/harvesting armor. Making one full set of armor for my skinner, runecrafter and leatherworker and I have procced 4 more knowledges. I haven't gotten far enough to know in absolute terms if the proc rates are high or low but I can say for some in relative terms. Leatherworker/Runecrafter about the same. Al
  2. There are many different awesome cards that one can imagine but that would not work because they would be gamed; the solution is for there to be a very large pool of cards that are made to be hidden and not revealed until the end of the campaign, but only one or two are used for each campaign. By keeping the odds of any particular card being active for a campaign very small you discourage gaming the cards. Nobody is going to make an alt guild to grind kills to win a card that there is only a 5% chance of being active in any given campaign. Crafter whos weapons get the m
  3. I have one which I assumed I got from crafting Advanced Toxins, so then I started grinding Advanced Toxins but no more Knowledges... Maybe I found it from a Thrall and it doesn't drop from making poisons? The only other things I have made are crafting and harvesting potions which have no experiment roll so I assume they would not cause a Knowledge to drop?
  4. Never mind, it was caused by being in inventory view while dead.
  5. I think what is compounding the issue is that there is a HUGE difference in how the dropped gear affects different crafts. After a bit less than 2 months I find that the best weapons I have are the ones I crafted, while the armor I can craft is so incredibly inferior it is pathetic so the crafting side of the equation is more about balance. What prompted me to make the OP was when a new player asked about Intermediate tools and I realized how very limited a new player is in gathering and how this adversely affects the supposed game loop.
  6. I don't feel we need the best on day 1, I feel we need something worth doing a lot sooner than we are getting it is all, days rather than weeks and weeks rather than months. EDIT - I really don't know about end of the tree crafting so maybe the endgame can be just as distant, but the beginning needs to spool up to a certain point a lot quicker.
  7. Well, the way I attempt to address it is to basically give a training boost at start so that it takes days rather than weeks for gatherers and crafters to catch up to where the rest of the game already is at the start. Though I haven't gotten deep enough into crafting to see when it gets better than the dropped loot if it never does then that is another problem.
  8. Seems too late in the development cycle but ya a hybrid system would be better although I am not sure it changes the initial lag unless you can grind 2 weeks worth of training into one or two days. Also would be better to have quality of crafting increase by ingame play/grind while efficiency is by passive rather than the other way around.
  9. Since I downloaded and launched the Live client before starting actual play on Test, by the time I got to Live I already had my passives trained so I never felt the impact of this though I have read others mention it as a problem. I am here to tell you it is a BIG problem that has to be addressed on launch. As-is on day 1 of launch, and all of the next day as well, everyone will be limited to Basic harvesting tools 🤪. 2.37 days to get even just Intermediate tools. 13.70 days to get Advanced tools. That's over 11 days with just Intermediate and almost two full weeks
  10. no, no stacking no refreshing no overwriting. Don't know that casting a bleed on someone already bleeding would even trigger anything that triggers on bleed.
  11. " Removed references to severe, moderate, and major versions of damage over time effects in power descriptions. " Except you missed Piercing Arrow which still references a Severe Bleed.
  12. Forest Step from Lightfoot Major Discipline. It is easy to replicate the Blink to Target portion failing against practice dummies, it does damage to the dummy but you do not blink to target as you should. Simply face the target and walk back until you are against the porch and the jug or whatever that is, the blink will fail. Note that it is not because you are facing away, the blink works if you are facing away but not up against the porch and jug.
  13. Ghost Army from Grim Reaper on an Elken Brigand. This power is just broken and always has been as far as I can tell. It claims to affect a rectangle and have a range of 15m but I can't get it to work on practice dummies past 5m and even then it is only getting one or two of them sometimes. But then other times it gets NONE of them. I just lined myself up squarely to them and targeted the middle one from 4m away and hit none of them, I repeated and still hit none of them.
  14. EDIT - I found my cookie, yay \0/💪 So as I stood in the Circle of Enlightenment I had much time to contemplate the meaning of Life, The Universe and better ways to implement capture mechanics. I captured a Fort in Infected and I don't even seem to get a cookie for it 😕 It reminded me of how WWII online handled things and it is the second time I thought that taking cues from WWII online would help this game (you get capture cookies in WWII Online in the form of stats that accrue by lifetime and by campaign). I thought the AI Defenders were just right in strength, not impossible f
  15. Cats in canyons always sink and are unskinnable making flexible hides hard to gather. Outside the canyon they don't disappear after you loot them but in the canyon they are gone 100% of the time after looting.
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