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  1. RNG for gear drop as implemented is SUPER BAD IDEA. Here is how you implement % based gear drops: Every item has a value. Add value of all droppable items. Calculate the desired percentage of this value (like 20%), this is the loss value. On death randomly select one item at a time, drop that item and deduct its value from the loss value, continue until the value <= 0. For Extra Credit you can add a function to catch rounding issues (i.e. as suggested the % loss is a minumum, you can add extra math so that value is an actual average).
  2. I made it myself before 6.3. I was making green tools and was on the verge of making green armor and next would be weapons then 6.3 dropped and the only way to get back to where I was is to farm insanely huge amounts of gold which I will not do (I put two months into testing already so I no longer fell any obligation to do that). If I had gotten to green gear I would have made my second foray into a campaign (first time I couldn't really even harvest anything so I went back to Infected and started building up to where I could make greens and let my passives build up). I
  3. Before I stopped testing (I will not call it "playing" since I do not acknowledge the presence of a game loop) I "fought over PvE activities" but I really wasn't and I don't think many others are either - what we are doing is looking for PvP and the best way to do that is to pretend to be engaged (lol at calling PvE here engaging) in PvE when in fact all you are really doing is blowing off time waiting and hoping that someone will try to gank you. I stopped running around for discs at night because I found it works better to just stay punching rocks at night and hope someone roaming for discs
  4. You can't retain players without a game for them to play. Literally everyone who gets a free beta invite (including me) expects the game to be late beta, not mid alpha. Practically nobody who signs up for these beta invites is interested in testing (this is the rule I am an exception to), they want to try playing the game before release. The two extremes of feedback I have seen are roughly: 1) this is a straight up money grab and not a serious effort at game development and 2) wow, earlier in development than I was expecting but I checked it out anyway, here are the
  5. Crafting and Gathering progression are upside down, Combat progression is right side up; the biggest jump in power should be from white to green, then a little less jump from green to blue and so on. Right now the biggest jump for Gathering is Advanced Tools, these should be available from the green disc and then spread the rest out in decreasing chunks up from there; the biggest jump for Crafting is the extra reduction in recipe costs and this should be available from having a green disc and a green belt. Having the threshold capability which enables one to participate meaningfully in the gam
  6. Guinecans are bugged with stealth. I was in a Mino Ranger with shadow sight up and Thon was totally invisible while whacking on a motherload with Alpacalypse while Alpaca was fully visible, it wasn't until well after I launched my attack that Thon was visible to me even though he had been there from the start.
  7. And the arrows scroll at different speeds on different tabs, combat tab the arrows scroll so fast you can only ever see the beginning and the end.
  8. I have to wait in queue to get in Infected with 65/1225 logged in.
  9. Chat windows (ME and Combat Log) no longer scroll with mouse wheel. ME window scrolls only slowly with the arrows on the window while the Combat Log using those same buttons scrolls WAY too fast.
  10. I like friendly fire as well, possibly with kill-shooter mechanic in place for some situations. Just wondering if Rangers with crushing arrows and mudman self AoEing themselves for the procs would become a thing?
  11. And just to emphasize while usually said resource is still recoverable sometimes it is lost forever. I have to admit I grinded bears for an hour and a half the other day and of the 100s of skins and meat and such that dropped only a few went unrecoverable [lost inside a nearby tree], it still feels bad. It feels even worse when it is a blue and I imagine even worse still a disc drop.
  12. You can loot all while knocked down. Seems odd, not sure if you can loot normally while knocked down but that would seem odd too.
  13. Skinning White Bog Bears in Infected with Intermediate Rune Knives on a Mino Ranger. 1st Proc - 9 bears 2nd Proc - 2 bears [yay RNGebus Lubs Meh] 3rd Proc - 9 bears 4th Proc - 16 bears 5th Proc - 35 bears [oh noes, rngebus doesnt lubs me anymore] 6th Proc 4 bears [OH THANK YOU RNGEBUS!] I skinned 3 more with no proc then my fourth and final runeknife broke. Total of 6 Skinner drops after 78 bears skinned and 4 runeknives broke. If the average is 5% then that means for every one of me there is someone who had to skin 0ver 160 bears to get the same number of dr
  14. I don't understand why they haven't updated their information. It looks like Tiggs is even out of the loop. I was invited with 9.1 on October 2 and I am still here over 60 days later. Looking at how the invites have progressed it looks like it will be another month before 9.1 is dropped from beta. I agree that all free beta accounts should be left active until launch though.
  15. Rangers only regenerate energy in the Ranged Tray until after they promote.
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