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  1. gripe behave , i can custard your mother and put you to guard me at the door , i dont care if u are poorly made socks paygirl to ace and ahve a status near your forum name

    1. Tinnis


      Making friends all over!

  2. learn 2 read brah , i aint claiming nowhere that the game si P2W rofl , i jsut say there will be an advantage for who purchase a 7k $ castle , you need to be stupid to think u pay so much and it wont give you any advantage. OHHH loook we got a 7k $ Castle but we can only look at him in our guild territory , yeah rofl , of course they will put shops npc in there or it will have an influence somehow , there will help taht guild in many ways im sure
  3. it is weird indeed .. they say players( crafters) will sell their goods in shops , OK and waht u give them in exchange if there will be no currency ?!
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