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  1. gripe behave , i can custard your mother and put you to guard me at the door , i dont care if u are poorly made socks paygirl to ace and ahve a status near your forum name

    1. Tinnis


      Making friends all over!

  2. rofl about dis poll , is easy to see that VIP people will want of course any kind of advantage vs the no VIP users , the OP is t@rd and troll same time if she think that the majority non VIP will stay and let advantages come ONLY for some that invest real money and have a status near their name
  3. soulbieber .. im so ashame , God if i think or anyone about the right and wrong , il be like a bull in the new year in Malaesia .. I can stand the sacrifice but you will need to come
  4. if the IGNORE hamm didnt come : to many vs me .. i say what I had to say , you do your thing devs, I wont miss anything il go back to my 2v2 arena (wow) or play my inivisible Scorpion (War EC) the thing that make me sad , i see interest no one, but after all i wont give anyone tips on how to behave with their customers PS: I invested in games , only in wow for mounts and change names or servers at least 1,5 k $. Will u make me invest more in your game as you do the things ? I aint sure ,you jsut bulpoorly made socks your new people how can u have a big gre
  5. to be non professional upset me , you guys ( i assume u part of dev team or some kind of partners ) make that no one do ,and i mean NO ONE in the world of aplha/beta especial in the area with the $$ (CHING CHING) on the table , where u get money from people, u just cant be so unprofessional i talk with people that pay 500$ as a backer and some 250 $ , this it aint a way to do this thing, ok ok ok hold one is pre alpha ?! OK i say but u charge and u have scheldue of testing and who test ?? ohh the one that pay real dollars mostly test kiss me goodbye for da brothers out there tha
  6. it is primary to bugs when u DONT charge 70 EURO and say ( come faster or u wont get in this phase of testing ) When u say that u will fkin keep your word baby , im not bout my $ spend, but eyah i spend them because of some lies come from the devs that make this game , this is fo real im not afraid to say it , iw as in aplhas and betas before pay or not pay and that is sad BUT more sad is that im not the only one that think that it aint a good way to deal testing, at least say : " we dont care who buy waht and when we test ,no one know when" and at least Me and others wont
  7. it suppose to have a weekend open to test (real test pvp as teh game is center not to build sand castles ) ..of course for the ones eligible for testing omg there were 3 bugs and all teh 3 devs are in weekend , "sry we will open testing next week" waht a ?? R U SERIOUS ? ok nm but with this attitude boys and girls is not how it is done . i especially purchase to test the game in this weekend and many are like me ( Me and 3 friends of mine) , i dont care about some bugs is PREALFA as u always scream , just fkin let us roam the hills and test some of the game, the PVP as u say
  8. il do naked fighting full weap skilled just like i was doin in Darkfall ,waitin 3 nubs to mine 2 hours, than gank them loot all their work + gear and mounts , then gank them again in the city where they just go for some blacksmith , to bad they cant move fast because the heavy ore on them BUAHAAAAHA .. that was some real risk vs reward tears of love ...
  9. learn 2 read brah , i aint claiming nowhere that the game si P2W rofl , i jsut say there will be an advantage for who purchase a 7k $ castle , you need to be stupid to think u pay so much and it wont give you any advantage. OHHH loook we got a 7k $ Castle but we can only look at him in our guild territory , yeah rofl , of course they will put shops npc in there or it will have an influence somehow , there will help taht guild in many ways im sure
  10. sound liek a ripoff , we need to be careful were we join and what guilds will buy those castles , to play vs them will be so much fun insta gibbed because they have best gear , IUUGEE numbers etc.. everything will be around zerg/rich guilds in this game ..in those days i dont know waht mmorpg succeed this way but we will leave and see. The unbalance will be so hardcore on some servers that will pull people away form teh game so easy
  11. I dunno yet ..i tend to be a lone wolf usually , but in same times im be a part of wars all the time solo pk and mas pvp , maybe im gona join a guild ..who knows
  12. it is not any reward for want to invest points in ONLY one archetypes , u can invest same time at same speed in 3 classes skill easy as a VIP ,and for people taht wana be VIP and dont wana play alts there is a punish . now I kinda understand that devs wana make some kind of DOTa thing and people skill 3 alts and sometimes play tank and other time to play a healer but that wont work for many
  13. I dig allot and somewhere say that ore (copper ,silver,gild) will be turned in coins .. and those coins will be some kind of currency
  14. Anyway can u train 3 skills same time from one class in archetype ? right now a VIP can train 1 skill from 3 classes , Im curious if u can train in teh same time 3 different skills from only one class , that would be interesting to have as an alternative to have.
  15. it is weird indeed .. they say players( crafters) will sell their goods in shops , OK and waht u give them in exchange if there will be no currency ?!
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