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  1. Let's just hope we get invited soon, that's all we can do. Indeed my pledge also contains Alpha 2, but if it goes in waves that's fine. I am an early Gold backer on Kickstarter myself.
  2. I used it and it worked flawlessly. Use it if you want, just trying to help not advertise anything lol
  3. Hey there, so I am just like a lot of people in Europe and without a creditcard. When I heard that there was gonna be a Kickstarter I decided to do some research and found this service called Neteller. The Service This service allows you to have a virtual Mastercard and it is basically just like a normal Mastercard. You can deposit money on the virtual creditcard by the use of several payment methods. I've not seen PayPal, however you can use your bank and other services. I myself am from The Netherlands so I used IDEAL to deposit $150 USD on it and used that to back the Kickstarter. It all worked out fine, so this is just a method you can use if you don't own a creditcard. I hope this helps some of you out. The payment methods I could choose from to deposit money on my virtual creditcard:
  4. I went for the Gold Patron - Early Bird
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