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  1. I mean... lets not get ahead of our self... we will crush... but we'll crush in a fashion where you'll enjoy being crushed by us and will look foward to being crushed by us again. You'll leave the situation going... "hmm, they were nice, and it was nice to be crushed by them, and is that the fresh scent of pine?" We are fun, we are family, we love to win, and prefer to do so in a way that's fun for all!
  2. There is no greater guild. For those interested in our playstyle, we most typically favor a PvP-RP ruleset when available. Fighting for the powers of good... whatever that may mean in a chosen game. TG's efforts in game are really powered by what members want to accomplish, so whatever that shapes up to be in Crowfall... we'll barrel ahead and dominate. TG's a fantastic place full of great camaraderie and respect. There's always something going on, even if you're not into an MMO at the moment, someone's playing a card game, or RTS, or FPS, or strategy game... always great people to play things with. Check out TG... it should be the last guild you ever join.
  3. It's always been Galaxies or Ess-dubble-euw-gee Swig. Pfft. Swig is an action taken for the casual consumption of liquids. SWG is a Masterpiece of universe and game design.
  4. While the crafting system was excellent, it was the resourcing that set it apart. Obviously with statistical complexities of the resources, the crafting system was designed to play into that... but without that crazy level of resourcing, the uniqueness and temporary nature of both the resources and the items that were made with them... those systems also created the best in-game economy we've ever seen as well. I genuinely don't believe we'll see another MMO with a resourcing system like SWG. I wish we would... it was marvelous.
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