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  1. Stat cap?

    Think this was brought up before (maybe on stream?) but it is not an intention to let you invest points beyond cap and it is a known issue (90% sure). AFAIK, points invested over the cap do nothing stat wise.
  2. deja vu experience

    This is not really the case. You actually have a lot of flexibility in designing your character. Picking the Wood-Elf, for instance, on Ranger, you are getting a nice OOC movement speed and temporary partial stealth, as well as a RMB teleport. However, you are not getting a ranged distance bonus from Elken (who also gets Trailmaster), or additional slots on Passive and Active bars like Humans. These are bonuses you can find in disciplines but they will compete with other choices that you wouldn't need to give up if you got them from your racial discipline. If you were planning to go with plate armor on your ranger you can't have both the additional Passive and Active tray slot minor disciplines because you will lose two to mail and plate proficiencies. This becomes more obvious when you begin to loadout your crafter/harvester characters because they will be using many of their disciplines for harvest benefits and this will mean relying solely on the racial benefits for your combat survival. There will always be a "most optimal" race/class/discipline setup. But as long as there are regular tweaks to disciplines and new variations being added by the team or even manipulated by crafters then there will continue to be a healthy shifting meta.
  3. 2 Weeks In.

    I think there just needs to be some lootable less-than-basic-quality-was tier items that drop from the Risen mobs. Allowing players who jump in fresh without any social network/skill investment to feel the "satisfaction" of filling that slot without taking away the gains and incentive of working towards better crafted gear. I sorta asked @jtoddcoleman about this on Twitter but it was probably not the right platform. How about now, sir? 😉 Additionally, this could be worked in to provide %drop chance for interesting additives when deconstructed, giving the items some value beyond game start.
  4. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    That sounds more in-line with the core structure of Crowfall. As I said earlier in this thread, I am not opposed to structured PvP incorporated into campaigns. I just oppose them as an alternative game loop.
  5. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Where does the kickstarter say that they were going to create BGs in Crowfall? I definitely missed that one.
  6. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    @APE Arenas/BGs are simply not comparable to "XYZ" variations on campaign worlds. By making an alternative game mode that is not reliant on campaigns to sustain engagement then you ARE harming the campaigns. As for my preferences appearing to you like some selfish demand for others to play my way. Let me just first say that is totally silly. It is completely fair as a customer to expect the product as advertised.
  7. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    You have to ask yourself what the end product here is and if such an addition supports that goal. Ultimately, my stance is about the sustainability of the title they set out to make. I am not a part of the Fortnite/Darwin demographic, and if Crowfall sought to capture that market I would cash out because I don't want that game. Hunger dome seemed like fun. I wasn't there and we obviously don't have it anymore. Even if we did I would promote that it only exist in campaigns as a limited event players can engage in.
  8. 2 Weeks In.

    You punch down a couple trees to get three wood and then you craft a basic axe. Only takes a minute. 25 dust isn't that much either considering you can craft a potion and use a discipline that both provide benefits to gathering right from the start.
  9. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Content creation goes beyond streaming. I still enjoy content people record and share later. I feel that, in many ways, it exceeds as entertainment far above what streaming can produce. As it stands though, streaming is still very possible, and it comes with the same risk that almost any open world PvP game will encounter. This isn't going to be a battle royale game, and we honestly shouldn't hope for it to be.
  10. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    @APE All I can say is that it is an easier game mode to get into with less commitment than campaigns. Arena/Battlegrounds are guaranteed to shave off players from campaigns if they are both convenient to access and ongoing. That doesnt mean there are problems with the design of the campaigns just because a demographic of players will choose quick and easy entertainment over the invested gameplay Crowfall caters to. It all starts innocent enough, "we just want some fun PvP to do when the risks are too high in campaigns/friends aren't online" and then it turns into requests for reward systems, balance cries for the specific game modes, a demand on the dev team to basically treat the two systems like totally separate games, slowly deteriorating the game's core design.
  11. 2 Weeks In.

    Couldn't be further from the truth. Any examples you can provide?
  12. Days and Nights - Official Discussion Thread

    This was an amazing update. Definitely feels like there will be so much opportunity with these new systems in place. I agree with others that it would feel better to have more subtle mob transitions for day/night cycles over the seasons. If the goal is to get the assets into a campaign sooner then it might make sense to only have the creatures that gain the hunger effect relate to an area where, like, more than one hunger shard exist. Like a more concentrated affliction, "befouling both land and creature alike", sorta vibe. This way they exist as long as the shard exists (not disappearing but rather because they are an obstacle *wink-wink*) instead of just during the night time. Alternatively, trading for day/night transitions as more subtle overall effects like, slightly "bristled/grizzled" to start, maybe even with glowing eyes, then moving towards a more diseased look with a greater occurrence of shard-warped creatures/beings(more potent shards, maybe? higher node armor?), ultimately transitioning into a constant fully-warped state. ..Or maybe just glowing eyes and particle effects since people seem to be saying the team already expressed that this a budget decision -- ex-deee! Probably not everyone's lighting preference, but it would also be cool to have the days start to feel a bit darker, just aesthetically, when the variance of day to night begin favoring darkness. Honestly, I will love whatever these guys do. The vision for the game is really...fleshing... out nicely. It will be a... night and day... difference to now. Truly Ok, that's it. I promise.
  13. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    I don't disagree with the concept of limited player events, I just contest the need for a separate ongoing instanced activity away from the consequences of the core game (see below). Sadly, the only thing anyone took from my post was a comment I made about durability loss "needing to be a thing" in EKs, which is more of a consideration for the previous paragraph and not the latter. There is no value in structuring an option that can already exist through player managed events, especially if it draws people away from the game loop of the campaigns. As others have said, those seeking alternative entertainment, free of the expected consequences inherent to PvP engagements, should look elsewhere. If people want to structure their own "no DB" dueling they are more than welcome to do so, it will always be available in EKs. It should just never be an automated queuing system.
  14. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Whether this was available at release or added years down the road "arenas", instanced PvP not impacting or impacted by campaigns, would heavily impact the distribution of players across the campaigns.