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  1. I think it would be pretty intuitive to link a quest system to the god altars throughout the world and in the main hubs. Even some randomized stuff like SWG had could suffice.
  2. Oh, 100%! I only meant that the experience of roping together 39 friends and raiding Blackrock Mountain to kill Dragons and Elementals is not what this game focuses on in any way shape or form.
  3. As a side note, the game was never advertised to be like World of Warcraft. If you ever saw the name appear in comments about Crowfall, it would be someone explaining how this game is meant to be nothing like it.
  4. I just see it as reducing the number of players that can be interacted with and also offering nothing that compelling in terms of gameplay. So fundamentally, I don't like the system. I understand tracking hasn't been implemented yet, but if the considerations for stealth are solely about adding a system that helps to counter stealth over a longer range, I feel that this will only reduce the active applications available to stealth, which doesn't trend towards a more effective scout/selective engagement design. I don't know much about EVE or Shadowbane, but I doubt I need to make the claim t
  5. It is if that game both looks and plays better.
  6. I get the feeling you and I are speaking to a different interpretation of the problem. I think the system is bland and the benefits of stealth are lackluster. The vast majority of interactions in the game do not occur in stealth. That is why the game would benefit from it being treated as a situational power in order to avoid class balance that results in the stealth-based classes underperforming in most areas of the game because of a perceived immunity that does not translate over the majority of content. This suggestion isn't just meant to stop long-haul stealth runs that result in stale
  7. I can understand that perspective. To me, that would just mean we should be scrutinizing the harvest loop quite a bit more, but that would involve a lot of finessing (or hammering) depending on what appeared to be the largest contributors for why this isn't a more engaging aspect of the game while being central to its design.
  8. I definitely think some interaction with stamina is the way to go here for balancing stealth. I agree the old dizzy down system favored wolves, I had just hoped the population would be enough to make that an expected risk for solo harvesting and encourage more group harvesting play (as the old leadership skill tree had implied). However, with the player base where it is, I completely understand the need now to balance things a bit more around some of the one-on-one interactions that are likely to make up a majority of interactions between PKers and Harvesters.
  9. Yeah, it doesn't feel to me that it is here to fill a gap for casuals and new players, but rather something structured that can fit in as a fun action-oriented downtime activity between sieges. The heavy amount of geared players partaking in this game mode will absolutely serve as a deterrence for new players. I generally like ACE's approach of giving new players a taste of something in an accessible way with little reward in order to prime them for campaigns. I don't mind the idea of an ad hoc battleground mode but it would be preferable to have it follow the same design philosophy. I hav
  10. The ease of being bumped out is silly to me too, but it is contrasted by the infinite and mobile invisibility it grants. As it is, it also feels mandatory to have as a harvesting character, with the pros heavily outweighing the cons in comparison to other class options. I like the idea of an invisible threshold similar to the current dismount logic. I'm not sure if I am misreading, but are you suggesting durability damage to gear while in stealth? I think this places an unintuitive tax on classes that have stealth and doesn't really support stealth as a playstyle. I'd like to see it more st
  11. I will concede, I have never played HD but I do hope that it is ACE's intent by including it in the game that they will find a way to leverage what they learn in order to implement cool events-style game modes into the campaigns. I think a BR mode definitely adds to the cornucopia of activities traditional MMO players may be looking for, but it doesn't really make sense for the stated design of the game imo since that isn't really the target audience. Only time will tell at this point.
  12. I see what you're saying. I am definitely against the idea of traditional "battlegrounds", or at least something akin to instanced PvP that occurs outside of campaigns, but as a potential event within the campaign, this would be a direction I am amicable to, and could serve as a model for including more events within a campaign that function differently later, or utilize a similar chosen champion design.
  13. I've read/seen that it is already planned as a battleground game mode. This is a suggestion for a way to incorporate it for more engagement in the actual campaigns in addition to the already planned version.
  14. Yeah, I know they've talked about it before, just guessing that it would have some overlap with the current Duelist class or some possible economy/alternative reasons to break up Duelist from its race requirement. I also just think it would be cool to see more significant class customization available through racial disciplines. Centaur comes to mind too...
  15. All versions of stealth should drain stamina. Stamina drain rates could be reduced by minors that already provide stealth abilities that do not currently offer minor stat bonuses (at their highest quality version). Also make it so that damage-over-time effects and direct damage and CC effects do not immediately remove you from stealth, but instead take a larger chunk of your stamina with each hit while in stealth. - Only reveal abilities should act as an immediate counter to stealth, regardless of player's stamina.
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