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  1. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    Maybe if all of the trees branched more to accomadate some higher end character definition akin to the old system it could be "similar", but there was more than just bonuses to weapons and armor in the old system.
  2. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    Really, my point is only that the investment from passive training was more impactful as it required commitment. Regardless of why I, or anyone else, would think that is, or isn't, important, my question was just if there would be some similar functioning, high commitment, account-wide system of investment contributing bonuses to class and race.
  3. Crying Post

    No need to be antagonistic.
  4. Crying Post

    "Wiping" will not be the same in live. A campaign ending will not be the same as full wipes as seen in pre-alpha/alpha/beta.
  5. Crying Post

    Yeah, skill wipes especially are hurting my investment in test, though I understand that might not align with the systems they are trying to review.
  6. Crying Post

    They should just give us some banked training that can be universally applied to the skill trees at start so we can allocate training and jump in to play right away, as well as keeping vendors in all test servers to allow us to quickly spin up common tier crafting. Two cents for free
  7. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    While there is choice in selecting your character, levelling and outfitting it, that game is not an RPG. If this comes down to a difference of philosophy that is all it is, and I'm fully aware that Artcraft never billed the game as an RPG, this is just a vibe I got from the elements of the game that were laid out. For LoL the lore and environment are irrelevant to the gameplay, and item unlocks are not part of any persistent character development, just match based progression. And more to the point of what defines a competitive game, I think it comes down to personal interpretation. For me, TCG and CCG do not qualify because there is a paywall for unlocking cards needed for competitive play, making it inherently pay to win. Truly competitive games do not start out players on unequal footing, and do not expedite or inherit player power exceeding other participants from any conditions existing outside of the "match".
  8. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    A truly competitive game has little to no player choice. Everything is more or less predefined. In such an argument, there is little reason to have gear based PvP. Yet it is there because 1. It requires your time and 2. It pulls you into the world to create opportunities for player interaction. If it is not an RPG, why spend any effort developing lore? Is the world purely a veneer for a pure siege simulator? I think class fantasy is a point of pride for players, without any need for any RP. Let me just note though I am not an RPer but there is nothing wrong with those who are. In my opinion, player identity becomes much more flimsy if the gameplay rewards discarding character investment in lieu of shifting strategies.
  9. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    For any competitive player it is absolutely necessary and now with no excuse not to it will be expected more than before. Talents are a vast improvement for defining each vessel, but I think it is fair to ask whether or not there will be anything at the account level that represents class or race progression in any comparable way that is ommitted by the new system. As is, I don't see a lot of reason in playing the game as an RPG if it is only to impose an artificial limitation that offers no real gameplay returns and is purely cosmetic.
  10. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    I don't think I missed the point, I just discontinued reading it because of your unnecessary beligerence. The talent system is only a soft restriction, and as mentioned in my post, once players are established you will likely be purchasing prebuilt packages for hitting max level. The point being that in that system you're not tied to the choices you make in any encumbering manner. Without a way to identify players and their choices means you're rolling the dice every time you go out to skirmish in a campaign and account level observations mean very little to campaign strategy. If the new best strategy is (blank) you can simply retrofit that day. This system fundamentally changes this because under the old system players could swap out classes and races but it was without inheretence of passive training, meaning you could be surprised but not overwhelemed by a vessel of equal strengths as a player's focus.
  11. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    Guess at which point I stopped reading this rant? Anyways, even if you are only a "poltergeist", your characters lives represent experiences as represented by the passive training system. If racial and class skills existed there before and have since moved to active training then there is even more a need now to represent those aspects of the character's past lives.
  12. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    Yes, exactly. I could surmise they have lots of ideas, and not all of them are to be shared for one reason or another, like progressions relating to the Gods and that sort. I am just looking for even a tiny crumb that strong player identities falls within the concept of the game.
  13. Class/Race identity in 5.8

    When I think about clamping down the tap for XP gain, I don't know if increasing the time/cost fundamentally changes the sense of identity or impactfullness of player choice, since it will ultimately only exist as an economically gated progression. Something else would be necessary, and therefore EKs seem like a logical place, otherwise I'm pretty much just arguing for having the passive training back and I much like this version better. As a side note (in case it is a conclusion anyone reaches), my example could easily be interpreted along the lines of global EK or Guild effects, which could be cool but are notably different than what I am suggesting is needed or querying about as to whether there are already plans in place. Players need a way to invest in their identity, and I believe that is of high importance to some players, myself included. Also because the current system will incentivize a very flip-floppy, counter play on demand, meta where there are no consequences for your choices that can't be reconciled with gold.
  14. Why not just create crafting classes?

    Crowfall is a PvP focused game, and every player will need the means to survive first and foremost. This is why gathering and crafting are layered on top of the class system, instead of being placed alongside as a standalone class. While you may end up crafting as your primary role, you will never be without the dangers imposed by the environment and other players, and it wouldn't be much fun in a game with as much risk as this if you didn't have the means to respond to these dangers.
  15. I asked a bit late on the stream, but with the removal of class and race training is there any consideration for bolstering player identity around these components in another way? In the new system, I can't quite feel like I am playing as "X of Y" because it has this very disposable feeling, only existing as a talent system on top of a vessel. The talent system is great and I think offers a lot to players looking for a sense of progression and introduction to the game, but down the line we will just be factory producing whichever sacrifice items are the most optimal for leveling and this progression will be but a minor tax to start over. Has there been any considerations for adding a supplementary system to enhance this part of the play experience? Didn't want to dig into this too deep on my post, venturing into the suggestion territory but as an example, perhaps something at the EK level, like a family estate, owning certain pieces of property enhancing the stats of your charactees for certain races or classes.