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  1. What sort of combat would you be satisfied with?

    BDO does have a very good combat feel, despite the way end game PvP actually turns out.
  2. Necromancy

    Yup, and I'm sure this is not a blindspot for AC either!
  3. Necromancy

    I would expect vessels to be equally a part of import and export options, so it will be transferable in that context. Once you have inhabitated a vessel, it might make sense to treat that differently than body parts or unclaimed vessels since starting a new campaign at max level doesn't exactly line up with the philosophy of dying worlds meant to act as a big reset button for the campaign game mode. Yet again, runegates between campaigns may impact this as well. Ultimately though I am not aware that a clear stance has been made on this but would expect clarification as that system gets fleshed out more.
  4. Duelist 5.7 Feedback

    I play GW2 and it far exceeds the current pace of combat in Crowfall while nearly every boon and condition functions as part of stack based system. Not saying that it doesn't come with a hit to performance, but to say it would be so detrimental to the point that it can only exist in slower paced games is unfounded. Crowfall is no where near optimized so it might be premature to say which designs won't fit considering the devs aren't putting all effort polishing that part of gameplelay just yet.
  5. What sort of combat would you be satisfied with?

    Skill is not solely based on your ability to click a button while your reticle sits over your target. It is a skill but is not the only way to represent skill in every scenario, or every type of game. By this logic, no one winning in tab targeted games is "more skilled" than one another but the fact is they actually are, they must be, because if it was truly the same then there wouldn't be those players who consistently outperform the rest of the community. Whether that skill is comprised of executing or chaining abilities in a reactive tab target system, or positioning out of LOS or even physically leading your shot to land a projectile on a moving target in a FPS style game, these are all skills of different varieties. Crowfall lands somewhere in between your personal dexterity, your ability to plan, and your ability to coordinate with others. I think it is a good balance. If everyone is expected to plan and prepare than that is makes up a large portion of the skill floor and the skill ceiling is who can maximize their planning with their abilities, who can position their characters optimally and can communicate well with others. Some people will be good at all of these skills and they will certainly rise to the top in Crowfall. Those who just want their reticle click to trump all other mechanics should play an FPS, not an MMO. Different games, different skills.
  6. Frostweaver - Where are you?

    Can't wait for FW myself. Definitely optimistic that it will bring something fresh, and overall standout from the other classes.
  7. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    Topic about factory limitations start at 12:30 The restriction is provided by an equally limited factory production of its sub components. Which gets a similar result, more or less, since looted components are only differentiated by quality and not by an additional system like the serials in SWG. Therefore there is no limitation from the perspective of optional additives. If you're short on what you need, you can just go out and gather more until you have the additives you need.
  8. Duelist 5.7 Feedback

    +1 for @blazzen 's expose proposal. Would be nice if it had a stacking effect. Maybe let abilities like recon ray give a few stacks rather than one with a moderate duration, while each CC reduced the stack. Additionally, if the duration was different based on the source of application then it could be made more dynamic, in effect any in combat applications could offer a smaller window before the debuff fell off, giving a tell to the recipient that they will be vulnerable for the next few seconds or X triggered expose punishments. Additionally, dodges should be more impactful and less about pure positioning. Like dropping a stack if you dodge during an execution of expose punishing ability. Might be a heavy lift but it would definitely make for a more compelling expose mechanic. In another thread I recommended adding expose to Impale's 5-point combo since it only works as a quick 100-50 finisher and loses luster as a finisher compared to the final stun on pepperbox shot (though impale's initial damage is much higher overall). I would agree that Rapier does feel a bit light on the melee abilities. It would be interesting to see more effects tied to the dodge mechanic, maybe only as part of its weapon discipline, like melee abilities that briefly morph on dodge similar to triggering an ability chain. I also don't think pistol was intended to be a subtle weapon, as evidenced by Go For Broke, so a specific opener for pistol should not be "assassiny" persae if it were to have one. Maybe a pistol whip stun or CD delay, that works with pistol even when equipped only in OH would be a comprimise between the existing balance for Duelist variants. Otherwise, LMB to pistol out of stealth more seamlessly would be a reasonable fix.
  9. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    Yes! I totally remember this serial system when I was farming for colored cubes in the geno labs (Also, Krayt tissue... What a pain for T21s). Would be very cool to see such a limitation imposed on special items in Crowfall as well.
  10. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    I fully agree that a scroll would be better to fully integrate with the crafting loops that already exist. However, I also think a loop for adventurers to be rewarded outside of the heavy gather-craft loop would add to the balance of playstyles by giving another avenue of reward. Additionally, one magical or rare item in the world is less impactful than a never ending factory line of that same item, so I think both directions have their pros and cons.
  11. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    If I were to extrapolate a possible interaction with Scavenging and "chests" I would expect a similar interaction as other gathering skills in relation to node rank. Essentially, if whatever was in a chest can be picked up without any skill interaction then Scavenging wouldn't be interacting with the regular loot container, and instead would roll against the rank of that object/entity, similar to the system we have in place for hitting a node and having % chance to receive doobers of varying quality of the relative type/class. However, since these are expected to be whole items, or maybe even partially complete items (unusable) the chance of success would provide one item or nothing at all. If that were the case this would also be possible to apply to NPCs, or maybe just non-creature NPCs (but maybe boss NPCs? D? All of the above?). So actually, probably less like the node system and more like the wildcrafting they revealed a bit ago. But m+y thoughts on the impact to crafters is that such a system should rely on crafters of varying professions to restore the unusable objects, requiring the input of comparable quality resources to the rank/rarity of the node, at a much reduced cost as compared to items made from scratch, and have it's quality capped, but rolled within those parameters (up to that possibly max quality) based on the crafters skill. Alternatively, crafters could just salvage these items for their materials based on their composite rank.
  12. More XP - Pets - Chests - Tutorial

    Still unclear how Scavenging will impact this philosophy, directly or indirectly.
  13. @JamesGoblin Quibbling over quibbling and synonymous redundancies intended! ... Please clap.
  14. Guinecean race exclusive to duelist?

    If, and only if, in my earnest belief, we were to expand Duelist as a playable class, ignoring any animation burden to development, would be if Duelist as a specialist were to change the focus of the class slightly so it still operates as specialist but from out of stealth and playable by Humans. My reasoning for this is because it wouldn't make sense to shed Guinecean Duelists burrow synergy, but instead keep that as an exclusive component of the racial native bonus. The logic I see, lore wise, is that humans could get access due to their inherent versatility as a race. I think adding expose to the rapier 5-point combo, would give additional utility to an otherwise underutilized ability, giving more build diversity within Duelist as well as taking away the stealth dependency required for their specialist role and thus easing the expansion of this class to humans without a great deal more thought about balancing Duelist w/o a stealth focus (Also probably needs mail baseline). I think additionally, to compensate Guineceans we could offer them a static bonus to stealth (maybe the same for Assassins as well?) because of their advanced burrowing ability (unless we gave the full burrow stealth tray to all Guineas baseline, and moved some of the pistol stuff to the pistol discipline). This also adds another reason to make a stealth discipline available that would benefit stealth-adjacent classes, like Ranger, as well as providing yet another stealth discipline option for classes who get stealth natively for additional dimensions to mix-and-match their loadout.