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  1. Disciplines Recommendations (& Specializations)

    Single-class disciplines would be redundant if you offered other class focused customization options through a promotion system. As is, it doesn't seem like they intend to add such a system. Otherwise, why would they add class specific disciplines? I don't think anyone wants a convoluted customization system of class-specific disciplines and a promotion system anyways. By making Disciplines applicable to a broader grouping of classes they could free up some of that domain and separate the more honed system for each class through promotions/specializations.
  2. Disciplines Recommendations (& Specializations)

    Very true, and that would be a big concern if it affects one class more than another. I just want to add, to my original point, in its current state it feels much more like Classes supporting the Discipline combinations and not the other way around, which really defeats the RPG class identity of having classes in the first place. I think "Promotions" being part of leveling and not Disciplines would be one way incorporate traditional RPG progression and class identity into the game.
  3. Disciplines Recommendations (& Specializations)

    I think it would be very straightforward to duplicate some of the disciplines to differentiate damage types as in your example and would really help the diversity of choice as long as there wasn't variant-of-the-same-discipline stacking.
  4. Disciplines Recommendations (& Specializations)

    Couldn't add the quote in to mention that I misread your comment. You are saying that it wouldn't add to the combination of other classes, which even as a discipline, it doesn't already.
  5. Disciplines Recommendations (& Specializations)

    How about it reducing the overall total combination of options? Like Destroyer for Champion.
  6. Disciplines Recommendations (& Specializations)

    Well, it originally appeared as a separate system during the KS, for one. Then it was iterated into WIP skill trees extending off of the Archetype training and now remnants or A/B of it looks like it exists for some classes in Disciplines but not all, showcasing that they still don't have a solid placement for this type of "specialization"... unless you are counting the sparse and scattered occurrence in the testing disciplines as "solid".
  7. No single class/race disciplines -- please. Anything that should affect only a specific class should be tied into "specializations". A specialization should feel like a significant retrofitting of the class similar to Druid sickle/scimitar. These should be unlocked by reaching some vessel level and strictly locked in to the vessel but give some clear class identity that makes investing in it worth the sacrifice that it can't be replaced like some kind of commodity. Disciplines should all offer stats. In cases where the bonus stat is omitted, these could have a related stat added and a stat partially negated to balance their addition. This gives room for every discipline to be eventually experimented on. Thoughts?
  8. "Gold" Economy

    They mentioned gold as a placeholder for goods that will be used in P2P interactions. Since whatever is replacing it is either not fully fleshed out yet or is more dependent on the unlock of skills and a larger active playerbase (I'm guessing here) gold just makes it immediately more accessible for players.
  9. GW2 with loot

    I believe it will but gotta wait and see what they do. I don't personally like the wear for being in combat stance and while I understand their reasoning for doing it, I imagine they could just as easily put a buff on you while in combat stance that until you deal damage or take damage (similar to invulnerable) you are not taking decay.
  10. GW2 with loot

    In GW2 WvW you have way more you can do as a solo roamer. Risks for partaking in WvW are practically non-existent. Additionally, anything you can defend or seige is easily repaired. You're making a comparison based on the skeleton of a concept that campaigns are now, but POIs, campaign events and objectives, are all yet to be implemented. Of course, I truly hope these are robust systems that provide dynamic gameplay on a fairly large scale, but also allow space for smaller roaming groups and even solo players. I feel 5.7 is finally taking steps towards that.
  11. Stat cap?

    Think this was brought up before (maybe on stream?) but it is not an intention to let you invest points beyond cap and it is a known issue (90% sure). AFAIK, points invested over the cap do nothing stat wise.
  12. deja vu experience

    This is not really the case. You actually have a lot of flexibility in designing your character. Picking the Wood-Elf, for instance, on Ranger, you are getting a nice OOC movement speed and temporary partial stealth, as well as a RMB teleport. However, you are not getting a ranged distance bonus from Elken (who also gets Trailmaster), or additional slots on Passive and Active bars like Humans. These are bonuses you can find in disciplines but they will compete with other choices that you wouldn't need to give up if you got them from your racial discipline. If you were planning to go with plate armor on your ranger you can't have both the additional Passive and Active tray slot minor disciplines because you will lose two to mail and plate proficiencies. This becomes more obvious when you begin to loadout your crafter/harvester characters because they will be using many of their disciplines for harvest benefits and this will mean relying solely on the racial benefits for your combat survival. There will always be a "most optimal" race/class/discipline setup. But as long as there are regular tweaks to disciplines and new variations being added by the team or even manipulated by crafters then there will continue to be a healthy shifting meta.
  13. 2 Weeks In.

    I think there just needs to be some lootable less-than-basic-quality-was tier items that drop from the Risen mobs. Allowing players who jump in fresh without any social network/skill investment to feel the "satisfaction" of filling that slot without taking away the gains and incentive of working towards better crafted gear. I sorta asked @jtoddcoleman about this on Twitter but it was probably not the right platform. How about now, sir? 😉 Additionally, this could be worked in to provide %drop chance for interesting additives when deconstructed, giving the items some value beyond game start.
  14. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    That sounds more in-line with the core structure of Crowfall. As I said earlier in this thread, I am not opposed to structured PvP incorporated into campaigns. I just oppose them as an alternative game loop.