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  1. I think your suggestion about upkeep/maintenance for controlling keeps/forts/etc would be a good way to keep this kind of leechy gameplay out of CF or at least reduce it.
  2. The core progression that you can't lose (once equipped) is the vessel and discipline system. Currently, it's a major slog, a gold grind, since you are not likely to easily collect and progress all of the crafting and harvesting to build these things out yourself. So yeah, you will either need a guild to expedite this effort immensely or you need a lot of gold. I hope the system will be refined in some way to feel more accessible or at least something that might mix up the monotony of killing the same war tribe camp over and over again. The current limiter appears to be this vendor-only resource called domination dust that adds up quickly once you start looking at crafting through this progression, especially up to purple quality disciplines and beyond.
  3. @Stormcrow I agree, it is a huge advantage, and in some ways it is the only way you will have a chance in certain match ups. You don't need bleed to impact ultimate stealth abilities, any damage dealt after they use it will take them out of stealth. I've been hit plenty of times right after using the ult. It doesn't give you damage immunity and without other skills, it can be somewhat easy to predict where someone landed after their ult.
  4. Heads Up is a great anti-stealth perception ability that you can access from the Light, Music, and Dark domains. Rangers can access the Flare Talent or the Hunter minor discipline. Elken has a high baseline perception ability that you can use with any class. Additionally, you could be taking applying Faerie Fire in a few different ways, and that is a stealth blocker. After playing for a bit and feeling the power discrepancy between stealth and non-stealth classes, I think it is pretty fair as is. Confessor has one of the best escape abilities and it isn't even a stealth ability, but I digress! Before we worry too much about nerfing stealth, we should see how the meta continues to unfold because IMHO stealth is the least of the game's concerns when it comes to combat balance.
  5. Yeah, I would imagine. It would've been more accurate to say, it's more about having that data reviewed by someone to determine what needs to be done.
  6. I think they could get really far just breaking up their current NPE into a modular talk-to-the-guard kind of system. Whether you had completed it already or not, you could revisit some of the more important game system quest modules. Not saying to have the player go all the way out into the world again, but at least take some of the UI they had shown in those quests and give a quest marker to the appropriate location at the temple where these UI tutorials could pop up again. If they can get some data on what parts of the game players are not engaging in, they can reapproach any individual module to see how to better illustrate it, or its importance.
  7. @McTan What do you mean by "pdm" for the melee tray? I agree there are a lot of ways to tackle the form of abilities to balance uncapped target limits. I am personally open to that 100%. I think I see a lot of these discussions in a vacuum from where we are now. I don't expect any major rebalancing or redesign efforts, so when I hear "let's uncap AoE" it sounds to me like an as-is statement. If I could work from a broader revamp angle, then I would like to see something more akin to the Wildstar system, in terms of every ability having some amount of "cleave", not necessarily the busy visualization. I reminisce a lot about the original KS video, not to trigger ArtCraft or anything 😆 but just because it seemed like there could've been a lot more to come from the combat system if they had carried on with that telegraphed design.
  8. I could tell from your first post and I'm all for finding ways to maximize punching up! I'm just not for the uncapped AoE 🤷‍♂️ I've only played GW2 and ESO for large-scale PvP, and I could only imagine Cryodiil and WvW being a less fun experience if they didn't have AoE caps. The melting point for the frontline is already extremely high with the caps that exist (for those games). I think there is room for compromise on this matter for both sides. Ultimately, the AoE cap is partially a proxy for the intended ability behavior and is target limited for balance purposes. As in, we could look at which abilities might make sense to share an effect over all hostile targets in an AoE but maybe not push all the burst damage, or divide that damage by the number of targets to a degree. It would be best to see there be a noticeable difference between your output from focused effects compared to AoE effects, as well as maintaining the strategic benefits of formation and positioning.
  9. I see your point here. I was speaking more to the damage side. If I can do 200 dps AoE to every target in a space, then 50 people will make a 10k dps choke, and the 20 person group will make a 4k dps choke. To me the negative outcome of making AoE unlimited would be that everyone would then be measured by their AoE potential.
  10. No, the damage isn't being limited by groups, just the number of hostile targets closest to the effect.
  11. I am not advocating for removing the AoE cap? I think the 20-person group can be more competitive if they can know more about the enemy comp than that comp knows or can predict about them. There might be better ways, like collision, but I hardly feel like we've exhausted all possible solutions as of now. FF is also the least likely change to make the game more fun.
  12. R10 nodes are going to have really high node armor. Your logging value has to be above the node's armor value before you will see any damage to the node.
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