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  1. Expose seems like it is supposed to be more impactful than it really ends up being. It offers a KD as long as the target is using an ability, which would theoretically be pretty impactful, taken out of context for how zerg vs zerg actually plays out. Though, it might not be the intention for these classes to have any part in large scale battles. One suggestion I would make would be to provide expose on the rapier finisher for targets below 50% health. As is, you won't have much expose uptime in a big battle, and expose punishing a single target is hardly making much of a difference in a sea of CC and retaliates that directly counter any active and sustained engagement on this class, if this is to be an intended part of the Duelist's role. IMO, expose functions better as a secondary effect in the anti-stealth kits than it does as an active standalone ability among the stealther's toolkit.
  2. With where the game is now, the player vessel will be the last account level anchor for player identity. With the risks of experimentation, material availability, and a manual crafting workflow vessels will offer a great core for player progression. Additionally, I am not worried about Necromancer's income coming solely from these vessels if they are equally needed for the production of thralls. (Would guards count as thralls? I hope.) As an aside, I don't know if I would want to see anything close to a full respec, personally. But as far as disciplines go though, the shift to talents does create the need for some way to select different disciplines without throwing away an entire vessel. It would be way too flexible if you could redistribute the entire tree and/or promotion.
  3. A better fix might be applying the shroud to the crow state itself, lengthening the duration, so that if you rez at your body's location during the shroud window your crow will grab your body and your body will be set back to the beachhead. However, if you wait until the debuff is gone you will respawn instantly at your location without a handicap you must wait for further.
  4. Lightsig

    Duelist in 5.8

    Don't actually have any numbers, and without an equation available on the tooltip it is hard to know for certain. I am a little too focused on playing meta to veer off the path into sub optimal specs but I plan to spin up new characters once I have a feel for the frequency of wipes we will see. Right now, it looks like they moved 5.8 to live earlier than they wanted due to community feedback so I don't know what updates might be coming down the pipe that set us all back to zero. If we get another campaign persisting our current vessels and spirit banks I will run through on Dirge and Vangaurd and make more of an attempt to breakdown these variants beyond my initial cursory review!
  5. Lightsig

    Duelist in 5.8

    This is a pretty cursory view on Duelist but there were some points I thought I would provide that relate to issues with the specializations I noticed from the outset. Slayer appears to be in the most solid position for Duelist, offering the most in offensive returns. It carries over a lot of the original kit in spirit and therefore seems like the goto without question. It would be nice if Dynamite provided a bit more distance on its leap animation, and moved some of the initial damage to a temporary buff on pistol shots instead of all-in on the initial explosion effect in order to encourage a more offensive followup to its use. I get that you might still want the option to swap out pistol for rapier but the strengths of pistol seem to outweigh this option in most practical considerations once it became exclusive to this spec. Dirge is the melee focused variant, yet the old passive for saber attacks resetting flintlock shot is in Slayer. This was one of the main reasons to continue using the rapier and being so central to a melee focused build, I think it would be better fit for Dirge than Slayer. The stun on Impale is nice, but it feels out of place when you can still provide the same effect with PBS. Maybe something different like adding a resolve buff, or something else to boost staying power rather than the redundancy of another stun on a 5-point pip spender. It might be nice to see this spec as a more "in the fray" variant, and an armor upgrade to mail would really support this. Vangaurd seems mostly undesirabe at a glance. The spec appears to fit more in the advanced scout role, so it might make sense to offer a Q alternative that removes the damage effect on Vanish and provides AoE cripple or root (or maybe like a concussive, canonical CC, stunning targets) instead, similar to how Dynamite offers a higher damage variant Q ability dropping its stealth effect on Slayer, but still keeping the stealth in this variant. This might make it a little more desirable for this intended role, and balance out the strength of the subclass in comparison to the others. I'm sure Duelist isn't the only one in this position after the classes were cannabalized to create promotions, but hopefully we can get better definition in some of these alternative roles we're now offered to encourage more expirementation. We won't truely know what works and what doesn't if no one even wants to risk locking into and outfitting such underwhelming promotions.
  6. Well they weren't misrepresenting anything, they were representing points that didn't directly relate to the thread, that was my main contention!
  7. I completely agree. I wasn't sure we would get to keep vessels, so in that way we likely would see something along the lines of gear persistence. I play GW2 at a pretty high level in sPvP, and the downside to a profession or build being undesirable by patch comes with some burden of community voicing but it never limits agency. Even competing with a build and profession most people consider "terribad", mostly based on preconceptions, it is at odds with my actual ranking. What I do fear, in the case or Crowfall, is a culture that can limit player agency, that looks at mistakes made in regard to player's choices not as taboo but worthy of exile. Haha, okay, that's a bit of hyperbole, but it's just kinda like, when we must all bare the burden of preferential or unforeseeable consequences it becomes weighed in our judgement of others who face the same circumstance.
  8. Well, while I don't know the explicit intent of the training system, the byproduct was player identity, and since it didn't exist anywhere else in the game it was nice to have it as almost this veteran reward like system because it did feel like it would provide a greater sense of identity over time. While I prefer trade offs the active progression provides, I would still like to see this aspect manifest itself elsewhere. I mentioned something at the EK level, because it would be easy lore wise to place this type of persistence in these places, but I also don't know what the long term plans are on supporting that system so maybe an "estate" or "heritage" system could exist elsewhere, if permanence of EKs is not planned for all players in the full release. This could even be like a permanent reward system tacked on to participation in varying CWs. For me, it would just be nice to see something that offers a sense of what passive training did formerly. With it gone I am personally disappointed just because of how much that system drew me into this game.
  9. Well, I would say in the traditional theme park games, it is time to level, and invest in a character for end game progression. You could use WoW, ESO, LotRO, GW2, FFXIV, or SW:TOR. Now granted, as these games have aged you are accumulating a broader identity if you are in the more veteran demographic of the player base, whether it be because of benefits like a level boost in the case of WoW and GW2 xpacs, or the Champion system in ESO where account benefits are shared across all characters allowing you to divert a system of earnings across all max level characters on your account. Or you've just spent enough time playing that you end up leveling so many alts you no longer have an account identity, but admittedly you did at one point and likely for a significant amount of time, possibly for years depending on the amount of time you were able to commit in total. For sandbox games I would say that accumulated gear tends to be where investment lies. If I use SWG as an example, you could skill up a full template in a couple of days, depending on the server's progression, but ultimately it wasn't too demanding, however you were not a notable player until you managed to push for the best weapons and the best SEAs. These tended to be items that persisted for a long time and required significant investment of both time and focus. Exploiting was another way to be notorious but this required a deep understanding or alternatively a fateful consequence, of skill interaction. Depending on import functionality you might have some identity based on your accumulated wealth, but in cases of higher campaign restriction this will be wholly absent. You can choose the same classes to inhabit as an "identity" but this would be an artificial limitation and undesirable "emergent" gameplay from a competitive perpsective. Essentially, there is nothing advantageous from the outset, so to be optimal you will only be allowed to play what is recognized as optimal and with no inherited benefit from the account level to buffer that culture slightly, it won't be a matter of choice at all, it will be required unless failure is your preferred play style but that wouldn't be very competitive. With the time element of passive trainimg removed there is no similar incentive as seen in games where such time investments create identity as a biproduct. No TL:DR, but hopefully the bolding highlights the request for information, and the rest is just my perspective based on my interpretation for where this question might be leading.
  10. Mjayed is a really good player, to be fair. However, attacking where the player goes into stealth is a simple counter if you can't take advantage of the perception mechanics with your composition. I have found myself very easily located by players with the right disciplines, or those just spamming attacks in the general direction of where I could be. You already move more slowly in stealth, so it isn't like you could go very far, very fast. I played as an assassin with trash gear and found it was quite easy to antagonize a group of four underprepared players until they were scattered and disorganized, allowing me to exploit stragglers and pick them off. I personally feel that stealth feels clunky as is but that tray swap, risk of dizzy/kd, is clearly there for this purpose. Handicapping the use of that tray further just deprioritizes using stealth in most active combat situations and relegates stealth players almost exclusive to a harvesting role. Unless we added more power to openers to make them more impactful in larger scale fights, so that a single opener per engagement was of value enough, I couldn't see any further handicaps as warranted. Admittedly, I haven't had any real combat experience with a stealth class since 5.4 and a lot has changed, so it is possible I am coming at this from an outdated perspective, so take my comments with a grain of salt in regard to the current state of the game. It could be a lot different these days /shrug
  11. Ah, okay. That is unfortunate :/
  12. Does Elken still get the ranged distance bonus? That would add some additional favor to a ranged focus build.
  13. @BarriaKarl I just wanted provide a topic for discussion that I know is commonplace in MMOs. It's for those interested in having one, or those who might be able to offer insight on why this component is no longer available, if expressed by the development team ever. This being relatively new, and having watched most of the livestreams, I might be missing something but I do not feel it has been obvious to state this is not a desired component of Crowfall. It is fine to disagree, and it's always expected. What I detest is turning any conversation into a war of pedantry. It is without substance. @Jah Considering that at the point which you jumped into the thread was already a tangent, I think it is an issue of time and place. You may or may not have read the OP. The points you contested were on a tangent of what qualifies Crowfall as an RPG, in either its presentation or through the descriptions of it made by Art+Craft. It is supplementary in some way but not exactly relevant to my original posting.
  14. You're going off on tangents that do not relate to the OP. I have attempted to reiterate what this discussion is about, but I am not doing it because I am "not trying to understand" I'm doing it becauee you continue to drum up some other argument wholly unrelated to what I have provided for discussion. I also do not take kindly to persistent ad hominem approaches to discourse of which you are greatly guilty of. So I say it again, keeping the word salad comprised of only romaine, make your point on my point or get out of here with the straw man bs.
  15. I have very clearly stated the intent of this thread in the very first post. If you want to win some battle of semantics I recommend you worry more about the points you're providng and less about characterizing mine.
  16. Well, sorry. English is my first language so it doesn't appear like word salad to me. I can simplify it for you though. Passive training offered longstanding benefits on the account level providing direct benefits to a player's identity. With the removal of that system in favor of expressing a deeper more vessel defining trait system, the inhereted power of the old system is no longer available. Do you wish to engage this topic or do you want to go on another tangent?
  17. Lightsig

    Atlas MMORPG

    Ark was practically unplayable upon release, judging by their statements that this will be in early access for two years, I would say it is a miss until it leaves early access. Ark definitely got tuned up and has since been a much more favorable play experience. Since it looks like it will be based upon the same game, it might start a bit better than Ark but the project looks very ambitious, so I would still err on the side of caution.
  18. Alright man, stand with that perspective, it's fine but it isn't relating to my post except to label my points as irrelevant against the basis of your own interpretations. On the basis that you believe providing active engagement is somehow at odds with persisntent acount level benefits, then you should at least recognize that is simply a difference of opinion, not a matter of design that has been written in stone and is therefore unchangeable and not worth discussing.
  19. You've said almost nothing to the context of what it is that passive training specifically offered that I am stating is no longer available. You and @KrakkenSmacken are litterally going off on some kind od straw man about what you think I believe or want and completely avoid the OP. If you guys are done, then be done, don't need to announce it like some kind of odd flex grandstanding. Peace.
  20. You're saying the statement is nonsense, so I am recontextualizing it in case you want to take another stab at interpreting it, but clearly you don't.
  21. Unless you have any statement to back this up you're making assumptions. I'm not actually going to assume their intent, I am just going to look at the way the product is developed and what desicions are made for what reasons. If you can supply such evidence that what I seek is not an intention of the game's design I will happily entertain the idea and move such a discussion to the suggestion forums but all I'm getting is your fart hole.
  22. Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy poorly made socks on the walls and the mozerella sticks?
  23. What is truthfully nonsense is your insistence that this persistence is universal in any way. So, in all logical interpretations my statement stands up. The analog benefit to the passive training does not exist unless you have no restrictions on importing and exporting, by which I mean, more explicitly, winners and losers enjoy the same export/import limitations, which doesn't sound like the concept of the original winning terms.
  24. It was there in the passive training system, so why is it hard to understand that would be the impression it gave? We are making this into everything else, when it is quite plain. Passive training gave persistent player power guaranteed regardless of any import/export rules. That system is gone, and the contribution to the character levelling was thoughtfully expanded and turned into a tutorial experience where players can express even greater variety in creating builds. Fantastic. Love it. It did not carry over the "intent" and by "intent" I literalltly mean an obvious effect produced by that system has ceased to migrate or appear in another system.
  25. Passive training was mild upkeep for guaranteed persistent progression, unless imports and exports are limitless this is functionally non-existent. But yes, it is only a fraction and MMOs are made of many.
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