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  1. Let's talk about the elephant in the room as well. If we're going to talk about the "No hard CC" option, how does this get mitigated for the classes who, traditionally, would have hard CC? The primary options boil down to a choice between improved survival, whether through evasive abilities or higher effective HP, or, as option B, even higher frontloaded damage. The second option essentially creates a similar binary kill/die situation, so if we're assuming that's not a good plan, we go with option A. The problem, then, with any form of increased survivability, is that it creates a high sk
  2. If there was such a thing, hopefully it'd involve slowing down, finding more deliberate footing, and setting your center of gravity. None of which have anything whatsoever to do with a need for scabbards and the like.
  3. I have a kid, and I smoke. I still think the OP's idea is terrible. Don't AFK in dangerous places, and if the distraction is actually important, don't worry about in-game consequences. Act like something resembling a responsible adult and schedule your play suitably.
  4. I really can't say I like the sound of this. If whatever I need to get up for is actually important, I don't give a rat's ass about in-game consequences. If it's not, I can schedule accordingly like an adult, and not have these problems crop up. Problems solved. I despise the lazy notions of ruining other people's gameplay under some pathetic pretense, when personal responsibility and a good sense of perspective prevents any problems from existing to begin with.
  5. Expending that massive of a swath of resources on accelerating the destruction of a dying world feels vaguely anathema to the lore of scavenging stuff to bring back to the Eternal Kingdoms.
  6. I'd rather have a PvP vs RP ruleset. Maybe call it "Kill the carebear".
  7. If you're talking about the ability to flat out turn your EK into a mini-campaign world, that's completely ludicrous, unless it's via exceptionally difficult to obtain items, with maintenance costs of items from campaigns, and have a mandatory PK flag associated with them.
  8. That's kinda been an announced feature for a while now.
  9. Is it a bad time to point out that anti-cheat is an arms race, and telling the other side in an arms race what you plan to have available down the road is completely pants on head stupid?
  10. I kind of prefer just digging a hole to some arbitrary, complicated skill-based system. Anyone can dig a hole. Especially in a game with voxels.
  11. Tutorials never manage to teach the emergent gameplay stuff anyways, and that's what people really need to learn. Implement something like EVE Online Newbie chat with relatively active moderation, call it a day.
  12. Oh, and here I thought we were talking a mechanic put forth for the sake of adding a touch of realism for the sake of tactics. Why wouldn't we preserve the integrity of gameplay by removing realism? A stroke of genius.
  13. Exactly. Which answers the following quite well. If we're nerfing realism (not stacking, usually the more hurt someone's leg is, the slower they move, among other things) to make the realism mechanic playable, it's kind of failed miserably. "Proper" armor being what, exactly? Proper armor for a spellcaster might be pretty light armor. Proper armor for an assassin definitely isn't a slab of steel. Proper armor for a centaur won't be a 2000 pound scalemail riding blanket. And "real" armor has to allow freedom of motion, and in medieval times, wouldn't be wearing a metal pipe aroun
  14. And then ranged classes will be the absolute best option, since they'll be able to freely kite everyone 100% of the time by taking leg shots. It'd be a great idea if not for the minor detail where we want the game to not suck.
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