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  1. <-- n00b I've only been with LotD for 7 years.
  2. Lol, just rip the band-aid off all at once....He's gonna find out sooner rather than later... We are a group of organized, passionate and dedicated players who always put the guild first. Things do get heated from time to time, but if you realize it is all for the advancement of the guild, you will be fine. You need to have a thick skin, bite your tongue from time to time, and learn to let things go. In LotD we trust!!
  3. Great podcast guys. Nice work!
  4. Can't wait to get his take on Crowfall. Note to Devs...Don't piss off Francis.
  5. Dev just posted this in another thread. Looks like it will be our kind of game.
  6. Agreed. They could be using the "My Little Pony" IP for all we know. That would be wicked awesome!
  7. I certainly hope this game has non-consensual PvP!!!! That's the best kind!!!!
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