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  1. Ok, I had a snickers bar. I feel better. Absolutely right, I should have read the kickstarter completely. But honestly, all i have been doing for the past 2 months is reading about this game...so cut me a little slack when i assume all i have read might be included in the fundraiser. YOU HAD ME AT PLAY2CRUSH!!! YOU HAD ME AT PLAY2CRUSH!!!
  2. I'm now on a wait and see. I've gone back and read through the entire kickstarter campaign. They could have done a much better job highlighting the limited scope of this project. I never thought they could build an MMO with 800k. I assumed their initial personal investment had brought the game to a point where they only needed a kickstarter fund to get to the finish line. I've cancelled my pledge. I really don't like being mislead(and the scope was intentionally obscured). I will wait and see where they go from here.
  3. Hold on... "this Kickstarter is to fund the core module of Crowfall." But then it says... "Much of the core module work has already been done" If it's done, it's already paid for. Right? But then it says... "we are looking to the community to help us finish it. Specifically, we will use these funds to build:" And then it goes on to describe the game...So what is the deal?
  4. Disappointed...So the first stretch goal should be to finish the game? Kinda makes sense?
  5. Before this thread turns to the dark-side, let me just clarify what i am saying. I want this game to be made the way they have described it so far. I don't want all kinds of game mechanics and feature that were never initially envisioned.
  6. So what is in the core? Here's a link to the description of the game: http://crowfall.com/#/about-the-game What features are included in the core? What features are only getting made if stretch goals are achieved?
  7. Then ask for more money to begin with. I didn't back the game for a core. I backed it on the entire vision. I don't remember the kickstarter video saying this was only for half a game.
  8. They asked for 800k to make their vision. We backed them because we believe in that vision. Additional funding will only dilute and/or change the initial vision(for good or better, only time will tell). I'd rather they just pocket the extra cash then change the initial vision whatsoever. If you wanted a million+, you should have asked for it. At least make stretch goals that will speed up development, or improve server hardware.
  9. No Fluff. Things that will get the game made faster. Better Server Hardware. Code Optimization.
  10. They got their 800k to build the game they sold us on. I don't want stretch goals that change the game they sold to us? If they get extra money, they should put it towards releasing the game sooner, or making the game run better/smoother. Star Citizen is a perfect example. Money is great, but i don't want them to all of a sudden announce a stretch goal to add PvE content. That wouldn't be the game that i backed. Stick to your guns. Make the game you promised. Don't start randomly adding body parts to the beauty you've envisioned. You don't want to be like all the other studios? Prove it!
  11. Did anyone actually read my opening post? I AM FINE WITH THE FIRST 2 STRETCH GOALS ANNOUNCED. I'm talking about a 3rd, 4th, etc... stretch goals. And for those of you who don't think performance matters. Have you ever played 'insert mmo title' here?
  12. I see the dregs coming down to discipline. I envision a realm where you cannot join a guild or faction. That's not to say guilds won't be there, it's that they will really need to be disciplined and keep track of friends and foes either through voice chat(ts) or by some other means.
  13. The first 2 stretch goals are fine... If they are surpassed I would really encourage you to put future stretch goals that focus on game performance. I'm talking about things like... - Improved Server Hardware - Code optimization Basically, anything that will ensure this game, as it is currently envisioned, is executed flawlessly. I don't want the typical server lag you see whenever more than a handful of players get close to each other. I don't want memory leaks that require a game restart every couple of hours. I don't want to wait hours in a queue because you saved a few bucks on hardware. I don't need a set of custom dyes, a fancy pet, or a pretty cape. I want the game you have pitched to us, and i want it to run as smooth as silk. Stay humble and build this game right. Thank You.
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