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  1. This is exactly what I did. After reaching lvl 30 I joined a guild as fast as I could, joined the TS and started going to the PvP zones with my guild. It was nice to go around and kill some npcs. The fealing of being out with a group looking for enemy players was cool. That´s all, I can't add anything to the experience. Almost 3 - 4 years ago I paid for an alpha to support the development of a professional PvP game. In my opinion this game is miles away of being what we today call a finished game (which is not really finished) and of my understanding of a PvP game (I am an old GW1 PvP player and I know that I have a really specific wish / idea of a PvP game that I probably will never find again). But this does not change following issues: The game is still not completed. harvesting (we talk of hours) no possibilities to reskill you character without paying (how are you supposed to test different builds?) smoothness of the combat animations (a PvP game needs good animations to detect the skills the enemy is using) big guilds vs small guilds My hope is that they rescue this game and make it better, but during the last 5 years I already lost the trust in the decision makers.
  2. I do not like that guy, but he has a point there (or more than one). Crowfall is (for me) a total disappointment. I´ll probably check the game in a few months again, just to follow up this disaster, but this week of forcing me to play the game has been enough. Hopefully the developers achieve to make better decisions in the future and manage to save the game. This forum has a better UI and reward system than the game...
  3. I have to admit that you´ve got a point there. That probably answers my previous question: if not, is there a reasonable reason why they decided not to have it? But...in my opinion, if you go into a building without being sure that nobody is outside, it is your own fault if later on you get bodyblocked by an enemy. Being blocked by an ally is something else, really stupid. I just have played for a few hours and was not able to try the PvP, so I am still scratching the surface of the game. Thanks for answering the question.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Good to know that at least you can block the incoming attacks. Hopefully the idea to add a bodyblock system has not been completely "wiped" of the roadmap. :-)
  5. I have a basic question for which I was not able to find an answer in the forum. For now I have only been playing in the starter world. It did not take me long to realise that I can pass through the npc enemies and also other players. That takes me to following question: does Crowfall do really not have a bodyblock system? If not, is there a reasonable reason why they decided not to have it? In my opinion this is a basic mechanic for an PvP game, that opens a lot of combat possibilities.
  6. Hmmm... in your case it is really annoying. With "in my opinion not critical" I just wanted to say, that I think that the game has other issues that have a higher prio. At the end you can solve this problem by yourself by doing the quests or re-rolling. I am also not trying to defend the developers, as in my opinion they released the game in a "beta" status, but at least it can be solved by the "user" via a workaround. Other things can´t.
  7. Cool innovation. 🙂 Hopefully something that can be solved in a easy way without much effort. In my opinion also not critical.
  8. Thanks!!! And sorry for the double post :-)
  9. Hello I am just wondering what happened with the Calender with the testing days. It just disappeared from the website and I can´t find it anywhere. Did someone have the link or knows if it is no more available? Sorry if other people already asked for it... I just did not find any other post talking about this. Thanks and have a nice day :-)
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