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  1. [Obsidian] Stealth-First, Squad-Based

    This seems like a really cool strategy! Hope to spot you guys on the field at launch
  2. Just how many ways is the Gatherer screwed.

    I'm actually fairly sure ACE is already planning that
  3. nuff said indeed
  4. Low FPS FIX

    I might need to try this..
  5. I can screenshot my long loading screen while trying to enter Tyrant's EK, damn you internet and sad laptop I believe you can find a few on discord though
  6. Pre-Alpha 1 & 2: Snap Test today!

    make sure to launch the patcher as admin and as always, if something doesn't work, try again
  7. so, my antivirus (comodo) automatically sandboxes the games exe (not the patcher), and I have to manually flag it as a trusted file (with every update) since you already have some kind of contact with comodo from the trusted payment thing, is it possible to get them to verify the file before sending it out? not that it's really necessary, but might be an idea for when it goes live next year, as a gamer I always get triggered when my antivirus flags a game as suspicious
  8. Pre-Alpha 1 & 2: Snap Test today!

  9. Pre-Alpha 1 & 2: Snap Test today!

    also, does snaptest mean they boot up the cw's for today? or only ek's?
  10. Pre-Alpha 1 & 2: Snap Test today!

    halfway down the download, I noticed this too slow, can anyone tell me where to enable which forum notifications so I get an email whenever there's a new game update?
  11. Pre-Alpha 1 & 2: Snap Test today!

    same ish, by the time that it's downloaded I'll have acces
  12. Pre-Alpha 1 & 2: Snap Test today!

    I guess that means it's live right now? *checks backer access level* edit: alpha 2 and beta 8 at the same time *gets ready*
  13. Just how many ways is the Gatherer screwed.

    TL;DR: 1. People have said this already, the game is not about solo play, find a group, or a guild. 2. The game will be balanced on launch, this is testing right now
  14. Just how many ways is the Gatherer screwed.

    Exactly this, right now a bunch of things in testing are buffed, basic armor has more mitigation than advanced, because that's what everyone can easily have access to, they get the most feedback from that. When the game goes live, everyone starts from zero, unless I'm seeing this wrong, you only get the first basic crafting recipes after you've trained the basic crafting skill (and to my understanding, that includes basic runetools) so, the first 3 days the only gatherable thing is wood, and everyone will walk around "naked" punching eachother with their fists. <rant> As the game progresses, dedicated harvesters will be better at harvesting than everyone else, they'll still be poorly made socks, but because of the passive skill system, it doesn't matter how much time you sink in the game, your skill level will be the same as everyone else that started at the same time with you. All skill trees take about the same time, you are forced to pick a specialization, when you as a gatherer after 2 years finish the basic gathering and a specialization tree, all other gatherers will be on the same point, and there are going to be crafters that need you to supply them with your high level materials that you can finally get, because they finally have a use for it, it's a long time, but you just have to accept that that is the time multiplier ACE has put in. So the first few months, everyone is poorly made socks, combat types will not do "a lot of damage" and will take "the same" damage as everyone else, assuming they balance the classes by launch, putting 2 players with the same character loadout and no skills in a 1v1 would result in one of them winning, by a small margin, through gaming skill or pure luck, or even who did the first hit, you think ACE hasn't thought their balance system through? Being in numbers is key, being solo will get you nowhere. (Unless you decide to play a merchant type that sits in a safe spot and deals all the goods between the people that are getting in dangerous zones. Hey, that's not a terrible idea...) Like I said before, everyone starting on launch day, will be at the same page for the rest of the game, people have mentioned this before: you're meant to find a group or guild to work together with, that's the name of the game! The only way you'll fall behind on the "elite" is by not accepting that you can only be good at one thing (untill you mastered it and have time to do something else, aka after a few years, dedication is required) and being a fool by doubledipping between more than one general skill. And should you decide to do more than one thing, well, you'll end up with the other players that start later, or be part of a casual guild that doesn't care if their members try to be a 1 man island, and will protect you anyhow, because again, that's the vision of ACE, if you choose gathering, you better socialize with some combat types and promise them part of the loot, or join a guild and promise them all/most the loot (cause, well, that's how a balanced guild system works). And if that's a vision you can't live with, well, you should go find another mmo to play, one that does allow you to train every skill in a few months time at the same time. </rant>
  15. The Grand Campaign: The End Goal

    since you can kneel twice, kneel on the first day, get 100%, if the king removes your kneel, kneel the second time after the first week, you still get 30% it's only if you fail to log in in time that you get 0 rewards