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  1. Ok cool - thanks everyone for the responses. I have downloaded the client and what not - just trying to install there now. But I think I might have missed the window to do so. No big deal I can wait until the next turn. Right now the client shows that it has made 0% progress in downloading then crashes after five minutes of waiting. When I try to re-open the launcher - I get an error host: single-instance. EDIT: Strike that - its still open - was just hiding on me lol. Very slow to download - but looking forward to testing it out.
  2. Alright that seems correct. Any idea when beta 1 will be starting?
  3. Hey there, So... I just setup an account and bought the 69 dollar package to get early access to the game. And I am a bit confused - while I did get an email confirming my purchase and my account says yes I have the game. Are we in early access now, if not, when are we in early access? Would be nice to get an email with a link to the game client or whatever is used to download the game. I may have missed something in what I have read - but I thought by buying the 69 dollar package would grant access to the game "now". Anyhow I may have misunderstood, and if not, when does early access start?
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