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  1. It needs 10 minutes to reach level 5-6 if you know what you are doing and you powerlevel (of sorts), if you don't know and just try stuff and wander it takes a couple hours
  2. Hello, a small feedback after a couple test sessions in the past days. I played the game already at least a year ago. I am aware this is still pre Alpha, so my criticism of mechanics and the like is to be taken with a (big) grain of salt 😀 I reached about level5 (or 6?) so did not see much yet, and I only played in God's Reach. Now the game is much prettier, and the experience is much smoother. I think we had the opportunity before to test random recipes to see if something happens, I couldn't find it again but I liked it at the time. It feels weird to have to use wood to craft a pickaxe, even a level3 one. Having to equip the right gathering tool each time I wish to gather something else is a bother, I hope we will be able to equip all gathering tools later on and just use the right one when prompted (like Guild Wars 2 does for example). I had trouble making the difference between things to gather with the pickaxe and the hammer, they all look like big lumps of stone, I can't understand why one would be gathered with a pickaxe and one with a hammer. I found different stones (level1 and 3), they looked different enough that I know that I will differentiate them with time. I found different trees, but even the level1 looked different from one another. By itself it's not a problem, what bothers me is that different kind of trees gave me different woods. Fir and oak are different kind of trees that should give different woods, I know it's a game but it bothered me enough that I write about it. Combat does not give many options yet (remember, I'm not very high level) but feels ok. The leveling once logged off is pretty cool, I barely used the skill trees yet but they look intelligently made (going from one skill to another made sense). Still, despite all the bad points I wrote about I had fun and I'll keep playing 😁 The UI is mostly clear, but I have a bunch of things to sacrifice to the gods and I have no idea where, and couldn't find how to do it ingame.
  3. Every game I try, I'm hyped for cooking skills. Every time I'm disappointed with cooking, too easy to get ingredients, too easy to top chef, the bonuses from food become a natural thing you always have active.
  4. Well, if you can pass it on I have a question :
  5. Finite ammo for trebuchets or canons, with the need to pump in ressources once in a while to "reload", infinite ammo for bows, guns and the like.
  6. That's exactly what I'm saying. Right now they only said there were 5 phases, as far as we know you log out it's autumn and no snow, one hour later you get back to the game you are in deep winter with snow everywhere.
  7. Ok, in a campain we already know we will be seeing 4 seasons before the world gets eaten. I was wondering how the seasons will be passing from one to another. The simple way to do it is one day it's summer, I connect the next day it's autumn, beasts have instantly evolved. Honestly I don't like it much. Can you make a smoother transition ? For example in a 4 weeks campain, at the 5 days of summer, some trees go brown or orange, a few monsters have evolved to the third step already, and in the first day of autumn we can still find a few green trees and some summer monsters. Can you implement this in the game ? It'd be pretty cool, and I think it would make the worlds feel more whole, more living (even if they are dying). Another great thing I can think of is having the monster differ slightly from one another. For the sake of example one monster is partially blue, and you used the RGB code 0-0-255. It would be cooler (in my opinion) if you'd randomize the colors, using a range of 10 or 20, meaning you'd have the monsters using a color thats actually [0..10]-[0..10]-[245-255]. That way monsters would sometimes look a bit different instead of being clones.
  8. I usually am a big fan of fast travel, but I'm not sure it will apply really well in Crowfall. From what I understood, when joining a world we'll be dropped at random, and exploring (and where to explore) seem to be a big part of the game. Fast travel would reduce it greatly and reducing the possibility of losing choices reduces the impression of winning also. Still, I guess there is a need of traveling of sorts, we could probably be able to teleport to some neutral zones or hubs or cities (once unlocked, of course).
  9. Or we could call it a Fighting Fantasy game, alias FF... oh wait ! Nah, it's a MMO, and a RPG, so it's definitely a MMORPG
  10. If my character can still benefit from the campain somehow (skills or XP or the like), I keep playing. Else, I keep playing, but probably much less until the next campain.
  11. Just dropping by to say that while the graphics are fine by me (nothing impressive, but not ugly either), in the few videos I've seen yet animation looked really clunky. Of course the game ain't in alpha yet, so I guess it will look better in a few months
  12. TESO were pretty active using the bot ban hammer, and the game was mostly bot free after the first two weeks. Adding to that the little healing no tab targeting and some loot on kill, and bots could be a non issue.
  13. I was already thinking that a mercenary system would be great, as I'm in the same kind of situation.
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