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    eSparty reacted to binny45 in What would it take to get you playing again?   
    If that's the route they want to take, that's fine.  But then it stops being what was advertised.  Why not just get rid of the detailed crafting altogether? Just make it like WoW and go beat on each other. Then again, if this is what people want, there are plenty of games out there that do this.
    Regarding the passive trees I have several thoughts on this.
    We're here to test this.  Wiping trees does nothing to support this.  Just give everyone a crap load of points so they can specialize in two key areas. That would even the playing field and allow people to test the game.  Doing a wipe just means more waiting to do what we want to do, which is test the games mechanics. 
    Ultimately, the way the game is currently structured, there is always going to be someone left behind others. The only way I see to level this a bit is to mix up passives with active use.  For example: You have two people working on blacksmithing passives.  One person only logs in, spends points, maybe fights for a bit, then logs.  The second person is constantly crafting for their guild. Always pounding on the anvil, ensuring all his/her guildies are gear up.  With passives only, the person who only logs in occasionally may have a higher blacksmithing skill due to them simply playing the game sooner. The person working their butt off gets no reward for their efforts other than the appreciation of their guildies.
    I think passives can help people level up areas that they don't have time to dedicate to, but are interested in.  However, a person who works at blacksmithing day in and day out, should be able to skill up faster than someone who doesn't do it at all.  This would make things more fair and dare I say it, realistic.
    Furthermore, while addressing crafting, I want to get into these rare drops that allow you to....well....do your job.
    Be they hammers, or awls, or goggles, or whatever.  I don't totally disagree with these, but I believe they should be implemented more appropriately.
    Personally, I think crafters should be able to build whatever they want (based on their skills) up to Epic.  Anything Legendary/Runic, should require these drops.  They're apex gear and they should require lots of effort to get.  I would have no issue with helping my guild farm this stuff to be able to equip our players better.  I think applying these rare resources to anything less than Legendary/Runic is frankly a waste.
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    eSparty reacted to Staff in ACE Q&A for June - Official discussion thread   
    why does leveling keep getting harder and harder? stop nerfing our sac items, we keep telling you every update DONT MAKE US LEVEL MORE, STOP NERFING and all you do is nerf, can we please see who is putting these ideas forth at the company meetings and who is implementing them making this supposed pvp game a pve grind because you should be working on wow, not this niche pvp mmo
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