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  1. Id be happy with client side movement in the beginning and by the end of phase 2 have combat and movement nailed down and working as intended. Imo how you move and fight is pretty much the most important part to get right and everything else should come second to that.
  2. Wish i could see the emails previous to this, op seems like he might be special?
  3. Wasnt one of the stretch goals to support this specifically?
  4. So what is the dregs? A guild? A forum? Another place to talk about CF? I see a post in the recruitment section for WM that has devolved into the normal WM banter is that the sort of community your trying to foster? Why are you guys giving this stuff away? Jus outta the kindness in your heart or?
  5. Tuque is a hat right? Or is it specifically a beanie? The one i could never understand is the zed business... why ya gotta church it up just say Z...
  6. Totes! I used to have to make them all the time at the bar i worked at we always used to shout POONTANG FRIES COMIN UP! living like 15 minutes from the canadian border we make alot of jokes around here about those silly kids.. eh!
  7. Whats a VOIP? And why should we care?
  8. Pffft no way canada came up with all that stuff! I call shenanigans. They arent even a real country anyway... blame canada!
  9. 100% loss hopefully. you lose the seige you lose the goods.
  10. I like the idea of one guild, hell take it even one step further and make it one name per account. your username on the forums is the name of all your characters, add some accountabilty to your forum ettiquete and in game actions. Then charge people 100bux to change there username so it makes it painful to be a unpleasant person b.
  11. why failed? By competitive do you mean like proffessional? Or just flat out you cannot even effectively play at all? Personally i would rather play any game that has wasd movement with a controller because i just prefer it. Feels more natural than wasd.... I wish they would at least make controller/gamepad useable but if not ill try and grind through my wasd pain and either do it or fall into the "this game isnt for me" crowd. Ive read about and listened to this argument over and over on alot of different forums and i still dont understand why the MK people are so utterly insensed by the
  12. All i wanna know is what does his shirt say? I like ducking stuff dont judge me...
  13. Plenty of sundancers in sb... they had flaming hands, 2 colors actually.... and did just fine in stealth.... Not sure why all the fuss? Who gives a rat turd?
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