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  1. Teleport trigger reset location (a few steps into given direction to replicate) N S E NE
  2. Obviously. Sorry, I watched The Platform and couldn't help myself. Obviously.
  3. 0 Calorie Tofu Meat! - Crafted food says Food Restore 0 It takes 2-3 for 1 chicken leg to fill up. For "Crafted food" it's too low, a shriveled apple is better
  4. @jtoddcoleman You forgot one. the Ludicrous - the map loading time! (Why is it not snippity snap open and why does it take just as long for 2nd & third time...)
  5. quantity over quality , push an update every 3 days.
  6. Classes Cleric Using Holy Aura doesn't update your health bar in the Hero Name Frame Knight - Fortified Shield Slam does not fill up Blocking Meter - Canceling the animation of Pursuit into Shield Block causes increased attack rate (remainder of the time of Pursuit?) Druid - Switching between trays changes the look of my character (graphical glitch came about during leveling and dying and remains after client restart) - Orbs are not turning into bombs. (One at least and three at the most with +9 orbs; regardless how many I create) - Casting orbs into Blight AOE does not convert them into bombs Miscellaneous Overwhelming Odds Procs on corpses (dead npcs) Knife Grinder Cripple does not proc Mighty Surge (Swordsman capstone passive) Blade Master Blood Price passive on proc displays Blood Frenzy on HUD (It's not on any Tooltip or anywhere else) Quality of Life Improvements Regen to full HP on ALT+P or entering a Temple Ability to change chained skills hotkey layout. (e.g. Swap 3A with 3B) Invisible mount should be able to jump Open World Locke's Harem Fort : NPC spawns blue and runs down the hill
  7. TL;DR Ten Thousands, so they'll call us The Ten Thousands. Mutual Respect SEA Timezone Honesty and Transparency No forced RP ENG Worst leader ever!
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