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  1. Why not. I've got nothing better to do at 3PM on a Tuesday...
  2. I did PoE while it was in beta (open beta maybe?) and a little after release. For some reason it just didn't keep me enthralled. Not much does though. =\
  3. The OSTs with the CEs of WoW are all amazing. Even my mom likes them. That aside, also FF III/VI.
  4. Yes, and this question has been asked on multiple other occasions...
  5. Did you link your KS and CF accounts? (There's a code that you were given from the KS that you enter into your account information that will link them, and update your profile.) Just because something isn't working the way you think it ought to, doesn't mean the issue is on their end.
  6. Update my priest on CH to 11. I did the newbie island really quickly... wow a lot has changed. It's actually quite a bit faster now. They moved some NPCs so they're harder to miss, took out some quests, repositioned others, and completely took out questing on the SW portion of the isle. It still took me... maybe about an hour. Longer than I thought it should... but maybe my memory is foggy. =P
  7. Sorry, been kind of absent of late. My MSi laptop is freaking aMAZing. I paid a premium for it, but if you're looking to stay with big brands, I suggest MSi or ASUS gaming laptops. Aside from that, earlier it was mentioned that Sager makes upgradeable laptops. I have yet to check that out, but you can find them here: http://www.xoticpc.com/custom-gaming-laptops-notebooks-clevo-sager-notebooks-ct-95_51_162.html If I was getting a new gaming laptop today... it would be from the above website. And for the price I paid for my MSi you can get one mother of a Sager laptop.
  8. The geek in me wants to go "cooooool!"
  9. I honestly despised the PvP (including dueling) in TERA. Maybe because, as a lancer, I can't hit a custard warrior. I'm on Celestial Hills and will remain there. Plus, since it's the RP server, more RP. =) I haven't logged in in... some time though... but I enjoy the game well enough that I wouldn't be against playing it again/some more. As I mentioned in another post: 60 Lancer 54 Slayer 42 Warrior 35 Sorcerer 34 Berserker 24 Berserker 20 Mystic 1 Priest (I moved my other Priest to MT to shop for me and then they changed the server copy rules. =( ) On MT I have: 28 Priest
  10. Tried it on Chrome and it worked. Guess it didn't like Firefox. =(
  11. The backer code isn't working for me. =\ Does the site not like Firefox? (The field where I put the code turns green when I press "Submit Code" but nothing happens beyond that. A few moments later the green fades. I've already tried going to the "Backer Rewards" part of my account information to confirm it's there, and it's not.)
  12. I don't understand what ladder mechanics means. =\
  13. I also bought to God pack, but I just... I dunno... I can't really get into it. It's fun and all just, I guess I'm not willing to dedicate the time to learning all of the Gods and how to counter or avoid them... and just end up getting run through over and over which, really is no fun. As a side note, when I *did* play, I favored ZEEOOS!
  14. I don't get what this means. =\ Sorry. After you do 20 the first time in Tera, it's easier and fast the next time. And so on, and so on. It gets to the point that you can do it in a day or two. Seriously, it gets fast because you learn how to rip through the quests, how to avoid mobs, how to do bulk AoE pulls, etc. There's an early point in the game where I got like 5 levels doing repeatable quests... and very quickly. (Yes it's grindy, but that's the nature of repeatable quests. You can always forego the grindiness and just do the story quests.)
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