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  1. That's like saying Domino's pizza ruined you for most pizza. *Shakes his head*
  2. Yeah, GREAT thought! Make Bersekers and Slayers attack as fast as Warriors. Brilliant! *Facepalm* Really? You actually need someone to tell you what's wrong with that? *Double facepalm* This guy cannot possibly actually believe all of the asinine crap he says. He just... can't...
  3. I've never heard of an upgradeable laptop. but I have this site bookmarked for my next laptop purchase. In the mean time, MSi makes legit gaming laptops.
  4. rhone

    Rip Headset

    Assuming you mean "she". But either how... I guess we could just turn this into a "everyone post your favorite headset" thread, despite its original intent.
  5. I feel that way about most games out right now. =\ Need. Something. Fun. Even the quality of console games has plummeted.
  6. That's funny because Archers are still one of the hardest to catch classes in the game. That aside, I think it's silly to expect an archer's strongest attacks to allow them to be mobile.
  7. I would argue that no animation lock is more casual because you don't have to worry about the consequences of charging up a strong skill, because hey... you can always just move.
  8. rhone

    Rip Headset

    Didn't bother to read the thread... didja? It's okay... happens to the best of us. But when it's less than two full pages, there isn't much of an excuse not to...
  9. This basically is why I stopped playing it. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because I DESPISE RNG based enchanting, especially when it's so costly and time consuming. Curious where that definition of action combat is written. That's like saying Doom isn't a FPS because you can't aim up.
  10. I'll have two of whatever he's having please.
  11. As mentioned, animation lock makes sense for many moves. That aside, there are animation breaks (tumbling, blocking, etc.) for moves as well... you just have to know how and when to do it. But since you played a whole 10 levels I'm certain you figured that out, right? Or are you under the belief that you should be able to stop every single attack midway and perform something new? How ridiculous would that be? That aside, in Tera most moves SEND you a certain direction (usually forward), not root you in place. The exception tends to be most Sorcerer skills. So, again, not rooted... just locked. On the other hand, I hated Wildstar's movement and animation and skills and questing and... ... well, about everything. Like I said, I was very excited for the game and hate that I hate it so much. I really wanted to like it and stuck with it much longer than I wanted to or should have.
  12. I didn't say it IS more grindy, I said it *feels* more grindy. And funny that it's so "impossible" but no one I know plays that silly game any longer or even made it to level cap. But, at least they stuck it out for more than 10 levels. You know my true experience. I played, I hate it, I stopped. It was unfun. I don't quit if a boss beats me, I'm not a loser. I quit if a game isn't fun, no matter how good (or bad) I am at it. That's also why I quit ArcheAge, because it was crap. I'm exceptional at the game (particularly PvP)... but I didn't like it. Buuuut, you must know my experience better than I do, so by all means... keep at it.
  13. The fact that you feel the way a game is at level 10, is the way it's going to be the entire time, shows you know little to nothing about action combat games. Also, Wildstar is a crap game. I waited so long for it to come out and hated every moment that I played it. It manages to feel even more grindy than Tera does.
  14. Wow, really? Level 10? I admire your dedication. Animation lock was already discussed anyhow. Uh, wrong. Twitch absolutely takes skill... just different skill.
  15. I will not be purchasing another copy of the game just for the collector's edition. I've bought countless CEs of games (and expansions thereof) and all they do is collect dust and waste money.
  16. rhone

    Duke of URL...

    Kent effin' Carlevi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPumE70B_ww
  17. Okay, if you guys want to wait for Amaze to post again, be my guest. Less work for me.
  18. rhone

    Duke of URL...

    Boom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYtOfJaj1NA
  19. Also, as I'm not sure when Miss Fawne will be back at full capacity I'll be ending the current day in the game tonight so we can carry on.
  20. I don't know what a straya is, but it sounds painful.
  21. I picked Slayer for my first character and it was an awesome experience. Good damage, good knockdown, good avoidance. The light defense is their big drawback. Remember, don't give up until you sink 16-20 levels into the character. Oh! I forgot, you can also link your skills together to make your own combos. So my combo might be different from yours. That's a fun thing to play around with once you have enough skills and you unlock it. Usually the linked skill gets a speed boost, so if you link a long skill to an opener it helps you execute it quickly (for those griping about animation lock).
  22. rhone

    World Of Tanks

    Robocraft is pretty damn fun. Less strategy involved in the fight, but much more in building your tank.
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