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  1. Completely depends on the mood. Sometimes I'm lawful evil. Sometimes I'm chaotic good.
  2. Where there are people, there will be people that suck. Because... people suck. I can say with certainty that W101 and P101 have strict punishment for trolling/harassment, and active monitoring (called hall monitors) though. Generally CoD games don't have anything close to this... with exception to being banned for cheating ("hacking"). I don't understand why it's so hard for people to just not be d-bags, and then not whine about it when they're punished for it. Worse than my damn 11 year old. (Not the d-bag part... the whining part.)
  3. Rep. grinding. Worst damn thing ever. (Didn't read all three pages... sorry if it was mentioned.)
  4. There are RP PK guilds out there. Or at least, were. *Shrugs*
  5. As much as I tend to get screwed over by RNG in terms of dice rolls for loot, I personally feel it belongs in combat. No one will swing the exact same way, hitting the exact same spot, every single time. Now, granted, I don't feel the range should be huge, but variation makes sense. Does a baseball player hit the same pitch every single time? No. If he knows it's coming? Well, that's more likely. Does a boxer always dodge a jab? No. If he knows it's coming? Again, more likely. There should be SOME variation, SOME chance... but I don't feel it should be a make or break. I've been equally lucky in a chance dodge or parry as a chance crit landing me on my ass.
  6. I can't imagine a game ban would accompany a forum ban... but the opposite is likely true. But, long story short, don't be a freakin' jerk on the boards and you don't have anything to worry about. Hell, I tend to be a jerk (often times preferring it) and I've never been banned from a forum... so you must associate with some pretty ill-behaved people.
  7. See, I was thinking #1 looks like rogue/assassin or some other scoundrel type class. To me the armor looks leather/hide.
  8. Matter of a pinion. I chuckled. Okay okay, I laughed... but I love puns.
  9. My concern with this would be no reward. What if you do well as the monsters? What if you win? Unless you've rolled a monster character, what do you have to show for it? Loot for your main character? A stronger monster on next spawn? Or will they give us a monster faction? I think it's an interesting idea... I'm just not sure the execution to the theory. In the mean time, I REALLY want to play Evolve.
  10. I was on the fence about the graphics at first. But looking at his armor and weapon... I can definitely work with it. It's not too cartoony, and detailed enough that I have confidence we won't end up with axe blades on our shoulders and heads.
  11. Camelot Unchained. While still HEAVILY in development is being made with PvP as the main purpose of the game.
  12. I would love open world PvP with safe areas (cities). I would also like it if said safe areas weren't... you know... too safe. In UO days you could drop someone if you did it away from an NPC, and killed them before they could scream for the guards. It took timing and skill, and if you failed it was instant death. And dammit was it fun. But I also want to be able to just hang out with people and role play or just listen or... whatever. What does it matter? Point is I don't want to have my hand on the WASD keys at all times. I'm very excited to learn more about what's in store though. I cannot wait to partake in a few good seiges.
  13. Why's he going to sit on my walls? What? I missed a letter? Oh. Oooooohhhhh...
  14. UO had VERY heavy PVP emphasis. But one of the most well known people on my old server server was a Blacksmith. I think I can find my niche regardless. I enjoy crafting, role playing, PvP, and PvE. The order in which I enjoy them depends wholly on my mood.
  15. rhone


    I'm going to be very good friends with this person here... >=] I would love an MMO with survivability aspects. Even more so if it can be used to your advantage.
  16. I loved open world PvP when the worlds were large enough, and I had enough time to dedicate to raising my characters' skills (UO). Now that I'm older and have a family (therefore much less free time) I would much rather prefer dedicated PvP areas that I can head off to the slaughter at when my character is ready. I lean less toward the Battleground/Arena options and prefer massive PvP ala Dark Age of Camelot. Having said that I found out about this game yesterday and still have much to read on it.
  17. This looks clean... and gorgeous. I absolutely cannot wait to see more.
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