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  1. rhone

    World Of Tanks

    I can't imagine getting rank 7. Trying to even get to 5 is taking forever. =\
  2. You can still contribute as far as dialogue and interaction and such go, just no hunting, scavenging, etc. If you're so compelled.
  3. rhone

    World Of Tanks

    Thanks for the reassurance. My dad (who introduced me to the game) crested 2k games not too long ago. I can't imagine having 10 times the number of games under my belt that I do now. Heh. But I guess time will tell. I'm working toward a couple of T5 vehicles as that seems to be where the big separation is.
  4. Holy crap that is one nasty ass thumb nail. Anyhow, that calculator is now on my "to buy" list. Thanks a friggin' lot. >.<
  5. Austin *is* in the desert, no?
  6. rhone

    Duke of URL...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N_tupPBtWQ Mahna Mahna
  7. There's one at the first "hub" (Tower Base) in the game. I'm actually not sure how you missed it... I'm pretty sure the trainer has quests for you too. (Tactics Instructor is marked on the map, but the Magic Instructor is right next to him.) Then once you get to Velika there are specialized instructors in either the Tactics or Magic plazas.
  8. That would make it worse, in fact.
  9. Some animation can be broken, some cannot. It makes sense that once you commit to some moves, you're stuck with them. You should NOT be able to simply stop in the middle of a whirlwind. Yes, the early mobs are slow and cumbersome... that's to help with the learning curve. Obviously, as you advance the mobs get harder and faster. (The AI is a bit dumb though, I'll grant you that.) This is an unfair negative judgement simply because it's not what you're used to. You went back into the game with the mindset to dislike it, and you didn't. Shock! There are other games out there that don't have right click mouse look as well. If that's really something that's so hard that you can't get used to it after FIVE HOURS, the issue isn't the game.
  10. rhone

    Rip Headset

    Most people these days have no sense of high quality sound, be it music or otherwise... hence the awful, popular idea that "hey, on board sound is just as good". Also, lack of taste and sense of music explains the popularity of modern hip hop.
  11. Opinions are like unpleasant people... I hated Wildstar. I found Tera to be the far superior game despite its flaws.
  12. ((Sorry, Age are you meaning to type shine each time? Or should that be shrine? Just wondering if there's a "shine" that my limited vocabulary has kept from me.))
  13. rhone

    World Of Tanks

    I like WoT. I'm not great. I'm not sure I'm even good (only 47% win ratio over about 250 games)... but I learn from every game, whether I win or lose. My high score is only 4 kills, but I was damn proud of that considering, when I got that, I was just barely over 200 games. When I first started I tended to be a bit gung ho, charge out and shoot and ask questions later... but quickly realized that wasn't the way to go about it. Now I enjoy playing artillery and tank destroyer most. I do get frustrated though, as I'm only around a Tier III level player, but going up against people in IVs and Vs who have binoculars and all sorts of other equipment and I just get creamed over and over.
  14. Funny because I actually do have a rather soothing voice. (At least, such has been the general consensus.) Take care Fawne and I'll try to not disappoint.
  15. rhone

    Rip Headset

    Well, if they're $150 normal it stands to reason you can catch them for $100 on sale. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OBXQ9K2/ $125 on Amazon.
  16. Tera takes a while to download and patch. Part of the poor coding. 8 hours seems excessive though... but if it *is* first time I guess it makes sense.
  17. The forum rules and in-game rules I expect will be different, at least to some varying degree. Ergo, so long as the reason for said ban isn't something very very bad, there should be no reason for one to equal the other.
  18. I'm also on the RP server as I mentioned. My guys more or less range from 60 down to 1.
  19. These are friggin' great. I like the pronoun game too.
  20. https://account.enmasse.com/users/account
  21. 65? They raised the level cap? Poop. Also, I have to advise away from PvP server... especially if you're unfamiliar with the game and just want something to play for a little bit. As I mentioned before, I found PvP to be painful. Some classes are awesome at it, some are terrible. Hit box size differences, speed differences... bah. I've never been able to land a successful leash, even in dueling. It'll go right on through my target though.
  22. Aw man, you just had to go there. =(
  23. Yet he was VERY attached to him, despite the terrible abuse. Though you might be on to something.
  24. We're expecting pictures! ... Not of THAT! Gosh.
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